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November Newsletter

Lady with face cream on her face and hands

So this is how it is. I’ve been sitting on this new product launch for so many months now, I figured self-implosion wasn’t too far away. I have been using it since I received the very first sample and all the while I’ve had to keep my mouth shut which, as most of you know, isn’t the easiest thing in the world for me. I’ve avoided writing about some of the skincare products I am currently using because I would feel guilty (think I was born guilty!) by not mentioning it. So what is ‘it’. It’s Fulvic Face Cream, that’s what it is.

And so I welcome you to the November newsletter where we also launch two new products from Dermasuri, a touch of newness from LixirSkin and Shabir takes a look at the supplements you need if you are in your 30s (clearly I’m not!). Wait lists and chaos seem to have played a central role over the last few months, so discover why I’m now laughing about Prickly Pear and what happened when I lobbied, on your behalf, for the retro-return of a product. But first, of course, Fulvic Face Cream; here we go:

Fulvic Face Cream

Load it, I said to Shabir at the beginning of the year. Formulate me a moisturiser and load it with all the ingredients I adore and it has to be perfect (actually beyond perfect if there is such a thing), not only for me, but for each of us. My love of all things Fulvic has been extraordinarily well documented (by me!) and I have been spraying Fulvic Acid on my skin forever, but I wanted more than that. My insatiable gene appeared; it actually lives within as far as products go.

Take it to the limit is what I thought, and now, at last, I have my own Fulvic Face Cream. However tempted I was to call it ‘Gill’s Dream Cream’, I resisted because I didn’t formulate it, Shabir did, and I’m not going to steal his thunder. Poor Shabir. He has at least another five products to formulate for me, but he has his own thoughts on some new products, so I’ll stand in line. Reluctantly.

Anyway, Fulvic Face Cream. Make it luxurious, I said. It is. Let it nourish, hydrate, protect and prime my skin. It does. Cram it full of Ioniplex Fulvic Acid in order that it may deliver vital nutrients, trace minerals and vitamins to my skin cells, all necessary for cell growth and cellular rejuvenation. He did. May it help plump and smooth my skin and please ensure it penetrates into the deepest layers of my skin. Tick, tick and tick. And then please blend the Fulvic, which in and of itself is a powerful antioxidant, with other outstanding ingredients; but with one proviso; Shabir, I said, if you dare add one drop of essential oil into the formulation, I will literally kill you. He didn’t. He’s still breathing.

The other ingredients, in case you need to know, include Hyaluronic Acid, because of its ability to help drench the skin; and then there’s Argan Oil, literally bursting with omega 6 fatty acids, tocopherols and polyphenols, Argan is renowned for helping to brighten toneless, dull-looking skin, so in it went; Vitamin E is added to enhance intense cell regeneration and to also help protect skin from oxidative damage. Also included, Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) also known as Thioctic Acid, another antioxidant, but this one helps reduce swelling, puffiness, redness and those blotchy patches which seem to appear every now and again (go away, please just go!).

And then in a final flourish, Shabir included Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid), which binds to moisture acting as a natural hydrator to help improve the skin’s softness and elasticity. That word ‘elasticity’ sends me. Surely the Nirvana of all skin-related words. CoQ10 makes an appearance too. Another vital antioxidant, it helps to neutralise free radicals from external stressors such as UV rays. As we age, levels of CoQ10 decrease making our skin more susceptible to damage which can result in fine lines and wrinkles; we call it the great repairer.

Three more ingredients to go. Allantoin, Aloe Vera, both having strong soothing qualities and finally Plant-derived Squalane, which helps boost lipid levels in skin (another bouncy elastic skin moment – deep joy) and helps relieve the discomfort of dry, tight skin. So that’s a wrap on the active ingredients.

Fulvic Face Cream is suitable for all skin types, including acne and rosacea-prone skin, and one more thing: so many of you have been taking Ionicell since we launched it; it was our bestselling supplement last year (I think it still is) and little wonder because we all know the vast difference that it makes to the health of our hair, skin and nails. We called it the next-generation hair, skin and nail supplement when we launched it. We don’t think anything in that genre comes close. So hand in hand they go. Fulvic Face Cream and Ionicell.

