Mind Set: Healthy


As the New Year rolls on, our resolves to get fit and healthy tend to fade away and all too soon we lapse into our old ways. Why is it that we seem doomed to failure when we begin with all good intentions for clean living? A big factor is the seemingly unavoidable spin around new diet books, juice detoxes not to mention fitness fads – all promising we’ll be lean and lithe in no time. When you add in the allure of the latest celeb weight loss and body transformation, the pressure is huge – no wonder it’s so easy to fall for the hype. We begin the kale juice diet on a Monday morning, only to give up by the evening and decide to have wine with dinner, and so the guilt trip continues in a vicious detox/retox circle.

Trouble is the ‘new trends’ we’re bombarded with (rarely new in any case) usually have nothing to do with our own aspirations let alone goals, often meaning we launch into something we don’t like doing and can’t keep up. It’s as if we’re trying to live vicariously through someone else’s – usually luxe – lifestyle. Someone who has an organic chef and seemingly all the time in the world. When we do this, we inevitably set ourselves up for failure then look for other solutions, bouncing from one fad to the next and never really addressing our own bodies. Read More…

Bye-Bye Dry Eyes


The Eye Doctor microwaveable eye mask, filled with natural grains, soothes our dry, red, irritated eyes after a day at the screen. It is an approved medical device for the symptoms of inflammation, styes, cysts and blepharitis. With washable cover, adjustable strap and storage pouch.


Q: My grandma has been diagnosed with dementia but it is not Alzheimer’s disease. I am confused as I thought they were the same?

A: There are several types of dementia (much on our minds because of Mrs Thatcher), including Alzheimer’s disease (AD), vascular dementia, frontal lobe dementia, and dementia with Lewy bodies. Not everyone has all the symptoms of one particular type – some people are diagnosed as having mixed dementia – and they affect individuals to different degrees and progress at different rates. I suggest you ask your grandma’s doctor if there is a specific diagnosis in her case. Read More…