Actions For A Better World


Around the time that Donald Trump got elected, an old saying from Barbara Bush – the white-haired, be-pearled wife of George Bush Sr. – started doing the rounds. It couldn’t have come at a better time for those who, like me, felt shell-shocked by what felt like a seismic and entirely unexpected world event. (Even if my very wise American husband not only predicted a Trump win, but put enough money on that outcome to pay for Christmas that year. I still haven’t dared tell my stepchildren that The Donald paid for our turkey and their presents.) Read More…

Women in Work


For many women “ Work: The Toddler years” is not a chapter they are going to forget in a hurry. The frenetic juggling and the chaotic house amid a background of sleepless nights, near permanent exhaustion, being screwed on your maternity leave and a feeling that you might go demented at any moment as you flash a rictus grin and show the world that you are DOING JUST FINE.

This isn’t another article exhorting you to try meditation or take up yoga because honestly, I come in kindness. But it’s a call to women to take a good, long hard look at their lives and ask how unrealistic are they being with their expectations? Read More…