So could Fulvic Face Cream be the love of my life (product wise) right now, yes I think so because it’s everything and more that a girl could ask and wish for. Has my skin changed, yes it has in a way I didn’t think was possible, but actually I can’t be wholly monogamous here, because I have never, ever used a serum that performs in the way that Neurophroline does for taking the stress out of my skin. So for several months I have been using Neurophroline and Fulvic Face Cream together, morning and night. And I want to sing. And I want to dance. And I invite you to join me. Shabir, I thank you for both formulations. Proud moment. Spread.
Fulvic Face Cream by Ful.Vic.Health £30 for 60 ml; Ionicell £20 for 60 VegiCaps; Neurophroline Serum £18 for 30 ml

Deep Exfoliating Back Scrub by Dermasuri

Many of you will remember when we launched the Dermasuri Deep Exfoliating Body Mitt several years ago. It had a rather big moment then and actually it continues to have several moments basically because it’s rather fabulous. And now the Dermasuri Deep Exfoliating Back Scrub, which I knew I would adore even before it arrived. And I do. I do. With all the best will in the world, I have tested numerous back brushes, some are great, but they don’t possess the ‘satisfaction factor’. This does.

Made with a unique fabric texture, the back scrub visibly removes surface layers of build-up and dead skin instantly. Super-wide and super-long, it is the easiest thing in the world to use on your back, most especially on those hard-to-reach areas as it has ‘straps’ on both ends so you can exfoliate to your heart’s content.

I know I’m sad, but the very thought of rolling away dead skin cells thrills me. Take it into the shower with you and when you have finished turn the shower off, squeeze excess water from the back scrub and go for it, but don’t use it with soap, you don’t need to. For optimal results use horizontal side-to-side motions. Apply pressure by pulling handles away from your body. But it’s not only about the dead skin cells falling onto the shower floor, it helps increase circulation too, which is a rather good thing from a health perspective. If you want to know more, then speak to Jo or Natalie in our customer care team. They ‘stole’ the samples I stashed under my desk. Is nothing sacred!
Deep Exfoliating Back Scrub by Dermasuri £25

Deep Exfoliating Face Mitt

Peak excitement as I write about the second new Dermasuri product. If my bathroom could talk (thankfully it can’t), it would tell you that I was screeching with delight when I was testing this. As I wrote on the last newsletter, it’s always the small things in life that excite me and this small thing does just that. Made of the same unique fabric texture as the Back Scrub, this also removes dry skin instantly, while massaging and stimulating your skin. It also helps remove make-up residue, helps reduce blackheads, reduces pore visibility and prepares your skin to absorb serums and moisturisers in an efficacious way.

You need to use it damp and whilst you shouldn’t use it with soap, you can use it with a cleanser as a daily wash. My preference is to use it damp, without product (all the while looking how many dead skin cells fall into the sink) and once or twice a week I follow through with Pore Cleaning Powder (aka Miracle Powder). And very happy I am. For best results use it in circular movements. Buff. Cleanse. Exfoliate. Look-in-the-mirror. Don’t fall over.
Deep Exfoliating Face Mitt £15; Pore Cleaning Powder by GoW for VH £12 for 50 grams

The Uprising – Miracle Lotion

Let me set the scene. Since the beginning of VH time we have all loved Miracle Lotion. The packaging was dire, so dire that it could be kitsch (that waterfall!), but never mind that, it lived up to its name and it did actually perform miracles on dry skin. Everybody I know hid it in their bathroom somewhere, including many beauty editors, but it was our secret weapon for crocodile skin and it had its own unique fragrance, which was often the subject of discussion; it was a love/hate thing, but mostly love. And then calamity.

For some unknown reason, the formulation changed and the packaging changed too. I wrote on the newsletter at that time that I just couldn’t understand what on earth the manufacturers were thinking because the container (for want of a better word) looked like a bottle of weed killer and I can’t even bring myself to write about the wording on the front. Let’s just say I had a virtual heart attack when I saw it, as did so many of you.

