VH Newsletter

March Newsletter 2011

March Victoria Health Newsletter

Welcome to the March newsletter where we take a look at several new product launches, I tell you about a new supplement that I am taking (am in ‘over-excitement’ mode) and there are surprising happenings on The Podium this month. Also, I really don’t want you to be jealous, but I’ve got my very own signed copy of the Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible, so news on that too. Additionally, I report on the very latest feedback from you, we follow the latest happenings from the VH editorial team and we can all wave to Ms Lanolips over in Sydney. Read More…

February Newsletter 2011

february victoria health newsletter

Welcome to the February newsletter where we take a look at some new products, we launch a new section on our website, I tell you about two products that Californians are obsessed with, we are in the throes of a Fennel famine and, hold your breath and clap your hands, I bring you the exclusive launch of a new product from Lanolips. Read More…

January Victoria Health Newsletter


Welcome to the January newsletter where we take a look at some innovative new products, we throw the focus on winter health and I bring you all the latest news and feedback. I will also be writing about the vital link between Vitamin D and Vitamin K for bone health, why we tend to put on weight in winter and we check in with Shelley von Strunckel, the Beauty Bible girls and the Legologist. Read More…