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What To Look For In A Good Face Cream


Face cream is one of those beauty products that you can find in almost every bathroom cabinet. In fact, three quarters of British women and at least half of the male population use a moisturiser every day. New research suggests that we spend up to three minutes a day applying moisturiser, which amounts to around six weeks of our lifetime, in pursuit of smoother, softer, youthful looking skin. 

With endless products on the market, each with its own enticing promise of better-looking skin, finding the right face cream for you is no mean feat. 

Why should you use a face cream?

There are more than a handful of buzz ingredients that brands highlight on their labels that promise to transform your skin. While smoothing out lines and brightening your complexion are attractive claims, what you really want your cream to do is strengthen your skin’s barrier. Read More…

Why You Might Be Constipated And Not Know It


If I asked you when the last time you were constipated it’s likely that you’d think back to the last time you hadn’t been to the loo for a few days. It could have been when you were having a particularly stressful time at work or maybe the first few days of your holiday when your bowels were readjusting after the change in air pressure on the plane. Whatever the cause, it’s likely that it was a when your bowel movements had stalled for days, your tummy had bloated and you suffered with cramps. Read More…

Why It’s Time To Start Talking About Indoor Air Pollution


The annual alert that some parts of the UK have already hit their legal limit of pollution in January is becoming all too familiar. In 2017, parts of London surpassed the limit just five days into January and just one year later, Brixton Road in Lambeth topped levels within 28 days. While research has shown that pollution levels in the capital are slowly dropping, two million people are living with illegal air pollution and the UK received a final warning from the European Commission about the continuous breach of air pollution levels last year.   Read More…

Is It Possible To Over Cleanse Your Skin?


Whether you use a foam cleanser, a balm or even a wipe, for most of us cleansing is a twice a day task that is given very little thought – once you’ve found your go-to formula of course. That is unless you’re a beauty aficionado and follow the hoard of experts and brands who recommend double cleansing. Then you might find yourself cleaning your skin four times a day, albeit it in two sittings with several different formulas and textures. Read More…

How To Cheat The 100ml Liquid Limit


If you’re anything like me then you avoid checking in any luggage for short-haul trips. I hate nothing more than waiting around for your luggage to be unceremoniously chucked onto a conveyor belt where an entire plane load of people squeeze together on tiptoes waiting for their suitcases. That’s before you even touch on the anxiety of whether your luggage has mistakenly found its way to Brussels rather than Barcelona and you’ll be without fresh underwear for two nights. Read More…