Just Say No


Is there a word that is harder to say than ‘no? Small and so very loaded. And yet, it’s a word which we aren’t saying nearly enough. It’s taken me a while to get there but now that I’ve felt the absolute thrill of saying ‘no’, of how empowering it is to say, I’m going to be saying it a heck of a lot more from now on.

Saying ‘no’, for those of you who aren’t quite there yet either signals you understand you have a choice in life. Saying ‘no’ is setting a boundary of what is and isn’t acceptable. It signals self-respect and self-confidence, that you value yourself and your work-life balance.

And admittedly that’s hard because we live in a society that focuses on the power of yes. ‘Yes’ advocates risk taking, positivity, open-mindedness, tolerance and plenty more admirable values and concepts. ‘No’ meanwhile is negative, it’s also very definite sounding. ‘No’ is a toughie to deliver, in large part because we have a gut sense of how it will be received—i.e not very well. Read More…