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Knowing what supplements to take at what age can be confusing, so Trinny and Shabir dedicated a Facebook Live to the topic. While they’ve covered the fundamental supplements you should be taking depending on your age, it’s important to note that there are some issues that can affect us throughout our lives. For example, many of us lead stressful lives regardless of our age and stress can deplete our vitamin B12 levels.

You might not need to take all of these supplements, but here is a basic template of the supplements for every age…

In your 20’s

At this age many people live a fast-paced lifestyle and often they may be not eating the correct foods or may skip a meal or are simply not eating enough of the right foods. The two key supplements are a good quality multivitamin and omega 3.

Take the multivitamin of your choice ensuring this supplies vitamin A for healthy skin and folic acid or folate, which is important for anyone planning a pregnancy.

Take an omega 3 supplement because research indicates that omega 3’s display multiple benefits by calming inflammation; are required for hormone production; help to moisturise skin but also prevent acne, spots and blemishes; for brain performance and provide a host of other benefits. Remember that these are termed essential fatty acids because they are vital for a number of processes and the body cannot manufacture them.

Research shows that we don’t tend to get enough omega 3 from our diet – some indict that we’re up to 40% deficient. A good fish oil supplement will be of benefit such as Lion Heart Omega 3 Fish Oil or Krill Oil which provides the cleanest source of omega 3’s. If you are a vegan look to Echiomega, which contains echium seed oil. Flaxseeds and hemp seeds are a good source of omega 3 for vegetarians.

In your 30’s

You might be thinking about or already have had children. It would be prudent to switch-up your multivitamin. A prenatal multivitamin, such as Wild Nutrition’s Food Grown Fertility, is ideal as it supports preconception and the very earliest stages of pregnancy.

If you do conceive we would recommend that you change over to Wild Nutrition’s Food Grown Pregnancy, which is a balanced blend of vitamins and minerals to provide you and your baby with the correct levels of vitamins and minerals.

You should still keep up with your omega 3 supplement. It might be worth incorporating a good quality probiotic at this age because your digestive system might be sluggish. A probiotic will help support your digestive system and get your gut working optimally. Mega Probiotic ND is an eight strain probiotic. Taking it on a daily basis helps support your digestion, enhance your immune system, provide energising B vitamins and detoxify the intestines.

Eating more fermented foods will help to support the bacteria in your gut, but it’s worth noting that a lot of the goodness can be destroyed by your stomach acid, so it’s still worth taking a probiotic.

In your 40’s

You should continue with your omega 3, probiotic and multivitamin supplements. Unless you are trying to conceive, you can revert back to the multivitamin you took in your 20’s.

Generally speaking, most women enter the perimenopause stage in their 40’s. You don’t necessarily have hot flushes, but you may notice subtle changes such as lower energy levels or a loss of concentration. Phytoestrogens, such as clover and sage, have hormone mimicking powers that can help balance out the declining oestrogen levels. We tend to recommend Sage Complex to balance your hormones.

Neuro-Mag is another supplement that we would recommend people start taking in their 40’s. As you go through your 40’s you might experience changes in your sleep patterns and feel more anxious. Magnesium is required in over 300 chemical reactions in your body. Magnesium citrate is magnesium in a citrus form and has a cleansing effect on your body and helps to detox. Neuro-Mag is a different type and is absorbed efficiently and taken up by the nervous system, helping you to relax. It has a calming rather than drowsy effect, so it can be taken in the morning and evening.

Magnesium can be absorbed through your skin. There are oil sprays, which contain magnesium chloride that can be used locally to help ease joint pain. However, if you are looking for something to help support your nervous system, I would recommend Neuro-Mag.

In your 50’s

While you should stick with your multivitamin, omega 3, probiotic and Neuro-Mag, you may decide to give up your Sage Complex, if you have gone through the menopause (the average age is 51 years). You should consider introducing digestive enzymes into your routine.

During these years, your digestive enzyme production is roughly a third of what it was in your 20’s. The decline in female hormones can result in a spike in production of cortisol (stress hormone), which encourages your levels of insulin. Digestive enzymes help to break down your food and may help reduce bloating – we recommend Super Enhanced Digestive Enzymes.

