VH Newsletter

January Newsletter


Hello and welcome to the January newsletter; we start the year with some new and exciting news from DECIEM in the shape of three rather fabulous products; we have new product launches from Aurelia, Viridian and Ojamin (which some of us have been secretly drinking over the past few weeks). We are also going to throw the focus on some health concerns, there is a new product for the insomniacs amongst us and in an ongoing series, I announce the death of a product. We will also be doing news and updates on The Ordinary and NIOD, so let’s go: Read More…

December Newsletter


Welcome to the December newsletter, the last newsletter of the year and what a year it has been. Traditionally this newsletter has always been the bonkers one where I appear to take leave of all my senses, review the year and then fill the entire newsletter with gifts and treats. Except I have a problem, and it’s a very good problem to have; the year has been dominated by NIOD, The Ordinary and most recently Stemm.

So I’m changing things around; we are going to begin with two new product launches, both of which I wrote about on the most recent Addicts Bulletin (hello VH Addicts!); I said that I wasn’t going to launch one of them to the rest of the world until January, but it sold out within a few hours of me writing about it, so I’m eating my words (not for the first time) and putting it on here because it’s important; oh and it’s back in stock, which helps!

Following through from that, I am going to highlight some of our bestselling products of the year and then I will follow through with news and new launches from The Ordinary. That done, we are going to head into some special treats, interspersed with some interesting products, so please read very carefully; each of these treats are limited editions and once they are gone, they are gone, so please check our site for updates. Let’s go: Read More…

November Newsletter


Welcome to the November newsletter where we launch one new product from NIOD, we release some more products from The Ordinary and basically I am not sure what on earth I was thinking when I thought it was a good idea to launch two major new brands and a new product, The Ordinary, Stemm and Florassist, within four weeks of each other. But we did it and this newsletter is going to go behind the scenes of what has happened over the past few weeks with some updates, so please read carefully. We will also be throwing the focus on three health concerns, heartburn, energy (or lack of it) and Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS). But first, Voicemail Masque:

Voicemail Masque (VM) by NIOD

This has been a long time coming and every time I think of (and use) VM I start laughing. There is no doubt in my mind that this is the most ‘famous’ of all the NIOD products in terms of intrigue. In May of this year NIOD was one and to celebrate its first birthday, Brandon and I gifted VM as a lab sample to everybody who ordered a NIOD product on the day the May newsletter was released. There were thousands of you.

We didn’t tell you its name, we gave you no information whatsoever except that it would launch later in the year and that you should use it at night-time. It then developed a life of its own. In a moment of extreme madness we decided to run a ‘guess the name’ competition on our Instagram page, which turned into an eight hour (it felt like 80 hours) ‘happening’, but we eventually got there after I started to post some heavily loaded cryptic clues, basically because I was tired and wanted to go to bed!

Because of the extraordinarily high volume of positive feedback, we put VM on pre-order, but told everybody it wouldn’t be released for approximately six months. The wait list reached such epic proportions and I couldn’t bear it, so we fulfilled all the orders on the wait list and then promptly took it off our site. So that’s the update. Now it’s here and this is what VM is all about: Read More…

October Newsletter


Welcome to the October newsletter where for the second month running we globally launch a new brand; the brand is Stemm, it is another concept from DECIEM, it is another journey and once again it changes everything. We also launch the third yešti product within NIOD and we do an update on The Ordinary. We take another look at Psychobiotics with the launch of an exciting new supplement and there is news of a product death, well it is really a semi-death and I think it will surprise many of you. Also on this newsletter, a new product launch from Sarah Chapman, it comes with a gift, but for now let’s do Stemm:


Three products. Three products that will change everything again. In concept Stemm carries the same message as NIOD, it is extraordinary and extraordinary is rather rare. As with NIOD, Stemm launches on a health platform and as with NIOD the Stemm experience may leave you pretty astounded because all three products are completely sensational and I actually cannot and will not live without them. Together with Brandon, I write and give you the Stemm Collection: Read More…

September Newsletter


Welcome to the September newsletter where we globally launch a new skincare brand, The Ordinary. After that I need to report that there has been an uprising amongst us and I introduce you to Mastic Must, the newest product from NIOD. I also write about a product which hasn’t been released yet, but became an overnight bestseller and we release another Kerecis product, the third in the series from this amazing Icelandic medical brand. Somewhere amongst all of this is a treat and we also throw the focus on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). But first, The Ordinary:

The Ordinary

The Ordinary was created to celebrate integrity in its most humble and true form. Its birth indirectly celebrates The Extraordinary. The Ordinary is the third skincare concept to be launched under the DECIEM umbrella, following Hylamide and NIOD.

Hylamide and NIOD both launched last year; both were exceptional skincare ranges and both were destined to change everything in the beauty industry. Both were pioneering in their individual ways and as Hylamide was designed to serve a broader audience, NIOD was niche. I am often asked the difference between the two and it is very simple, whereas Hylamide may have five advanced technologies in any given formulation, NIOD will have eleven; whereas some of the Hylamide products will give more rapid results, the core NIOD products are formulated for the longer-term, concentrating on the health and integrity of our skin. We could have launched both, but we didn’t. We chose NIOD. Read More…

August Newsletter

August Newsletter

Welcome to the August newsletter where we do a rather big (understatement!) NIOD update, which I ask that you read carefully because at the end of it we may well have changed everything, again! We take a look at several health concerns, including Age-Related Macular Degeneration, what it means to have an underactive thyroid and Diverticular Disease. Somewhere in the middle of all this is a treat and I report on the death of a product, actually make that three that have entered ‘product heaven’; additionally there is another new launch from Margaret Dabbs and a rather chic water bottle to have and to hold. Let’s go:


When we launched NIOD, I was very clear that we were launching on a health platform and although NIOD can of course be categorised as a health/beauty crossover, the single most important thing to Brandon and I was that the products made a positive difference and in some way, shape or form changed lives, which for so many of you it has gone on to do on so many different levels.

I’ve written several times that NIOD is not a brand, it is a collection of extraordinary formulations, which are light years ahead of all else; it has a heart, it has a soul and we always do NIOD in depth because anything less would be deeply disrespectful. But it is more than that, far, far more: NIOD loves, NIOD shares and NIOD gives. And you give back; you give back in the most loving and beautiful way by sharing your thoughts and in so doing you help others and that is where I am throwing the focus on this newsletter because there can be no greater gift than loving and supporting each other. Read More…