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Hello Saturday morning.  This week, and after a slight pause in proceedings, I am back in my bathroom testing products, which means that over the next few weeks and months I will be doing new product and brand launches on here.  And given that there is no time like the present, I am doing the first of these today. I also have three treats to write about. Three.  With no mention of what Shabir’s face looked like when he found out, I shall carry on.

So in a brief round-up, and taking Ionicell out of the equation, the most-wanted product from last Saturday was Trek Natural, which doesn’t surprise me because as you will have read, we believe this to be the best anti-viral insect repellent currently available.  It’s all about the level of Citriodiol in each formulation, and at 40% this whacks it to you (and me).  We still await determination from the Ministry of Defence as to whether Citriodiol actively works to help kill the Covid-19 virus.  I am not going to second-guess this, but notwithstanding that, we believe that its brilliance as an insect repellent makes it stand-alone in long-lasting efficacy.
Trek Natural £9.50 for 100 ml

Let’s do the first treat.  It’s another one of our bestselling products.  We believe it is in a class of its own.  We have always recommended that everybody should take this product, but its importance has been magnified over the past few weeks because it manufactures antibodies, which has always been crucial, but now it is as important as it has ever been.  Of course I’m talking about Mega-Probiotic ND.  Shabir has written several articles about the importance of probiotics which you can find on the product page.  Mega P (as we call it) is normally £19.50 for 60 Capsules.  But not this weekend. The short weekend.  Not the long one!

In the full knowledge that this will create a semi-riot and that I will probably be under my desk by about 10 am, which seems to be a weekly occurrence, I have created the Mega Probiotic Twin Pack which is £30.  I’m pretty rubbish at maths, but even I can work out that you save £9.  The logistics.  This is a weekend only offer, so it will end tomorrow at midnight GMT on Sunday 24th May or whilst stock lasts.  Whichever happens first.  It’s keyboard time.  Again.  Bash.
Mega Probiotic ND Twin Pack £30

If we are talking about crucial supplementation, this would of course include our current recommendation about the importance of taking Vitamin D3.  I know I write about this almost every week, but every which way I turn, there are an increasing volume of articles across the media about D3.  I have always believed in integrated medicine and it is at this point that allopathic and complementary medicine become one in their recommendation of D3.  I truly believe that over time, D3 will become the one supplement that we will all take, no matter what.  It is happening exponentially.  The numerous facets of D3 are far-reaching, categoric and essential.  And so are the clinicals and studies that are being urgently undertaken investigating Vitamin D3’s role in the resistance of Covid-19.  Please use.  And I don’t have shares in Better You. I promise.
DLux+Vitamin D+K2 Spray by Better You £9.95 for 12 ml; DLux 3000 by Better You £7.95 for 15 ml; DLux Junior Vitamin D Oral Spray by Better You £6.25 for 15 ml; DLux Infant Vitamin D Oral Spray by Better You £5.95 for 15 ml

Can we please take a moment to talk about Magnolia Rhodiola Complex.  Again, one of our bestselling supplements, Magnolia Rhodiola really helps with stress and anxiety, which so many are experiencing right now.  I think it is fair to say that we all have moments when we wobble, and it is perfectly normal.  There is no stigma attached to asking for help, which many of you do, or taking a powerful supplement that can help ease stress.  So from the archives, Shabir’s article, which I hope helps those who need it, which I guess is just about all of us.  I need to add that if you are taking prescribed anti-depressants, you cannot take Magnolia Rhodiola alongside these.  And breathe.  We are in this together.  We will emerge together.
VH Editorial: How To Combat Stress EffectivelyMagnolia Rhodiola Complex £28 for 60 Capsules

So here it is.  The new product launch.  Many of you will remember when we launched the original Thyme Out because it was featured all over the press and it went slightly bonkers.  Actually a lot bonkers.  So now a new addition to the range.  Thyme Out Face and Body Wash.  It doesn’t hold back on the label as it describes itself as ‘the knockout wash’.  We believe it is just that because it has a multitude of uses, including helping eczema, acne, psoriasis, rosacea, cold sores, skin inflammation, pet rashes and a plethora of other things.  It is especially recommended for the most problematic teenage skin and it does this without the use of harsh detergents or soaps, in other words it is an all-natural hypoallergenic wash.

It can also be used directly on blemishes as a pre-treatment and it is formulated with just four natural ingredients.  These are Thyme in a blend of Coconut foaming agent (Coco-Glucoside), Apple Juice derived foaming agent (Foaming Apple) and purified water.  Take it in the shower, use it as a body wash, use it on your pets and it is safe for children.  Fully tested by me.  It is in my shower and my touchy-touchy skin rather likes it.  Another heroic product. To partner the original.
Thyme Out Face and Body Wash £18 for 210 ml; Thyme Out £18 for 200 ml

If I may, I would like to talk about basic things.  Basic beauty actually. And eyebrows.  Lord above, the eyebrows.  I don’t want to sound pathetic (except I suppose I do), but I cannot do my own eyebrows.  Over the years I have tried, trust me, I have used this gadget, that gadget, stencils and any number of other things.  No matter what, I spectacularly fail on every level.  I think it’s possibly because they are pretty uneven to begin with.  So I decided I was going to try and came up with a counter-plan.  That plan is in the shape of a bottle of Castor Oil.  Good old-fashioned basic Castor Oil. 

