Why It’s Time Sit Less And Move More

Move More

How much of the day do you think you spend sitting down? It might surprise you, but the majority of us spend at least nine hours on our bum every day. And before you blame your job, we’re just as guilty of swapping a brisk walk for a Netflix marathon at the weekend. Read More…

Why We’re Not Exercising To Lose Weight Anymore

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Exercising and weight loss have always been intrinsically linked for years, but new research has revealed that more and more women are working out for another reason. According to a recent poll of 2,000 gym goers, we’re hitting the treadmill to lower our blood pressure and cholesterol rather than drop the pounds.

Improving our health has officially become more important than loosening our waistbands. But, it has meant that more of us are being struck down by the next-day aches and pains, and in some cases injuries. The poll showed that women go to the gym around 15 times a month, which works out at three to four times a week. Yet, three fifths of those complained of tiredness and stiff, achy muscles after exercising. Read More…

Has Your Get Up And Go Got Up And Gone…?


Almost everyone I know seems to be running on empty right now. It’s been a long year (despite feeling like it’s hurtled by, in many ways), but the ‘finishing line’ – the Christmas break – is in sight. The big question: how to keep going till then? Especially when there are office parties, visits to relatives, presents to buy/wrap/deliver, and meals to cook? It’s a tough time of year, energy-wise. And if you don’t keep your reserves topped up, there’s a risk of stopping on Christmas Eve – and coming down with the ‘flu or a cold, as your body’s way of saying ‘enough’s enough’. (I’d be lying if I didn’t say that’d happened to me, in years past.)

Happily, I’m mostly the Duracell bunny, energy-wise – but then I work on it. Pretty much on a daily basis, with the supplements I take: I can literally tell the difference in just days if I stop taking my Daily Energy, and if I know I’ve got a particularly challenging time coming up, I prepare with a ‘course’ of Sibergin, which I think of as booster fuel. I am eternally grateful to the wondrous Gill for introducing me to these, which I fully expect to take for the rest of my life. (That bouncy 93-year-old? That’ll be me.) Read More…