The Good Morning Routine

good morning routine feet

When it comes to looking after ourselves, it’s always tricky to break old habits and change our morning routine. For me, the breakthrough came when I started to get up a little earlier in the morning to make sure I could have some precious time to myself before launching into the day. Previously, I had a more chaotic approach, jumping out of bed just in time to shower and get ready for work, having coffee on an empty stomach before grabbing breakfast on the way to the office (usually something not so healthy). This would mean an adrenaline rush before launching into the working day – no wonder I felt stressed.

I knew things had to change as I was running on empty, and so one Spring as the mornings turned lighter, I used the opportunity to carve out some extra time for me. I began by getting up just 15 minutes earlier to do a mini yoga routine. Also, Read More…