It makes your eyebrows grow you see.  And actually it makes your lashes grow too. I like simple things, so for just under £10 we can be simple together.  The theory was that if I used this every morning and every evening, I would, in time have abundant eyebrows and lashes.  And it’s working.  My God it’s working.  It all helps of course that my fringe covers my eyebrows, despite having cut it at least three times with nail scissors (it’s a theme) during lockdown.  So by the time there is some semblance of normality, I will have more eyebrows to shape, the gaps will hopefully be gone and it could well be that they become perfect.  I invite you to join me.  And on lashes.  I don’t do fake.  I tried it once.  I looked totally ridiculous.  And then I got an allergy to the stupid glue.  Of course.
Organic Castor Oil by Pukka Herbs £9.95 for 250 ml

As I mentioned last week, my sleep pattern has gone somewhat out of sync and I know I’m not alone.  So many of us are all over the place with our time clocks, so we need to help regulate ourselves if we can.  A few simple suggestions, keeping this short and sweet.  Read Shabir’s article, the signs and signals of sleep loss; try taking Cherry Night or the wonderful Sleep Easy Tincture (you can safely use both); have a magnesium bath about an hour before going to bed (it really helps with relaxation); spray your bedroom with Beat The Blues room spray; get into bed and pop on a Spacemask.  And (note to myself) do not eat chocolate in bed.  It’s concerning for white sheets.
VH Editorial: Signs and Signals of Sleep LossCherry Night £26.70 for 150 grams; Sleep Easy Tincture by Blooming Blends £22 for 30 ml; Magnesium Oil Original Flakes by Better You £9.95 for 1 kg; Beat The Blues Room Spray £10 for 15 ml; Spacemasks £15 for Five Masks

A few weeks ago I wrote about Sarah Chapman’s Facialift.  So what happened, it went out of stock after I suggested you sit rolling your face upwards whilst watching Netflix, or whatever.  Actually, I’ve more or less lost the will to live when it comes to box sets.  I just can’t anymore.  But never mind that, I need to tell you that the Facialift is now back in stock.  That’s the first piece of news.  The second piece will excite you as I find yet another reason to hide under my desk. With every Sarah Chapman order of £20 and above, we will automatically throw in a gift.  It’s a rather fabulous gift actually.  It’s the Bodylift and it’s worth £32.

The Bodylift body massage tool is inspired by the Facialift face tool and has 12 rolling heads and 72 massaging nodules to help encourage the lymphatic system to drain toxins and reduce puffiness from the body.  It also helps ease muscle tension and it’s great to use on upper arms, thighs, buttocks (a lift perhaps) and calves.  So a couple of things, this will not show up on your order  confirmation (so please don’t email me!), but will automatically be included in your order, as above.  This is a limited time offer, there is only one gift per customer and once it’s gone, it’s gone.  I can’t put a time limit on it, but I would suggest you don’t hang around if you want this gift. Go!
Sarah Chapman

Time for another common health concern.  Fungal nails.  Toenails and fingernails. Some of the symptoms include the discolouration of nails, together with discharge from the nail bed.  There are of course supplements to help eradicate the recurrence of fungal nails, but in full transparency they are difficult to get hold of at the moment because of ongoing raw ingredient issues, so I have a little trick up my sleeve.  It comes in the form of Fulvic Acid Nail Cream.  The much loved and adored Fulvic Acid Nail Cream.

Mostly we are all using Fulvic Acid Nail Cream because of its brilliance in strengthening and fortifying our naked nails, but actually I need to tell you that it also has three powerful anti-fungal ingredients.  These are Fulvic Acid, Tea Tree Oil and Lemon Grass Oil.  With regular use, perhaps twice a day, this will help the recovery of fungal nails. Just massage a little into the nail bed and onto the nail itself.  But wait.  There is more.  It can also be used in the treatment of athlete’s foot. It does this by providing relief from itching, burning, cracking and scaling symptoms, which are prevalent in foot infections.  So there we have it.  Each week Shabir asks me when I am going to put Fulvic Acid Nail Cream back to its regular price.  He’ll ask me again when he reads this.  Doesn’t matter.  I just start singing. The status quo remains.
Fulvic Acid Nail Cream £10 for 30 ml

Over on Health Notes this week, doctors say Covid-19 patients are at high risk of potentially fatal blood clots but, as Sarah explains, we all are, so you need to know the symptoms and act fast if you have a pain in your leg.  And if you missed Sarah’s article last week about the legendary Gloves In A Bottle, do take a moment to read it.  I think I’ve read it about eight times.  It makes me tremendously happy.  But then so does Gloves.  Epic.
You Need To Know About Blood Clots by Sarah Stacey; Helping Hands With Gloves In A BottleGloves In A Bottle £10.50 for 240 ml; Gloves In A Bottle Handbag Size £5.15 for 60 ml

There is something about Derma E, the skincare brand.  This is the brand that we have listed since the beginning of VH time.  This is also the brand that appeared in The Sunday Times Style magazine about two decades ago with the heading ‘this is the brand the big boys don’t want you to know about’.  There are some headlines you never forget, and that is one of them.  Let me explain.  It doesn’t try to be anything but itself.  It won’t jump out at you.  It never has.  Yet quietly, very quietly, some of Derma E’s formulations were, and continue to be, light years ahead of anything else available on the market.  I think that if there was such a thing as a secret weapon brand, Derma E would be that brand. 

