The Great Wedding Guest Conundrum


Few social occasions are more likely to throw you into a sartorial tailspin than dressing for a wedding. Is knee-length your safest bet? Or should you throw caution to the wind in a midi-calf dress? Will the photographer mistake you for the bride if you turn up in white or cream? And why are MOTBs (mothers-of-the-bride) nearly always swayed by scarlet, or worse still saccharine pastels?

What role you have as a guest will be a major deciding factor in what you wear. Deciphering the invitation is also crucial to making an informed style choice — if the bride is saying her vows barefoot in a field, then clearly no one is going to bat an eyelid when you turn up hatless in a maxi dress. If the nuptials are at St. Paul’s, then hippy dippy is not the way to go. Read More…

Your Spring Wardrobe Starts Here


What can I tell you about fashion this spring? Quite a bit as it turns out. After what feels like an interminably long February I don’t blame you for wanting to peel off layers of 70 denier tights and chunky cashmere. It’s going to be a while before we’re digging out those pool slides but in the meantime, here are the items that are going to add vim and verve to your spring wardrobe, which won’t make you resemble a mutton or worse still, a popstrel, and more importantly which won’t cost the earth.

The trench coat

Without doubt one of Planet Fashion’s Duracell bunnies – the trench coat is enjoying yet another revival this spring and it’s not hard to figure out why: what else works over a pair of jeans or trousers, your workaday outfit and yet manages to add an edge to a cocktail dress. It’s the best trans-seasonal buy when ‘four seasons in one day’ weather is very much the norm. Read More…

Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone


It’s Febuary and social media is awash with mantras to get out there, carpe diem and step out of your comfort zone. “Blah, blah, blah,” you say to yourself on a morning when all you want to do is wear a duvet to work or better still, roll back under the covers.

It’s the sort of rousing rhetoric that doesn’t always sit so comfortably with a cynical Brit sensibility and yet, and yet….until I tried it for myself I had no idea how empowering or alive, straying outside my comfort zone would make me feel. Read More…

Maternity Wear


I remember it only too well. 2012 and I was pregnant with my second daughter. Truly I wanted to embrace a whole new maternity wardrobe. So too, did my (particularly rampant) Chinese consumer genes, no doubt geed up by all those pregnancy hormones. With a royal baby on the way and Victoria Beckham rumoured to be adapting outfits for the Duchess, the ‘wrap’n’ruched’ dress – that (deeply unfashionable) hero piece of maternity wear’s ancient regime would finally be toppled. 2012 would be the year that pregnant women got a make over in the style annals. Read More…

Your Coat Wardrobe Starts Here

cross on the coat

As a masterclass in dressing for the cold, you’d think the front row of the recent Pret-a-Porter shows would have thrown up a few nuggets on the coat front. Or it would have done if it was actually that cold in September. Yes despite the hysteria and FOMO from the glossies beseeching you to buy your winter coat back in June, for 99% of the population, that is never going to happen.

So is there anything left to buy on the rails? Of course there is. In any case, coat buying should never be done in a rush. Because you need to think very carefully about what sort of coat you need.

Is it to sling on over a pair of jeans or is it something in classic, neutral tones that you can also wear to work that is required? Should it be knee-length or would it be practical if you experimented with a fashion forward, three quarter length dressing gown style? Will it be worn with trousers or skirts and dresses? You are beginning to see that not all coats were created equal. Read More…

New Season Shopping Rules


I’m just about ready to move on from this summer: hot sunshine, endless blue skies and lucky us, even a September heatwave to ease us back into the working world. It’s been bliss hasn’t it? The chance to loll around in a greying J. Crew hoodie (or the beachiest of summer dresses) and not wonder whether it’s too late to save up for a pair of Gucci Princetown furry, backless loafers (I’m still working that one out) or whether velvet will make you look like your Granny (no it won’t). Because let’s be honest: we’re not a nation that’s very good at hot weather. Charred, not to mention copious quantities of flesh are suddenly deemed acceptable – you don’t see New Yorkers or Italians un-dressing in similar fashion when the mercury hits 28c. Read More…