Christmas Gifts


Christmas, we think, is the time to give treats that people wouldn’t buy for themselves. But at Beauty Bible, we’ve long made a tradition of using the festive season as an excuse to introduce friends and family to the beauty and wellbeing treats we swear by ourselves. Because if something’s made it onto our bathroom shelves (between us, we literally receive thousands of products to try, each year) and stayed there, this is really quite significant! Bottom line: we would be happy – no, THRILLED! – to receive any of the following. Read More…

Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible Update


We feel like having a long lie-down this month. It’ll never happen, but here’s the reason: our latest edition of The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible was just published, with dozens of new entries. Each and every book – and each and every update (because there are new launches and products all the time) – is the end of a l-o-n-g journey. Over the past year, we sent over 2,400 different products out – to 2,400 testers in all. (Do the math: that’s 24,000 jars, tubes and compacts!) After the trial period (as long as four months, depending on the product), every score is logged, comments scrutinised – and the final verdict on the award-winning products which beat thousands of others to the pages of our book is delivered.

We are thrilled to bits that VH’s Gill Sinclair has pulled off quite a coup, and is showcasing the book on VH well before the rest of the world gets its hands on it. (Take that, Amazon! Take that, WH Smith!) So to celebrate, we thought we’d give you a sneak peek at a handful of the brand new product listings, in this fresh edition…

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The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible


4,000 women. 4,000 products. A team of six. (Us, plus our stalwart helpers Amy, Jessie, Dave and Ben.) Eighteen months. That’s what it takes to put together a new edition of a Beauty Bible book. But our crusade has long been to help steer women towards beauty products which really work – and there’s no area where that info’s more valuable than anti-ageing. After all, it’s possible to spend a great deal of money without seeing results – so knowing what works on lines, wrinkles, sagging, age spots etc. is what every woman we know really wants.

So in the brand new paperback edition of The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible, we give chapter and verse on the products which have most impressed our testers. What’s really important to us, too, is the amazing support from the entire beauty industry (from supermarket brands to the cultest-of-cult) – because of the diligent way we carry out our trials. Every product goes to 10 women, who are asked to trial that miracle cream/cellulite treatment/stretch mark cream on one side of their face (er, or one thigh!) for comparison. We know they do, because so many women e-mail after a few weeks to ask if it’s OK if they start to use it on the other side, because they’re becoming ‘lop-sided’. (And by the way, we never take brands’ promises that formulations are ‘new and improved’ at face value. If they change a formula, it’s back to the drawing board – and the product starts from scratch, with our testers.)

We’re delighted that many, many of the products showcased in the new paperback are available on Victoria Health – so we thought we’d share some of our testers’ comments, here. We’re also delighted that (and we wouldn’t do this for anyone but Gill!) you can exclusively buy signed copies of our book right here, on VH. (At a fantastic price, too – just £10.99, against the RRP of £15.99.)

For a little taster, though – and a sneaky peek at a ‘fab five’ Anti-ageing Beauty Bible award-winning products? Read on… Read More…

Temple Spa


Temple Spa is a total lifestyle brand that seeks to beautifully fuse product, philosophy and spa. Liz and Mark Warom are the co-owners and founders of Temple Spa. Product gurus with a long history of managing some pretty major international brand names, this savvy couple were well placed and connected to finally create and establish their own brand-baby Temple Spa.

Having spent a year long sabbatical and research time mainly in the Mediterranean, they returned to the UK armed with a heap of energy and a strong raison d’etre for their new brand concept. Enthused by the culture, inspired by the landscape and strengthened by the diet of the Mediterranean, they prepared the script for a compelling skin-spa brand. Read More…