With some new launches coming from them in the next few weeks, I thought I would pre-empt that by giving you a little treat.  That treat is their Purifying 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask.  It is good for all skin types, but especially good for urban or oily skin.  It works for me and I have normal skin.  So here is the treat. I will include two (yes two) sachets of this mask with every order placed for £15 and above. It doesn’t matter which products you order, but there is only one gift per customer, it is a (short) weekend treat only and will cover all orders until midnight GMT on Sunday 24 May, or whilst stock lasts.  Happy masking.  Of the skincare kind.
Derma E

I just want to let you know that Annee de Mamiel has just released her Spring Facial Oil. It’s a wake-up call for dull, tired skin and those who follow Annee will of course love it.  Also from Annee, Anchor.  Anchor is from the de Mamiel Sleep Series range (which is of course amazing).  I am a huge advocate of reflexology and so may I suggest that after bathing at night (or foot bathing, which is completely fabulous) you massage Anchor into the soles of your feet with your thumbs.  It helps to reduce stress levels too.  Do try.
Spring Facial Oil by de Mamiel £80 for 20 ml; Anchor by de Mamiel £42 for 10 grams

And on Wednesday night, in the middle of nothing in particular, Trinny did a VH Online Shop Up. I didn’t know she was doing it and my eyes nearly fell out of my head as I watched her go through the list of her favourite products.  It’s a long list. Wow, Trinny, thank you. A tribute.
Trinny Does VH

Our feature article this week is written by Jackie Annesley where she waxes lyrical about the pleasure she gets from tea.  A Paean To Tea is a one-girl-relationship with tea, where Jackie declares that there is nothing more upsetting than bad tea.  As George Orwell once wrote, tea-making is ‘the subject of violent disputes’.  It probably will be after you read this!
A Paean To Tea by Jackie Annesley

Together with Shabir, Lara and the VH team, I wish you a restful Bank Holiday weekend.
With love in our hearts and with thoughts to all who are experiencing difficult times.
We stand as one. And always will.

With love

Gill x

Weekend Read


Another Saturday.  Another Weekend Read and I think it’s interesting how change is affecting each of us.  Mostly we are resistant to change, but we are being forced to embrace change and being the raging optimist that I am, I will always look for the positive in an increasingly difficult world. And somewhere, in the recesses of my brain, I remember a favourite book from childhood, The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton.  Many of you will of course be familiar with this book, but in summary this tree was positioned in The Enchanted Wood.  Basically if you climbed the tree and went up the ladder at the top of the tree, you would enter a different land, aka The Land of Goodies, The Land of Do-As-You-Please and The Land of Magic Medicines (wow, can we all climb the tree and go there for a vaccine perhaps).

On from that I think I have landed in The Land of Pandemic Time Zones.  I wake up and get up at 5 am and by 8 pm I can barely keep my eyes open.  I have banned my children from phoning me after that time and I don’t answer emails.  Actually, I can’t.  I’m sleeping.  On a more serious note, we are all in a different place, so in this ever-changing world it really is all we can do to accept the things that we cannot change with an open heart and mind. And so I’ve decided that we are going to transport ourselves to yet another land.  So please come with me as we climb that imaginary ladder to the Land of Wellbeing and Happiness.

Please follow the rules because in this land we hold virtual hands, we smile and we share.  And as we elevate, we know that we are stronger and happier together and that ‘we shall overcome’.  So let’s sing that song in full voice.  Led perhaps by Bruce Springsteen, which is my favourite version. So rock it with me because ‘deep in my heart, I do believe that we shall overcome some day’. Take it away Bruce. We shall forever sing. We shall forever dance. We are not afraid.
We Shall Overcome: Bruce Springsteen

Whatever the land, old habits die hard and there are some aspects of VH that will never change because I rather like it like that.  I am talking about products and I am talking about scientific research and development.  Over the years I have always said that we are not biased in our choice of products and if a next-generation product came along which we felt was superior, we would change you all over to that product.  I am not loved by brands when I do this, but actually I don’t really care.  It’s not a matter of dissing a product, it’s a matter of responsibility and integrity.  So hold on, because I’m just about to do it again.

You will have read last week about how Citriodiol, the active anti-viral ingredient found in some insect repellents, was being tested by the Ministry of Defence to see if it could kill the strain of Covid-19.  Whilst of course we are far from a determination, the product mentioned across the media was Mosi-Guard, which is now out of stock for the foreseeable future.  We therefore suggested that you change over to Trek Natural.  I think it’s important to say here that this is not a knee-jerk or a flippant reaction from us.  We did our research. Thoroughly. Mosi-Guard contains 30% Citriodiol whereas Trek Natural contains 40% Citriodiol, which, we believe, makes this product more effective and longer lasting than anything else currently on the market. With respect.  All change.
Trek Natural £9.50 for 100 ml

Look, can I tell you that I feel bad about something.  And that something is Ionicell.  If a product had feelings (energetically they probably do), then Ionicell would be feeling isolated in lockdown because I haven’t really spoken about it over the past few weeks.  As most of you know, Ionicell is our bestselling supplement and it contains Ioniplex, a Fulvic ionic mineral which has been specifically formulated and clinically proven to help our bodies generate collagen and re-hydrate cells.  It is also, of course, a next-generation hair, nails and skin supplement, as is Fulvic Acid Elixir.

