The Glam Guide to Spring

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I always feel a bit penned in towards the end of March. Spring hasn’t quite arrived on our doorsteps and, feeling cooped up after what seems like months of snow, sleet and rain, I like to make a list of all the places I’ll visit when the sun comes out. A Little Glamorous Black Book of places to see and things to do. This May (and YES Spring has finally arrived!) I, the Headline Colors Spy, shall be taking my new collection of SS13 Headline Colors out with me. So here it is – my definite list of things to point your brightly colored fingertips at this season:


This year marks what would have been the 100th birthday of the “father” of modern fashion photography, Norman Parkinson. To celebrate, the National Theatre is exhibiting a collection of his life work stretching from his war time photography to his later iconic images of beauty icon, Jerry Hall and David Bowie. The vibrant colors in his later photographs are inspiring to say the least – my favorite image is the Girl in the Red Hat – a model sporting a rich red beret and a soft focus, matching red lip (if you could see her nails no doubt they would be painted elegantly in Catwalk!) As for Jerry Hall, well, she would never have been seen dead without a matching red nail and lip in the ‘70s.

Poolside Party:

Coachella, the last word in music festival chic, obviously screams out for a little Poolside Party nails – no better way to cool off an outfit than with some aqua tipped toes peeking through your Miu Miu sandals. You will be the envy of Kirsten, Alexa & Grimmy – no need for VIP tickets (although that would be fun too!) Can’t take the heat (or perhaps more realistically, can’t take the time off…)? Don’t panic – I have a list of stay home London music events that Poolside Party would be the perfect companion to. Snap up your tickets to the see the Electro Swing Correspondents at the Brixton Jam, the annual carnival in South London on 27th April. The lead singer, who I met gigging in Chamonix last month, is notorious for his wild and obscure outfits – turquoise blue fingernails certainly won’t be too much for him!


Spotlight nail polish I’ll be saving for my nights in front of the footlights this month. April is an incredible month for star-studded trips to the West End. My biggest coup was landing tickets to the Book of Mormon – the most talked about musical of the year (well, discounting Viva Forever of course. Those Spice Girls, they loved their nail polish!). The premier drew more stars than a moth to a flame; the cast of Downton, gorgeous Damien Lewis, Kate Winslet and supermodel Yasmin LeBon (in a Spotlight silver dress I might add…). For those looking for something a little more high brow – how about booking yourself in for a performance of Marcus de Sautoy’s version of Mozart’s Magic Flute at The Royal Opera House? An interactive evening exploring the mathematical and philosophical roots of the opera… I’ll let you know how I get on. The concept may be lost on me, but my fingertips will certainly be looking sharp.


Recently I’ve been playing around with Centerfold on my toes – the testing zone being my purple yoga mat at the brand new Triyoga Studio at Old Street. No better test of a new shade on your toes than when you’re staring up at them from the bottom of a shoulder stand. After an evening Vinyassa Flow class, I’m planning on settling down into the tan leather sofas around the corner at London’s latest Milk & Honey Bar venture ‘Rotary Room’ with my camel nails wrapped nicely around a flute of a delicious Negroni cocktail. It’s the perfect spot for catch up with a girlfriend, a flick through the beauty pages of Vogue and a debrief on my latest fashion industry secrets (plus it’s not too far from the rooftop pool at Shoreditch house if the weather really is lovely!)


A golden nail calls for a golden roast. The annual London coffee festival, which celebrates the first coffee house opening in London in 1652) is taking place this month and for the price of a small entry fee (or perhaps a press pass…) I’ll be spending a day trying out artisan blends of mocha-frappa-latta-cinos. I might even try my hand at winning gold for the annual Coffee Art Project – all forms of art are accepted from pros and amateurs alike, so long as they bear a tenable link to the humble coffee bean. I strongly believe that gold is for all occasions – why limit gleaming nails to evening attire? After all, nobody likes to see dull nails wrapped around a coffee cup. Look sharp, drink sharp!

So there you have it, my definitive guide to a colorful spring – all of which I guarantee will help you hit the Headlines.

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