Benefits of Dragon Fruit


Dragon fruit is an exotic looking fruit which belongs to the cactus family of plants with some unique health benefits. Most people will never have seen a Dragon fruit since it tends to grow in the tropical and subtropical regions of South America and Asia with exports being relatively low, although some supermarkets may sell the fruits.

A dragon fruit’s outside skin has scales which resemble a dragon and hence the name. Dragon fruit is a beautiful looking fruit with vibrant green and pinkish-red hues which appear to indicate that this fruit is nutritionally rich which it most definitely is. When cut open, the fruit reveals a creamy white flesh spotted with black seeds resembling a kiwi fruit. It is this edible fleshy part which is packed with nutrients. Most people describe the taste as a cross between a pear and a kiwi fruit.

Nutrients within dragon fruit

Dragon fruit, also known as Pitaya fruit, contains approximately 60 calories per fruit. Dragon fruits are rich in vitamins including vitamin C, B1, B2 and B3. They are also rich in minerals including calcium, iron, magnesium and phosphorus. They are also a good source of fibre, protein and omega essential fatty acids. Equally important is that these fruits are rich in antioxidants as high as acai berries, which is why people often label the dragon fruit as a “super-fruit”.

Health benefits of dragon fruit

With such diverse nutritional composition, it does not surprise me that dragon fruits have an equally diverse range of health benefits which are:

  • Heart health – with an increase in cardiovascular disease, dragon fruits are known to decrease cholesterol levels. Their source of monounsaturated fats helps fuel the heart whilst antioxidants prevent the oxidation of cholesterol which would otherwise lead to plaque formation.
  • Digestion – with a rich source of fibre, dragon fruits assist with constipation and a sluggish digestive system.
  • Weight loss – many users report benefits in trying to lose weight. This is because dragon fruits are rich in fibre which not only help with satiety but this fibre also helps to stabilise blood sugar levels which prevent cravings and may prevent excess insulin production which encourages weight gain.
  • Arthritis – dragon fruit displays powerful anti-inflammatory properties which helps in alleviating of the pain associated with arthritis.
  • Cell protective – the rich array of antioxidants found in dragon fruit offer cell protective properties helping to protect the genetic material within cells.
  • Immune and energy booster – with a rich nutrient profile, dragon fruit helps nourish the immune system and many users report an increase in energy.

These are just a few health benefits of dragon fruit. Many people use the fruit pulp in homemade skincare creams and potions to tackle acne, congested skin and even soothe sunburns.

All the health benefits of dragon fruit are now available in Dragon Fruit Pitaya Powder by Hybrid Herbs. This supplement provides 100% pure dragon fruit powder with no fillers or binders in the formulation. Additionally, the powder is derived by freeze drying the dragon fruit in order to retain freshness, colour, flavour and of course importantly the vast array of beneficial vitamins and antioxidants. Each sachet provides one month’s supply as you only need a teaspoon added to smoothies and food. Dragon fruit powder has very little taste so it does not change the taste of food and is suitable for adults as well as children over six years of age.

This content is not intended to replace conventional medical treatment. Any suggestions made and all herbs listed are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, condition or symptom. Personal directions and use should be provided by a clinical herbalist or other qualified healthcare practitioner.

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