And then the pleading emails started to roll in. The uprising had begun, it was very real and, on your behalf, we started to lobby for the return of the original Miracle Lotion. And we’ve won. Glory hallelujah, the original Miracle Lotion is now back where it belongs and so let us sing together the VH mantra: ‘We Shall Not Be Moved’. (More singing soon).
Miracle Lotion £16 for 237 ml

Supplements To Take In Your 30s

Through the decades we go and this month Shabir takes a look at the supplements you may need if you are in your 30s. This is of course an overview, but the subjects covered include the importance of food-state vitamins, PMS, anxiety, fertility and anaemia. Probiotics are of course a given, in our opinion, for all ages. Check it out.
VH Editorial: Supplements To Take In Your 30s; Alive Once Daily Multivitamin Ultra Potency £29 for 60 Tablets

Over We Go – Supplement Change

Over the years, as many of you know, I have often said we are changing supplements. This mostly happens when further research dictates that what we believe to be best-in-class at that time, gets superseded with an even better best-in-class. Such is the case with Super Bio-Curcumin, which has now been superseded with Curcumin Elite.

By way of background, curcumin is impressing scientists around the world with its remarkable multiple health benefits. Curcumin is a polyphenol present in the spice turmeric and was first used, it is thought, over 3000 years ago in traditional Ayurvedic medicine. Modern science has found that curcumin has many remarkable properties and has also been found to help increase detoxifying enzymes and help promote healthy DNA function.

So Curcumin Elite it is then as I tell you that Curcumin Elite is absorbed 270 x more than conventional curcumin supplements and delivers 45 x more free-curcuminoids, which in short increases benefits for the heart, joints, mind and the immune system. Powerful stuff.
VH Editorial: Turmeric – The Spice With Health Benefits; Curcumin Elite by Life Extension £29.50 for 60 Capsules

Getting Rid Of A Cold Quickly

When you catch a cold, it is very natural to want to get rid of it fast. The average duration of a cold is between four and seven days and this all depends on the strength of your immune system and how quickly it can respond. The most common viruses for a cold are rhinovirus and corona virus, although there are around two hundred types of viruses which may cause a common cold.

In his article, Shabir takes a look at the products that he believes should be kept in your medicine cabinet if you succumb. That said, we both believe prevention is better than cure and for that Shabir recommends taking Daily Immunity, which continues to support so many of you through the most vulnerable months. This isn’t on his article, but I also have something to say, so I will say it! I strongly believe that Fulvic Acid Elixir also helps hugely in the immunity stakes. Over the many years of taking Fulvic, I can’t remember when I last had a cold and so many of you tell me the same thing. There are several reasons why I can’t (and won’t) live without Fulvic, and this is just one of them.
VH Editorial: Getting Rid Of A Cold Quickly; Daily Immunity £26 for 60 Capsules; Fulvic Acid Elixir £30 for 480 ml

Prickly Pear Seed Oil – The Update

Aside from the fact that I’m wishing I had a Prickly Pear farm, actually probably a co-operative shared between all of us would be good, the story and the wait list continues.

Our biggest hurdle was getting over the first three days of ordering; the task was monumental, but we’ve done it. It seems pretty incredulous that I’m on the November newsletter talking about orders placed in August, but that’s the reality of the situation and as I’m writing this I know of at least three more consignments, which are scheduled to arrive over the coming days, all things being equal, which may well mean we are getting closer to smashing our way through the ongoing wait list.

One of the reasons the wait list is ongoing is because, taking their lead from Nigella’s article in The Sunday Times, various publications decided to run the story and I can absolutely assure you that I didn’t send out a press release about this to the world. And on top of this, the re-ordering of Prickly Pear is extraordinarily high; I have a mountain of emails extolling the virtues of the oil and Nigella of course, from the people who were amongst the first to order.

You would think that I would be stressed out of my head, but I’m not, I’m actually laughing and it’s all because of so many of you. Throughout all of this, the one thing I have done is keep everybody updated with emails, there have been five of them to date (check your junk mail if you haven’t received them).

