New Year’s Beauty Resolutions


It’s that time again. Clean-sheet-of-paper time. The wonderful ‘fresh start’ moment. But while some New Year’s Resolutions are just too hard to stick to (or just too ambitious) – lose two stone, go to the gym three times a week, climb Kilimanjaro etc. (you know the sort of thing) – I honestly believe there are, however, small health-and-beauty shifts that will make big differences to how we look (and feel). So here are my recommendations – in no particular order – for simple resolutions that will genuinely, seriously improve your wellbeing and looks, over the next year. (I’d offer a money-back guarantee, if I could…!)

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Magnesium – The Most Important Mineral We All Overlook


Why is magnesium important to the body?

If you are interested in remaining youthful with increased energy and vitality, then you should continue to read this. There is a lot of talk about antioxidants, omega oils, calcium and several other nutrients and yet we may have overlooked the missing link in our diets, the mineral magnesium. Magnesium is involved in numerous biochemical reactions carried out within the body (over 350 in fact!) and interestingly the symptoms of magnesium deficiency are identical to those found in old age and include irregular heartbeat, clogged arteries, increased risk of cardiovascular disease, low energy levels, high blood pressure and insulin resistance.

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