3 of the Best Digestion Settlers


Super Digestive Enzymes
Ageing, some digestive problems and our natural inability to digest plant fibre (cellulose) may make you bloated soon after eating. These enzymes adapt to varying stomach acid conditions, helping to digest protein, fats, carbohydrates, milk lactose and fibre efficiently. Take two capsules just before a meal. Life Extension Super Digestive Enzymes, £23.25 for 100 capsules

Centaurium Tincture
This bitter plant triggers the production of digestive juices and helps gut motility. These actions help food to break down, which often relieves nausea, flatulence and gastric discomfort. Take 15 drops three times daily for up to a week before lots of eating and drinking. A Vogel Centaurium Tincture, £9.75 for 50ml

Artichoke Leaf
A traditional remedy, artichoke extract helps liver function, and so is believed to help the body process alcohol more efficiently. Take one tablet twice daily before meals, again for up to a week before feasting. HealthAid Artichoke Leaf Powder tablets, £11.49 for 60 Read More…

Heartburn Remedies


Most people at one time or another will either suffer from heartburn or will have suffered from heartburn. Heartburn is usually caused by some foods and staying away from these foods usually helps prevent heartburn. Heartburn symptoms are frequently described as a burning sensation in the chest. Some people state that they experience a warming sensation whilst for others it is pain in the chest cavity.

Heartburn symptoms are very common but this does not mean that we should treat them lightly. The symptoms of heartburn usually occur behind the sternum, known as the breastbone. This location is near the heart hence the name heartburn. If the heartburn symptoms are associated with food then we should try and reduce or eliminate the specific food types responsible for these symptoms. Otherwise, further investigation may be required in order to eliminate possible concerns such as ulcers and GERD’s. Read More…