On the last email sent, entitled ‘Prickly Pear – Episode 5’, I wrote that I was walking around singing ‘I Will Survive’ because death-by-wait-list wasn’t on my agenda, mostly because I had to write this newsletter. And then more chaos as so many of you mailed back suggesting various songs we could sing together. I fell about laughing. I can’t tell you all of them, there were so many for which I thank you; here’s a small selection:

I’m Still Waiting (Diana Ross); Simply The Best (Tina Turner); Under Pressure (Queen); Anticipation (Carly Simon); I’m Still Standing (Elton John), Runaway (Bon Jovi) and Patience (Guns N’ Roses).

The Collective VH. The Songs.
We Sing. You. Me. Us.
VH Editorial: The Beauty Benefits of Prickly Pear Seed Oil; 100% Pure Prickly Pear Seed Oil £20 for 30 ml

Superior Joints With A Gift

Arthritis affects an estimated one in five people in the UK and although considered a disease of old age, it can affect all ages. Healthy and flexible joints are paramount and it is a well-documented fact that pain relief to help ease the reduction in stiffness of joints is a multi-million-pound business with both over-the-counter medicines, prescription medication and natural supplements.

Glucosamine is often recommended and perhaps it is the most well-known natural ingredient for pain relief, but Natural Egg Shell Membrane has been the subject of studies and has been shown to significantly reduce pain quite rapidly, within approximately seven days, and continuously when used over a 30-day period.

Superior Joints, our bestselling joint supplement, contains Natural Egg Shell Membrane and it is the supplement Shabir always recommends for joint issues.

The Superior Joints Treat: The Superior Joints Treat comprises of Superior Joints (obviously!) and Capsicum & Ginger Warming Cream, which is free and worth £9. This warming cream is used as a massage rub to help comfort muscles, joints, backs and also helps ease neck tension. There is only one Superior Joints Treat per customer; orders will be processed in three or four days time; this is a limited time offer and will end on Friday 1 November 2019 at midnight GMT. **Sorry this promotion has ended**
VH Editorial: Read This If You Are Taking Glucosamine And Suffer From Painful JointsSuperior Joints Treat £30 for 60 Capsules; Capsicum & Ginger Warming Cream by Napiers £9 for 100 ml

The Good Skin Trio Mini Set: LixirSkin

Take the three bestselling heroes from the LixirSkin range, otherwise known as LixirSkin’s ultimate essentials for everyday skin needs, put them in a new mini format and voila, The Good Skin Trio Mini Set.

The three products are Vitamin C Paste, the quick morning mask that protects and corrects in one; Electrogel Cleanser, the evening cleanser and detoxifying mask and Universal Emulsion which can be used as a day moisturiser, a night cream or a serum base. Each of the products are 30 ml and if you haven’t yet tried these products, here is an opportunity to do so. Also perfect for travelling or for gifting. Christmas gifting perhaps.
The Good Skin Trio Mini Set by LixirSkin £34 (Vitamin C Paste 30 ml; Electrogel Cleanser 30 ml; Universal Emulsion 30 ml)

Male Vascular Sexual Support

Stress, as ever, plays a major role in male sexual issues and dissatisfaction and reports are indicating that this concern is becoming increasingly prevalent, most especially with younger men.

This new sexual health support supplement can be taken at any age. The formulation contains KaempMax, a unique extract of Kaempferia parviflora, a member of the ginger family. It helps support healthy male sexual function, helps enhance healthy male sexual response and overall sexual health. Dosage: one capsule daily.
Male Vascular Sexual Support by Life Extension £20 for 30 Capsules

Skip Care

I have often written that skincare should be joyously simple; there is no need to use seven different serums, various creams, primers and heaven knows what else. The very last thing any of us want to do is to send our skin into overdrive, so I was thrilled to read Victoria’s article on the latest ‘trend’, which is ‘skip care’. I don’t really like the word ‘trend’, but never mind that, this makes sense to me, whereas the whole eleven-step thing, advocated all over the place (except here), just doesn’t.

Skip care is about honing in on the ingredients that really work for your skin and skipping the ones that don’t deliver the results you want. I am currently in a phase where I’m not testing any new skincare products, which is rather miraculous, so I have free reign to use anything I want. I suppose it’s akin to living in a sweet shop, which was my childhood dream that clearly failed to materialise.

