Trinny & Shabir Live On Immunity

Trinny & Shabir on Immunity

Currently there is a lot of confusion as to how we can all keep our immune system healthy and primed.  But what exactly is our immune system?

The immune system, unlike any other bodily system, comprises of a complex series of interactions between various glands, such as the thymus gland and tonsils, proteins, chemical compounds, hormones, white blood cells and probiotics that all work in synergy to try and make our bodies less susceptible to infections. Many of these chemical compounds require nutrients in order to work effectively, for example a deficiency in vitamin D3 may result in dormancy of white blood cells which are normally required to engulf and eradicate bacteria and viruses that enter the bloodstream. Read More…

Zinc Supplements Uses, Side Effects & Benefits

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Zinc is an important mineral that is found in every single cell of the body. The red and white blood cells, our bones, retina, kidneys, pancreas and liver all store zinc. The tenth most common element in the human body, zinc is vital for the functioning of more than 300 hormones and countless enzyme systems in the body. Zinc is also vital for cells to divide and replicate during the production of new tissues. Most of us assume that we have sufficient zinc from our diet, however there is growing amount of evidence that approximately 20% of the world’s population is deficient in zinc, which equates to one in five of us. This deficiency is irrespective of where you live.

What are the health benefits of zinc?

Whilst zinc is best known for its role in fighting colds and flu, zinc has a wide range of effects on human health. I am going to highlight only some of the important roles of zinc within our bodies, but the list is extensive. Read More…

Natural ways to alleviate asthma


Q: My son and I are asthmatic but not severely. However, his daughter, aged four, has been hospitalised three times for asthma. She now has a cold that, as usual, has gone to her chest. The doctor advises permanent low-dose steroids, as well as reliever and preventer inhalers. Are there natural immune system supporters that she (and us too) can take alongside her conventional medicine?

A: Pharmacist Shabir Daya agrees that supporting the immune system is vital in hopefully reducing the severity of these attacks.

Pharmacist Shabir recommends giving your granddaughter organic elderberry syrup, which also contains manuka honey and thyme to help breathing. It is safe to use through the winter. Organic Elderberry Syrup by Pukka, £11.65 for 120ml, from Victoria Health (see label for recommended doses). Read More…

How to keep a hungry baby happy


Q: I am a first-time mum and don’t produce enough milk for my hungry six-week-old baby boy at night, which makes us both stressed. I want to avoid using formula if possible so the health visitor advised expressing milk with a pump in the mornings – when I have plenty – but I find a manual pump very difficult to use.

A: Many mothers have problems, according to breast-feeding expert and author Clare Byam-Cook. ‘One in three of my clients doesn’t produce enough milk to satisfy their newborn baby. Every woman produces milk at different rates and, for no clear reason, some will simply not produce enough – although keeping properly hydrated, well-nourished and rested certainly helps increase the supply. It’s also important to make sure your baby is properly latched on to your breast.’
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