So in other words, Ionicell is the capsule and Fulvic Acid Elixir is the liquid supplement.  They are one of the same, it’s just dependent on your choice of the mode of delivery.  I know I have created confusion (as I walk myself to the naughty corner), but I take both; you don’t need to, although many of you do.  It’s just that I’m a full-on Fulvic junkie so I double-dose, which is perfectly safe.  Anyway, here it is, the Ionicell treat.  We have created an Ionicell Twin Pack which is £30.  This means you save £10 as Ionicell is normally £20 for 60 vegicaps.  This is a weekend only offer and will end at midnight GMT on Sunday 17 May or whilst stock lasts.  Go bash that keyboard in all your full Saturday morning glory using the link below.
Ionicell Twin Pack £30

As we continue to walk together through this strange phase of life, there are many of you who have had the Covid-19 virus and are, thankfully, now recovering.  One of the most debilitating concerns post-virus is a lack of strength and energy, which is often accompanied by weight loss.  Sustenance is vital as many of you are telling us that an appetite loss has also played a detrimental role on the road to recovery, which is perfectly understandable.  In these circumstances we are recommending Life Drink.  I have written about it before, but just to recap Life Drink provides an impressive array of naturally-occurring phytonutrients, micronutrients, balanced protein, enzymes, probiotics and essential fatty acids.  It makes an ideal nutritional foundation for post-viral recovery.
Life Drink by Terranova £28.65 for 227 grams; Life Drink £49 for 454 grams; Life Drink Sachets £28.65 for 15 Sachets

Over the years I have heaped a monumental volume of praise onto Enterosgel.  Guided by your feedback, we know that diarrhoea is prevalent across those who have had the Covid-19 virus, even in its mildest form.  With 30 years of clinical research, Enterosgel is a remedy to help treat severe indigestion, diarrhoea, food poisoning and IBS.  It was developed for helping to bind toxins, viruses, allergens, pathogens and other harmful substances in the GI tract and removing them from the body.   Giving fast relief, Enterosgel is one of those products that deserves heroic status.  And so it shall be.  Herewith bequeathed.
Enterosgel Sachets £20.80 for Ten Sachets

Last week I mentioned that I would be writing about emerging heroes today, which I am about to do.  They are of course the products that have been given heroic status over the past few weeks as chosen by Shabir, and I’ll follow through (never wanting to be left out).  I think it goes without saying that it was extraordinarily difficult to choose three products, and I actually can’t keep it to three.  So Shabir gets three and I get five.  I mean I’m writing this thing.  Veni, Vidi, Vici.

I think Shabir’s three heroes are pretty obvious, and I suppose mine will be too, but Daily Immunity heads his list because according to Shabir, it is the most complete supplement for the present time, a time when we all have to protect our immune system.  Secondly, it’s Mega Probiotic ND and whilst Daily Immunity does contain probiotics, the manufacture of antibodies is crucial, so it’s important to keep our levels sustained.  Finally, and although there is some controversy about the need for Vitamin C supplementation, we believe, along with numerous experts in the field, that Vitamin C remains a vital supplement because we just don’t get enough in our diet and it plays an important role in shortening the duration of infections. And more.
Daily Immunity £26 for 60 Capsules; Mega Probiotic ND £19.50 for 60 Capsules; Liposomal Vitamin C by YourZooki £39.99 for 30 x 15 ml Sachets

For every clinical, for every study, for every inch of campaigning with Andy Thomas, Founder of Better You, about the dangers of a Vitamin D deficiency over the past ten years, DLux 3000 and DLux+Vitamin D+K2 are my ultimate heroes of the moment.  Receiving global recognition and of course now the subject of two major international clinical studies being undertaken investigating Vitamin D3’s role in the resistance of Covid-19, the two D3 versions become one, which means I have four products left.  With thanks to Andy for keeping us supplied.  Actually he had no choice.  I told him I was going to dedicate the song ‘Nowhere Man’ to him if he didn’t.  He likes The Beatles.  I like my shelves stacked.
DLux+Vitamin D+K2 Spray by Better You £9.95 for 12 ml; DLux 3000 by Better You £7.95 for 15 ml

Four to go, and in no particular order, The Foot File.  It has to be.  The experts will tell you to file your feet when they are dry.  I will tell you otherwise.  Soak your feet for about 15-20 minutes, grab the foot file and watch that damp excess skin fall off into the bowl.  The pleasure is immeasurable.  Next up, The Tweezy because in its resurrected glory, it has been a godsend (make that an essential godsend) in removing dark, unwanted facial hair.  Then, Fulvic Acid Nail Cream.  No need to say much.  I’ve still kept the price down and with each passing week, our naked nails are getting stronger.  And finally it’s C-Deep with the discovery that Vitamin C serums don’t have to aggravate your skin.  It is ever so wanted.  I think it’s cool to be wanted.  What do you think Shabir?  This. Ends. Now.
Foot File by Alida £11.95; Tweezy Facial Hair Remover £10; Fulvic Acid Nail Cream £10 for 30 ml; C-Deep Vitamin C Serum by GoW for VH £18 for 30 ml

Let’s do a little treat.  A few months ago, I told you that Kneipp were pulling out of the UK market and that I was bereft because I loved the brand.  I still haven’t got to the bottom of why they have chosen to do this, but never mind that, let’s have one last fling.  In a moment of supreme joy, I have bought every single bottle of the Kneipp herbal bath oils that were still in stock. I felt like I was trading on the stock exchange, seriously.  Anyway there are three different types, Eucalyptus, Sweet Dreams and Lavender, they are single bath sizes (20 ml) and with caveats, I will throw in one bottle with every order placed for £15 and above.