So my three essentials right now are, I suppose, pretty obvious. I’ve already written about Neurophroline and Fulvic Face Cream and the third serum I add in, three or four times a week, is Super Bakuchiol Serum. If you haven’t yet tried Super Bakuchiol, then you are in for a treat because I think it’s fabulous and bearing in mind I will not use Retinol or Retinoids on my skin, this is a brilliant, clinically proven natural alternative and my skin adores it.

So it’s Neurophroline first, Super Bakuchiol second and Fulvic Face Cream third. You can take this down to two steps by adding a few drops of Super Bakuchiol into Fulvic Face Cream (or whatever moisturiser you are using), but I adore the texture and feel of Super Bakuchiol, so I do it separately. I think this regimen is suitable for most skin types, so love me do, and that’s also a song.
VH Editorial: Skip Care Is The New Self-Care; Bakuchiol, A Natural Alternative To Retinol; Neurophroline £18 for 30 ml; Super Bakuchiol Serum £15 for 30 ml; Fulvic Face Cream £30 for 60 ml

Daily Cleanser

I deliberately didn’t write about the cleansers, oils or masks that I use above, but if we are talking cleansers, then Daily Cleanser is Shabir’s favourite. I suppose it would be really because he formulated it, but there is always a story behind each formulation and so here is Shabir’s story and raison d’être:

‘Just like your gut, the skin on your face houses billions of friendly bacteria and this community is known as the skin microbiome. Just like your gut, your skin microbiome is unique to you. These organisms help maintain healthy skin barrier function, protecting it against other invaders and they also produce skin nutrients and essential skin lipids making your skin feel and look healthier.

Many cleansers eradicate these friendly bacteria using harsh chemicals, but I wanted to take a different route and I formulated Daily Cleanser in order that it respects the skin’s pH. It does not contain harsh chemicals, but it does contain an infusion of Marshmallow root, which acts as a prebiotic to help promote these friendly bacteria to flourish’.

Daily Cleanser is ideal for normal, combination and oily skin types. The question is what product will Shabir formulate next? I seriously don’t know, but life works in mysterious ways; well it does if you’re Shabir. Mostly he resides on a parallel universe. Fine with me.
Daily Cleanser by GoW for VH £12 for 120 ml


I should really be writing this section on the December newsletter, but I’m going early because, as most of you know, the December newsletter is dedicated to the VH Awards and I won’t have space for these. Anyway, it’s good to be organised, so here are a few of our favourite things:

Aromatherapy Associates Seasonal Saviours will help transform your bathing experience from day to night with the help of a carefully curated trio of bath and shower oils. The oils included are Light Relax Bath & Shower Oil (9 ml); De-Stress Mind & Shower Oil (9 ml) and Revive Morning Bath & Shower Oil (9 ml).
Aromatherapy Associates Seasonal Saviours £25

Forever Evergreen Hanging Decoration also from Aromatherapy Associates, this contains Support Breathe Bath & Shower Oil (9 ml). Loaded with Eucalyptus, Pine and Peppermint, it has been formulated to help clear your mind with fragrances of the forest.
Forever Evergreen Hanging Decoration by Aromatherapy Associates £10

Kiss Me Cracker by Lanolips includes two little tubes of magic; the Lano 101 Ointment Fruities offer multi-tasking properties for super-dry lips. The cracker contains Multi-Balm Strawberry (10 grams) and Multi-Balm Peach (10 grams). Kisses.
Kiss Me Cracker by Lanolips £11.99

The Glow Card from Sarah Chapman comes as a greeting card presenting their bestselling 3D Moisture Infusion mask for an instantly hydrating glow boost. It hydrates, plumps and soothes and it was also our bestselling gift last year. It went out of stock really quickly, but I hope we have it covered this year. Don’t hit me if it all goes pear shaped. Thanks.
The Glow Card from Sarah Chapman £10

Sleep Power Nap Spray from This Works contains two travel size tubes (10 ml each) of this clinically proven formulation which is loaded with Lavender, Vetivert and Camomile. