The 2019 Beauty Bible Awards

Beauty Bible Awards 2019

For the past 21 years, our mission at Beauty Bible has been to cut through the hype and help women take a short-cut to products that really, really do what they say on the tin/jar/tube. We began by publishing the results in our Beauty Bible series of books, then last year put the awards online ( for the first time. Read More…

How To Have Lovelier Legs


Well, ‘Hi’. Hello, you pasty, maybe flabby limbs – which have probably been lurking under Wolford opaques since last autumn. It’s time to come out and play. To be shown off, in shorter skirts, Capris – maybe (if we’re really daring) shorts and a cossie.

If the thought of abandoning tights and trousers has you feeling low on the leg confidence-o-meter, though, we’re striding – literally – to the rescue. Because there are great cheats, on the leg front. And there are ways to shape up legs which don’t require a gym membership (or any great lifestyle changes, really).

Of course, genes do go some way to determining the length of your legs (the late Diana, Princess of Wales and Elle MacPherson having won the DNA lottery, on that front) – but there’s plenty those of us who are less blessed can do about their shapeliness. In fact, you can literally add some tone-up exercises to your regime right now this minute – by skipping the lift/escalator and taking the stairs. According to personal trainer Jolene Matthews, ‘Don’t underestimate this simple activity.’ She recommends ‘skipping’ steps (i.e. taking two at a time, if knees will permit) if you’re taking a dozen or so stairs; not only does this shape your legs, but your abdominal muscles and derrière. Matthews also recommends something many of us like to do without even thinking about its leg-sculpting benefits: dancing. ‘There’s a reason why dancers all have amazing legs,’ she says. ‘It’s the perfect activity. It gets your heart up and shapes the legs.’ Read More…

Arms Heading South


Most of the women I know who look at news footage of the US president are transfixed by Barack Obama. But not me. I generally spend the whole time examining Michelle Obama’s upper arms, which are very often but a few feet from Barack’s side. Searching for the merest jiggle or wobble, actually, that might make me feel better about mine.

But no. Michelle’s arms are lean. With beautifully, subtly defined–yet–feminine biceps that her J. Crew sleeveless dresses seem specifically tailored to show off to best advantage. Now, hands up who hasn’t worn one of those for a while…? Well, if that includes you, right now you’re probably at the peak of Upper Arm Anxiety Season – with hot weather, holidays and all the shorter sleeves that go with them.

It’s a fairly widespread neurosis, I’ve found. And it might console you to know that even supermodels aren’t immune to Upper Arm Anxiety, as it happens. As my friend and former L’Oréal model Dayle Haddon observes, ‘Flabby underarms are tremendously ageing. After a certain age, we’ve all waved goodbye to someone – and been mortified to see our underarms flapping away in the wind! I believe,’ she continues, ‘that some could even create dangerous wind patterns…’ Read More…

The Great British Beach Tan


British beaches are wonderful. I know; I happen to live 250 yards from one. Shingle. Seagulls. Blistering sunshine. (Yes, really, on a good day – and you can read my guide to my hometown here.)

Now, Club 55/St. Tropez, Hastings beach is not. I can’t think of anywhere on our coastline, actually, where you have to worry about ‘resort wear’. (With the possible exception of Rock, in Cornwall, which is a Bodenfest.)

But nevertheless, it is possible to acquire quite a decent tan (weather permitting). And indeed, I’d say you’re almost more likely to burn, close to home. Why so? Because it’s easy to kid yourself that the British sun’s thin and weak, and won’t do any damage – when in fact, a sunny Bank Holiday will turn countless throw-caution-to-the-sea-breeze sunbathers into lobsters faster than you can say Sun Protection Factor.

So yes: SPFs are the order of the (holi)day, even when – thanks to the credit crunch, the heinous exchange rate and redundancies – so many more are holidaying closer to home. It’s true: Brighton is not St. Barth’s. Penzance is not Portugal. Cromer is not Cannes, but as I say, it’s so easy to be lulled into a false sense of security, staying (and playing) outdoors all day. Even on a cloudy day in the UK, some UV gets through. (Although not as much as on a cloudy day in the Caribbean.) While it’s true that some dermatologists believe that our rising skin cancer statistics are linked to the two-week summer jet-away to the Med – roasting skin that’s under wraps for most of the year – any sunburn, even acquired close to home, will up your chances of developing skin cancer. (We’re talking four times the number of melanoma cases today as in the 70s, according to Cancer Research…) Read More…