It doesn’t matter which products you order, there is only one gift per customer and I cannot determine which of the three you will receive, so please don’t mail me (I will be under my desk) because we are unable to specifically select one for you.  We do have a large volume, but I doubt we will make it across the weekend, so this is a Saturday only treat, which will end tonight at midnight GMT (16 May) or whilst stock lasts.  This will not show up on your order confirmation.  Happy Kneipp bathing.  With love.

Last week I told the world (and its friend) that Shabir has RSI (repetitive strain injury) and that he is rather attached to Aculief, a wearable acupressure device.  So I thought we should take a look at Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which is one of the many disorders listed under the general term of RSI.  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome often develops over a number of years with no noticeable symptoms, but when these do appear, they include a burning or tingling sensation in the fingers, pain and numbness in the hand, an inability to grasp objects properly and a general weakness of the hands.  In his article linked below, Shabir takes a look at the symptoms and his recommendations for the treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  I wrote last week that he blamed me for his RSI, but actually I secretly (not such a secret now) know it was because of gaming controllers.  Look, he’s only a man.  After all.
VH Editorial: Treating Carpal Tunnel SyndromeAculief £19.95; Bromelain by Viridian Nutrition £27.35 for 90 Capsules; Pure Magnesium Oil Spray by Life-Flo £12 for 236 ml

Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death in the Western Hemisphere and whilst of course the world focuses on Covid-19, we cannot and must not neglect other serious health concerns.  I think it is therefore important to talk about cardiovascular disease and how supplementation and natural solutions may help.  As most of you know, there are two types of cholesterol, LDL (the ‘bad’ cholesterol) and HDL (the ‘good’ cholesterol).  For the differential, and further understanding, please do take a moment to read Shabir’s article.  Once again from the archives.  Thank goodness for archives.
VH Editorial:  How To Lower Cholesterol NaturallyCholestsafe £25 for 90 Capsules

I am having a bit of a nostalgic moment, so please allow me to share.  Over the past couple of weeks I have written about Gloves In A Bottle.  As so many of you know, we looked after the health and wellbeing of The Mail on Sunday YOU magazine readers for over a decade.  Together we were the YOU magazine girls and although those days have long passed, our friendship remains as strong as it ever was. We are still the girls.  We always will be.  So many memories, which would include how many times Sarah, as health editor, would put Gloves on the health pages of the magazine because it really helped those with eczema and psoriasis. All we cared about was looking after the readers in the very best way we could and Gloves did just that, without a commercial collaboration anywhere in sight.

For many different reasons, Sarah felt she wanted to write about Gloves again.  And so she has.  The article is linked below, which I hope you enjoy because it also outlines the history of Gloves.  It remains our privilege to have launched so many epic brands and products over the years, so if I may, I would like to dedicate Sarah’s article to the late Norman Lowe.  Norman was the father of Rosalind Lowe, YOU magazine’s former features editor and he was one of the first people to test Gloves for us.  From that moment he became besotted.  In his last months, the only product he wanted at his bedside was his bottle of Gloves.  Somewhere in the sky above, I think he may still be using it as he watches over us.  God bless you sweetheart and God bless Gloves. Forever.
Helping Hands With Gloves In A Bottle by Sarah Stacey; Gloves In A Bottle £10.50 for 240 ml; Gloves In A Bottle Handbag Size £5.15 for 60 ml

I feel slightly awkward about having to say this, but I am perplexed.  Very perplexed.  At the beginning of this week, two huge boxes of chocolate arrived for us to share.  As you can imagine it was a huge moment of happiness, except I have no idea who sent it.  There was no paperwork with the chocolate and no card.  I am not going to name the company who sent it because heaven knows we are all under extraordinary pressure, but we did call and we did email, but to no avail.  It remains a mystery who it came from.  My children will tell you that from the moment they could hold a pencil, I made them write ‘thank you’ notes, as I’m really big on acknowledgement.  My one hope is that whoever did send it is reading this and perhaps they can mail me, so I can personally and privately thank them.

The Beauty Bible girls lead our editorial team this week by welcoming you to the Age of Imperfection.  Every cloud has a silver lining, they say, and let me tell you I am at one with Jo and Sarah on this.  A romp through the tricks of supermodels, Botox, filters and heaven knows what else, the girls request that perhaps we can rise above all that is fake and allow ourselves to be real.  We certainly hope so.  And it’s long overdue.  Nobody’s perfect.  Least of all us.
Nobody’s Perfect by Beauty Bible

Finally, together with Shabir, Lara and the entire VH team, I hope that each of you have a restful weekend.
My personal thanks for all your emails of love and support; they sustain each of us.
A new product launch next week perhaps!

With love

Gill x

Weekend Read

Person screaming with their hands to the side of their mouth, wearing a bow with hair tied up , white shirt and pick background

Last Saturday I wrote that it was the end of an era as I would no longer be writing monthly newsletters.  I suppose it was inevitable that certain memories would come to the fore; there were so many of them and I will share them periodically because they are mostly enormously amusing.  I will never forget the customer who was absolutely convinced that I was a marketing tool and didn’t actually exist. Memories are rich.  And so are friendships.

