The Smooth Way To Beat The Bumps

Keratosis Pilaris - Chicken Skin

The rough bumpy dry skin condition keratosis pilaris (often called ‘chicken skin’) affects nearly 40 per cent of people. Harmless but unsightly, the red bumps are caused by keratin and dead skin cells blocking the opening of hair follicles. Used twice daily, a new body lotion called Ameliorate, which contains potent moisturisers and exfoliating compounds, can help to re-texturise skin. £27.50, from

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Cranberry extract can help prevent bacterial cystitis. But many cranberry drinks contain sugar, which encourages bacterial growth. New research shows that the sugar-free supplement Cysticlean, which has high levels of active antibacterial compounds, suits women with frequent urinary tract infections and is very effective. £24.99.


Nina Barough, 58, founder and CEO of Walk the Walk.

In 1996 I got 12 friends together to power walk the New York City Marathon in decorated bras to raise money for Breakthrough Breast Cancer. That became Walk the Walk ( At the time, I didn’t know anyone with the disease, I had never done a marathon or any fundraising – I literally dreamt up the idea of power-walking a marathon in a bra for breast cancer. Read More…