Why You Should Become A Tea Drinker


How many times has someone offered to make you a cup of tea when it feels like your world is coming crashing down? In the UK, a warm cuppa is seen as the answer to many of life’s perils and there is plenty of research to back up this assumption. Over the years studies have revealed that tea can help to not just improve our mood, but also support our heart and our mental health. Recent research by the National University of Singapore has found that drinking tea regularly could also help protect against cognitive decline as we age.

Admittedly the study was incredibly small with just 36 adults over the age of 60, but the findings have been enough to warrant further research. There were 15 regular tea-drinkers and 21 participants who rarely drank it. All participants were monitored throughout the study and researchers found that those who drank black, green or oolong tea at least four times a week had better brain functions than those who didn’t.

Due to the small size and observational nature of the study, researchers were unable to identify potential reasons why tea drinkers had better cognitive functions, but researchers believe it could be a combination of the social factor of drinking tea and the known health benefits of catechins, which is a compound found in some types of tea that helps reduce inflammation – Shabir has written a helpful guide, which you can read here. In the meantime…

How to find your perfect cup of tea

With an endless array of herbal teas at your disposal, we’ve edited down the ones we go back to time and time again. 

Start the morning off with… Qi Teas Organic Green Tea and Ginger 

Whether you’re looking for an alternative to your morning latte or you don’t want the hassle of slicing and dicing lemons and ginger at 6.30am, Qi Tea’s blend is the perfect way to kick start your day. The pairing of ginger and green tea helps to crank up your digestive system and boost your energy levels for the day ahead. 

Ease stress and tension with… Dr Stuart’s Tranquility Tea

If you know you’re in for a manic day or you can feel your stress levels beginning to surge, we highly recommend arming yourself with a box of these teabags. Specially blended with limeflowers, hawthorn berries and yarrow, this tea helps to restore order and calmness without leaving you feeling drowsy. 

Reduce bloating with… Yogi Tea Stomach Ease

Sometimes you need something with a bit of a kick to give your stomach and bowels an extra helping hand and this spice-filled, licorice-flavoured blend does just that. Together cardamon seed, coriander seed, ginger root and peppermint leaf help to support your digestive system and ease any bloating. 

Beat the 4 o’clock slump with… OMGTEA Grade AAA Organic Matcha

Swap your late afternoon sugar fix for a cup of the purest matcha tea. Not only will this tea give you the energy pick-me-up you need to get you through the rest of the day, but it also helps to lower your cholesterol and boost your metabolism. 

Don’t go sleep without… Clipper Teas Organic Sleep Easy

This clever blend of valerian root, chamomile and lemon balm has the polar opposite effect on your body as a double shot of Italian espresso has first thing in the morning. We recommend pouring yourself a pot of this before you settle down and start to wind down in the evening. 

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