In each and every moment the landscape changes and it’s all any of us can do to remain relevant.  Except the one thing I do know is that it is both a comfort and, I suppose, a relief that we have each other.  It is in this space of friendship that we can learn together and grow together.  For me, it is yet another learning curve in a long line of them.  Since inception, I have always written that the most important thing is to help make a positive difference to each other.  And that doesn’t always mean via a product.  It is in this thinking that we carve the liberty to create a difference that encompasses our emotional, spiritual and physical needs.  Let’s do this together.  Over the next few weeks. And on from that. Read More…

Weekend Read


Can we please talk about Saturday mornings.  I think it is now beyond obvious that I will never write another monthly newsletter. The VH newsletters were synonymous of an era; I used them as launch pads for so many brands, amongst other things, and although I have some extraordinary memories, that was then and this is now.  I have always felt that nothing in life can remain static and perhaps as we move through these difficult times, we are able to adapt and embrace change together.

So Saturday mornings.  I think by now each of you know that I much prefer writing weekly.  My initial thoughts were based on the hope that it would bring us closer together when we needed it the most.  And now it has grown into something completely different.  I don’t really know what to call it, but it has taken on a life of its own (mine too) and with each passing week, the evolvement is interesting to watch.  The one thing I do know is that it is vital to remain health focused, but of course I will throw a bit of beauty in here and there for the sake of sanity, yours and mine.

Before anything, let me bring you up to speed on where we are at.  As I’m writing this we are still a few days behind on our daily orders, but of course that can change if we receive a ‘wait list’ delivery as I mentioned last week.  Also, and I’m sorry to keep saying it, there is an inevitable time lag between processing and sending orders to actual receipt.  I know I sound like a broken record, but please allow Royal Mail the time and space needed to do their vital work.  Their workforce continues to be depleted, but that would be because they are human, just like the rest of us, and COVID-19 is affecting their efficiency.  Disruption is global.  We are not immune.

As anticipated, we received another delivery of Daily Immunity this week, so we are now fully stocked with another consignment scheduled, but at the moment without an expected date.  There are several products which I am referring to as ‘comfort blankets’ and this is certainly one of them.  Another would be Fulvic Acid Elixir, and I’ll talk about all things Fulvic in a minute.  We have also received another delivery of Altrient Liposomal Vitamin C, but unfortunately, yet again it barely made a dent in the wait list.  I am so sorry, but this remains out of our control. Each day I send up a prayer for more stock. I’m waiting for the day it is answered.  In abundance.
Daily Immunity £26 for 60 Capsules

Fulvic.  Having been accused by Shabir of being soft in the head, even I couldn’t believe the response to last Saturday’s Fulvic Face Cream offer.  I knew by 9 am that we were going to be in deep trouble.  By 10 am I had almost lost the will to live, by 10.15 am my willpower had been crushed and I was sitting under my desk mainlining Dairy Milk and Diet Coke.  Yes, yes, I know we are health, but I’m not an earnest angel.  Shabir would say I’m far from that, but never mind what he thinks.  By 10.45 am it was all over, we had gone through all the Fulvic Acid Elixir and rather than end the offer, I wrote in BIG bold words across the product page that we would substitute the Elixir for another Fulvic Acid Mist.  And then, thankfully, the weekend ended.

My apologies obviously, but my intention was to share something of significance with you, so to some degree I am happy to have done that. I promise you that sometime in the future, I will come back to this, but at the moment we don’t have the stock levels to support another Fulvic treat and I am mindful of Shabir’s blood pressure.  What I will say here is that you all know how important I believe Fulvic Acid Elixir to be.  And now that a large number of you do have the Elixir, I will remind you that VH regulars have dubbed this as ‘The Libido Elixir’.  I wrote about it on a couple of newsletters last year.  See, see, we had our moments.  Memorable, or otherwise. More moments will come.  That much I know.
Fulvic Acid Elixir £30 for 480 ml

Having just mentioned Shabir’s blood pressure, I think we’ll talk about that next week (the condition, not Shabir), but for now I want to take a look at another very common health concern, heartburn.  Most people at one time or another will either suffer from heartburn, or will have suffered from heartburn.  Heartburn is usually caused by some foods and heartburn symptoms are frequently described as a burning sensation in the chest.  In a short article, Shabir takes a look at what causes heartburn and why he recommends Centaurium Tincture and Mega Probiotic ND for this health concern.  On the subject of Mega Probiotic ND, another consignment has just arrived. Just as well really, it’s our bestselling probiotic and I couldn’t face a Mega P famine right now.
VH Editorial: Heartburn RemediesCentaurium Tincture by A Vogel £10.50 for 50 ml; Mega Probiotic ND £19.50 for 60 Capsules

I think it is understandable that so many are experiencing an overwhelming sense of fatigue and a lack of energy.  So perhaps a good old dose of Sibergin could help.  Siberian Ginseng’s multiple benefits have been known for centuries with the Chinese, who use it for tonic purposes and it is a well-known adaptogen.  An adaptogen refers to a substance which promotes adaptation by the body to all kinds of stressors, whether physical, emotive or environmental.  Siberian Ginseng is used to help regulate adrenal hormones, it also supports the central nervous system, which may help restore proper neurological function after long-term stress.

