Lisa Armstrong on the Hayo’u Beauty Restorer


The £35 jade stone that gives your face a new lease of life, by Lisa Armstrong

  • Just before Christmas, I found myself sitting at a stranger’s dining table with a jade implement in my hand which I couldn’t stop massaging into my face. There must be something instinctive that makes humans want to press jade against their skin – perhaps it’s the smoothness. Or the cooling properties, which reduce swelling so effectively. Or how it becomes warm, which feels good too – not least because that warmth is heat that it’s drawing out of your body. Read More…

The Ordinary


Why beauty insiders are falling over themselves to snap up this £10 budget skincare range by Lisa Armstrong



Confession time: I’m a conflicted beauty columnist. I love a beauty product. I am as ineluctably drawn to hair masques and skin oils, lip colours and nail paints as a child is to new geometry sets and crayons. Some of what’s on the market now is remarkable. Plenty is fine.

But the claims – sweet Mother of God. And the gobbledy- pseudo-science. As for the prices. £60- £200 is quite common for a relatively “standard” luxury offering, which might be ok if it delivers results. But you never quite know, do you, whether it’s going to work. It’s not like a handbag or frock, where you can see the workmanship (or lack of ). You’re taking it on trust from someone who may have different needs from you. Read More…