You may also want to think about taking a quality calcium supplement, especially if you have a history of osteoporosis in your family or have suffered with joint issues. Bone Restore with Vitamin K2 provides three highly absorbable forms of calcium, plus several nutrients which are vital to help strengthen the joints and bone structures including vitamin D3 and vitamin K2.

We also recommend people in their 50’s have their vitamin B12 levels tested. Many of us do not have sufficient amounts of a specific protein (Intrinsic Factor) that carries vitamin B12 from the gut into the bloodstream. Signs of vitamin B12 deficiency: weakness, fatigue, short of breath, pale of jaundiced looking skin and sensations of pins and needles.

In your 60’s and beyond

You may wish to stop taking Bone Restore or your calcium supplement if osteopenia or osteoporosis are no longer a concern. Continue with your multivitamin, omega 3, probiotics and digestive enzyme. As well as vitamin B12, you should go and have your vitamin D levels checked because your body’s ability to manufacture D3 declines past 60’s even when skin is exposed to sunlight.

If you do need B12, then use B12 Boost oral spray. For Vitamin D3, I would consider the newer nutraceutical forms such as Micro-Liposomal Vitamin D3 for their ability to deliver this vitamin into each and every cell.

For more from Trinny, check out her YouTube channel, here.

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  • Kiran char

    Hi shabir im in my late 30’s an i was wanting to take omega 3 but i have heard alot of people can have problems with it like palpitations or too much blood thinning. I was abit scared what do you suggest

  • Victoria Health

    Hi Kiran, your body needs omega 3’s to survive! They are involved in countless processes and we cannot manufacture these too. So the only people who need to worry about taking omega 3’s in large doses are those on blood thinning medications. otherwise you cannot over take omega 3’s.
    Best wishes,

  • Fiona Walker

    Hi Shabir i am 51 suffer with Psoriasis on my scalp and nails also think i might be going threw menopause and have arthritis in one finger any thing you recommend that i can buy to help
    Look forward to hearing from you

  • Victoria Health

    Hi Fiona, psoriasis of the scalp and nails would be best treated by an anti-inflammatory spray which you can use on the scalp and at the nail bed called Fulvic Acid Mist. This calming and rejuvenating spray contains fulvic acid which nourishes the scalp, calms down inflammation and being mild acidic works to remove any build-up of skin cells so often associated with psoriasis.
    With reference to joints, declining oestrogen levels can result in arthritis since oestrogen protects our joints, skin and heart. Please consider the use of Superior Joints which contains eggshell membrane and turmeric among a host of other ingredients to help calm down inflammation and to remove the acids that cause destruction of the cartilage in between bones.
    Finally, if you are not taking for the menopause, it might be an idea to use Sage Complex which contains herbs that mimic oestrogen and may offer protective benefits.
    Best wishes,

  • Lucy Coogan

    Hi Shabir,

    I am 38 and my main concern is very oily skin. I don’t tend to suffer with breakouts, maybe one or two small spots a month. I have cut out a lot of wheat from my diet in the last 2 years and I have been using GoW niacinimide and thyme out. Are there any supplements or advise that you could recommend?

    With kind regards


  • Victoria Health

    Hi Lucy, it might seem odd to recommend an omega oil based fatty acid supplement but that is exactly what I think will be of benefit. Essential fats calm down inflammation that may arise as a result of hormonal imbalances or stress which leads to excess oil production. They help stabilise the body’s hormones and how the body responds to stress. Consider using Clear Skin Omega Oil if you are a vegetarian or a quality fish oil such as Lion Heart Omega 3 Fish Oil as per links below.

    Best wishes,


  • Lucy Coogan

    That’s wonderful. Thank you for your very quick reply. I will give the Omega 3 Fish Oil a try

  • Victoria Health

    You are welcome Lucy.

  • Kerry

    I’m 48 and been suffering with hot flushes,I am on the mini pill Noriday and interested in taking the sage complex. Will the sage complex interfere with the mini pill? Many Thanks Kerry

  • Victoria Health

    Hi Kerry, Noriday is a progesterone only pill and theoretically this should help to alleviate hot flushes but with hot flushes it is a case of the imbalance between oestrogen and progesterone. Sage Complex may be of benefit but we do not fully understand the interactions between herbal supplements and the pill so it is best to check with your GP.