However, the biggest single use of Siberian Ginseng is its ability to increase energy and it does that rather well.  So well in fact that many, many years ago Sarah (Stacey), Jo (Fairley) and I used to call Sibergin our ‘rocket fuel’; we used it in the moments when, and those moments still exist for each of us.  So please, if you don’t already know about the wonders of Sibergin, do read Shabir’s article, linked below.  And just by way of coincidence, Sarah has also written about Sibergin this week.  More on that soon.
VH Editorial: The Benefits of Siberian GinsengSibergin £15.99 for 30 Capsules

As you will have read over the past few weeks, the importance and relevance of Vitamin D3 is a hot topic.  It continues to receive intense media coverage and as most of you know, I continue to work closely with Andy Thomas, Founder and Managing Director of Better You. There is a lot of fascinating background behind both Andy and the formation of Better You in 2006.  I don’t have the space here, but one day soon, I will do an interview with him (he’ll probably run to the hills when he reads this) because I believe relationships are important and I want to share ours.

So if I may, I want to talk about two significant landmarks regarding Vitamin D and Better You.  The first was in 2009 when together we launched the original DLux. This was the world’s first intra-oral Vitamin D Spray, and there is no doubt in my mind that it is best-in-class.  The second landmark came in 2012 when Better You started campaigning for a greater public awareness across Vitamin D deficiency.  I had the privilege to work alongside this campaign with Andy and it has been ongoing since that time.  It’s tough to gain acceptance, but when you truly believe in something and you are on a mission, somehow the breakthrough comes, even though at times people think you are quite mad.  Never mind that.  It goes with the territory.

This week we have received more news with the discovery that there are two international clinical studies being undertaken investigating Vitamin D3’s role in the resistance of COVID-19.  Obviously it is going to take some time for the findings of the clinicals to come through and just to add to that, they seem to have taken a large volume of the D3 supply for said clinicals. Vitamin D is not going away, states Andy, and I agree with him. I will just add that I hope our supply won’t go away otherwise I will personally transport him to the hills.  And leave him there.
DLux 3000 by Better You £7.95 for 15 ml

Back to Sarah, and I will just tell you that Sarah is still writing Health Notes, as she always has. Perhaps it is somewhat remiss of me not to have mentioned this over the past few weeks, so I’m correcting that now and will refer you to Sarah’s dedicated Health Notes section, where she continues to probe and investigate as only Sarah can.  I rather like it that some of my closest friends are award-winning journalists (AWJs).  One more AWJ at the end of all of this. But that’s a given these days.  We stand together.  We always have.
Health Notes by Sarah Stacey

Over the weeks, there have been occurrences with products that I just can’t write about.  Their mere mention would send everything into a spin and so, for the best possible reasons, I omit them from these missives.  One such incidence would be when India Knight wrote about Gloves In A Bottle in The Sunday Times a few weeks ago.  It all went a bit haywire and before I could blink we were out of stock with yet another huge wait list.  With all back orders now fulfilled thankfully, and with another consignment just received, I can now write about this magical little gem, which has been a bestselling product for more than a decade.  Or could it be longer. Actually I think it is.  Anyway Gloves In A Bottle is one of those epic products.  It’s like wearing an invisible pair of gloves, but that’s because it is a shielding lotion, giving up to four hours locked-in moisture for our hands.  Our poor hands.  They so deserve love.  And Gloves.
Gloves In A Bottle £10.50 for 250 ml; Gloves In A Bottle Handbag Size £5.15 for 60 ml

Time for a treat. Having written about Sibergin for energy, as above, I felt it would be rather neat if we matched it with an uplifting bathing experience.  Temple Spa’s ‘In Good Spirits’ is an energizing bathing and massage oil blended with over 30 Mediterranean essential oils, including lemon, mandarin, grapefruit, bergamot, ginger and peppermint.  It helps restore equilibrium, so use it as a body oil, or pour it into your bath and watch it transform into a luxurious milk bath.  And then absorb the intention behind the name.

Right, so this is what we are going to do.  In Good Spirits retails for £25, but because I like spreading all good things, I am waving my magic wand and taking £10 off, which means that for a limited time only, it becomes £15.  A couple of caveats, because I must.  This is a limited time offer and we have a limited volume of stock.  Once it has gone, it has gone and quite honestly I don’t know when that will be, but I will keep an eye on it and adjust our site accordingly if I need to.  If it happens sooner, rather than later, please don’t berate me.  I really don’t want to spend another weekend hiding under my desk.
In Good Spirits by Temple Spa £15 for 100 ml (Limited Time Offer)

Over the past few weeks I have written about some essential, in my humble opinion, beauty products, which would include Fulvic Acid Nail Cream and the Super Shiner Buffer from Margaret Dabbs for naked nails, the most fabulous Foot File in the world because we are all doing home pedicures, the outstanding Tweezy, because I don’t want to be sprouting dark facial hair and neither do you. And then last week, another triumphant product, Sarah Chapman’s Facialift for upliftment, which of course sold out, so my apologies for creating another wait list.  Perhaps I should invest in a crystal ball.
Fulvic Acid Nail Cream £10 for 30 ml; Super Shiner Buffer by Margaret Dabbs £7; Foot File by Alida £11.95; Tweezy Facial Hair Remover £10

