Natural Help For Haywire Hormones


Q: At 43, I have night sweats before my period, insomnia a day or two before, and I’m so restless my husband moves to the sofa. Can you suggest any supplements or other natural remedies?

A: ‘The first step is to get a diagnosis,’ says consultant gynaecologist Michael Dooley. ‘Your symptoms could be due to several causes or a mixture.’ So do book in with your GP for tests (see below) and meanwhile try these simple shifts.

Keep a diary or follow a (free) period tracker app (eg Period Tracker Lite): this gives invaluable information for your doctor and helps you feel in control. Read More…

Four Steps To Stronger Nails


1. Paint on Nail Magic, a clear polish, which contains a combination of ingredients to strengthen weak tissue and stimulate healthy new growth. Use it as a base or top coat, or on its own. £9.95 from Victoria Health.

2. Massage in a nail treatment oil every night. Beauty Bible testers found Nails Inc Vitamin E Oil Pen was way the most effective: one commented ‘fantastic for strengthening my dry brittle nails’. Nails Inc Vitamin E Oil Pen, £12,

3. Eat protein – nails need nourishing protein just like skin and hair, and they do seem to be at the end of the food chain. Oily fish is particularly good, combining protein and omega-3 essential fatty acids.

4. Supplement with Silica 2500 by Kordels, £15.68 for 90 tablets (one daily) from Victoria Health. Read More…

The Natural Way To Beat The Blues

Rose colored fish with a lemon wine marinade

Q I’ve been tired and low, sleeping badly and tending to weep. My GP says I’m suffering from mild depression. He’s suggested an antidepressant but I’d rather try something natural.

A Recent research shows a third of women have taken antidepressants, and over half haven’t been offered alternatives, despite questions over efficacy and side effects. Consultant psychiatrist Dr Joanna Moncrieff of University College, London, says ‘recent research shows people improve barely more with antidepressants then they do with a placebo.’ So it’s definitely worth trying alternatives first. Read More…

A Head Start In The Morning


This article has been reproduced by kind permission of The Mail on Sunday YOU Magazine.

A reader asks why she often wakes up with a headache. ‘I wake at the usual time and feel I have slept enough but the pain can be quite disabling. I have to take OTC painkillers regularly which I’d prefer not to do.’

According to a recent study, about one in 13 people suffer from chronic morning headaches, which affect them at least 15 mornings in every calendar month.

There’s several possible causes. The simplest is dehydration: not drinking enough water through the day (or too much alcohol) can result in a headache when you wake. Although sipping water at night can mean a trip to the loo, that’s usually preferable to waking with a splitting head. Sleeping badly is linked to morning (tiredness) headaches, so it’s best to avoid drinking anything with caffeine from teatime on (coffee, tea, colas etc), and not to eat sugary things. A noisy environment – particularly a snoring partner – won’t help, so try ear plugs (the foam ones suit most people best). Read More…