How To Create A Skin-Friendly Environment

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Even when you’re doing everything ‘right’ for sensitive skin – calming creams, no perfume – it can still act touchy. As many as 40% of women who apply to become testers for our Beauty Bible Awards self-identify as having sensitive skin. But the truth is, it may not be your beauty regime that’s triggering flare-ups – other factors can come into play. Over the years, we’ve identified many lifestyle shifts that may help skin to ‘chill’ out, whether you have occasional flare-ups or even more entrenched skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and acne. Read More…

Skincare Brand To Know: Garden Of Wisdom


After recently discovering a shared love for it in our office, we thought we’d let you in on this game-changer… Garden Of Wisdom.

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    When a brand gets 5* ratings on just about every beauty site imaginable, we take note. And when we see seriously impressive results for ourselves, well, we go out and clear the shelves. The premise of Garden of Wisdom (it’s become so cult its also known as GOW), is simple: dubbed The Ordinary’s natural equivalent, the formulas have minimal ingredients, allowing the actives to get to work properly. The pH of the acids have been adjusted too so they don’t irritate the skin, yet still perform their roles of exfoliation while enhancing collagen.

    How long has it been around?

    Longer than we even knew! The pros have been making these formulations for over a decade. The products are potent and cruelty free without common skincare additives such as alcohol, silicones or soya. While it’s not technically new, 2019 is very much about brands with easy-to-follow skincare instructions which skip any science speak, making GOW feel very much of the moment. Read More…

Sensitive Skin Action Plan


One of the few downsides of being a beauty editor is developing a ‘touchy’ complexion, due to the need to put countless new products through their paces. It’s part of the job – but skin doesn’t like to be ‘confused’, and it doesn’t generally like being assaulted with a sequence of ‘active’ ingredients – to which the response is, all too often, a ‘reaction’.

But in reality, countless non-beauty editors also suffer from sensitive skin to a greater or lesser degree – as many as 63% of us, according to one study. As a result, because it’s such a common problem, sensitive skin has even been described as ‘the PMT of the millennium’ – and I was once asked to write an entire book (now sadly out of print) about the phenomenon. Read More…