This week I want to talk about lips.  Naked lips.  I am going to refer you to an article about lips, written a couple of months ago by Inge basically because she talks about my all-time favourite lip product, iS Clinical’s Youth Lip Elixir.  I think it’s important to bring small pockets of joy and happiness wherever and whenever we can.  So let’s throw the focus on our lips this week so they remain healthy and plump for our re-emergence into the world.  Whenever that will be.  I also adore iS Clinical’s Lip Polish.  So another ritual to observe together.  The Lip Ritual.
Lip Fillers In A Tube? by Ingeborg van Lotringen; Lip Polish by iS Clinical £32 for 15 grams; Youth Lip Elixir by iS Clinical £52 for 3.5 grams (a little goes a long way)

A quick paragraph count (I’m getting paranoid about writing too much) and I’m on track to be able to write about Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV).  This can only be a good thing.  So on this 19th paragraph I will just say that ACV is probably one of the most chronicled natural remedies throughout history.  The health and beauty benefits are numerous and that includes helping acid reflux and helping to support the immune system on the health side.  On the health/beauty crossover, it is often used to help fight acne and when applied topically it can help in eradicating warts.  Shabir has it all covered in his article linked below and recommends his two favourite ACV products, one of which has been the subject of many wait lists over the past few months.  That would be the Apple Cider Gummies, but thankfully we are fully stocked.  For now.
VH Editorial:  The Health & Beauty Benefits of Apple Cider VinegarOrganic Apple Cider Vinegar by Higher Nature £7.50 for 350 ml; Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies by Goli Nutrition £15 for 60 Gummies

A moment of extreme happiness.  Many of you will know that Beat The Blues is the bestselling product from ilapothecary.  Legendary in its own short lifetime, it is actually a room spray, but everybody I know also uses it as a fragrance.  If ever there was a product for these difficult times, Beat The Blues would come high on the list, after supplements of course.  It is blended with powerful essential oils to help elevate emotions and help banish feelings of melancholy.  I always have a bottle on my desk, both in the office and at home because I’m besotted with it.  But that bottle has changed.

I think it must have something to do with packaging issues, but the regular size of Beat The Blues is out of stock, with no known date for its return.  For sure, we have a wait list, but there is a solution and that comes in the shape of the Travel Size Beat The Blues.  As I said last week, forget travelling, none of us are going anywhere, but with love and relief in my heart, this smaller version hits all the right spots and I would far rather have it than not.  Join me as we elevate together.  Always together.
Beat The Blues Room Spray £10 for 15 ml

Is it just me, or has this pandemic radically shortened our attention spans asks Tina Gaudoin.  This week Tina takes a look at this as in the light of the aforementioned, she has developed a range of displacement and time wasting activities, so honed that they would surely qualify as an art form.  As a former contributing editor of Style for the Wall Street Journal Europe, founder and Editor-in-Chief of WSJ, its glossy magazine, Tina has also edited five magazines, including The Times Luxx.  I hope you enjoy the read.
Timewasters Inc by Tina Gaudoin

And as I write this, there is yet another huge drama going on around another product.  I’ll tell you about it next week, should I survive the onslaught.  For some unknown reason, I really dislike alcohol, but if I did, I promise you I would be hitting the Gin bottle and it’s not even 9 am on Thursday morning.  The End.

As ever, and with Shabir, Lara and the entire VH Team, our thoughts are with you during this increasingly difficult time.
Be safe.

With love

Gill x

Weekend Read

Person about to eat a large bar of chocolate on pink background

And behold.  An uprising.  You have spoken your truth, as I have spoken mine.  Together we stand strongly in our condemnation of abuse, all forms of abuse, and I thank each and every one of you who took the time to email about my final paragraph on last Saturday’s WR.  Together we are intrepid, we always have been and here’s the thing, collective energy and thought will help get us through.  Such is the importance of the collective, I stand humbled by your love and support.  Light prevails over dark.  It always does.  In the end.

It’s interesting through all of this to observe changed behavior. I’m talking about the simple things.  In the course of a normal business day, we receive several deliveries.  With the ongoing circumstances, a delivery is now a big event because we know that we could perhaps conquer another wait list or, at the very least, be able to continue processing our daily orders.  As I write this, we are a few days behind on our regular orders, basically because we are still coming away from fulfilling these orders when a wait list product arrives.  The excitement and relief reaches epic proportions when this happens.  This week’s peak excitement, the arrival of Maui Babe Browning Lotion.  All the way from Hawaii!
Maui Babe Browning Lotion £19.95 for 236 ml Read More…

Weekend Read

City monuments, buildings an dstatues on the surface of the world vector.

As I write this it is becoming evident that the lockdown will continue for some time yet.  With the days rolling into weeks and the weeks rolling into months, there is a force for the better good bringing us all even closer and so it was last Sunday evening, Easter Sunday.  At 6 pm, live from Duomo di Milano, Andrea Bocelli gave an evocative solo performance representing a message of love, healing and hope to Italy and the world.  It was streamed live on YouTube and it was as if the world stood still for a moment of time.  Music is so often the embodiment of unity and is profoundly healing.  And so are words.

It is in this mode that I write.  As I have said so many times over the years, writing is a huge responsibility and I will take it right to the edge if I have to.  When you make a stand for the truth, there is no fear because nobody can ever argue with the truth.  I wrote something similar last week, but this week we have received numerous emails from several of you who have been frightened by either emails or social media posts, all of which are untrue, but claim to be from authorized sources or from professionals in the medical field. Read More…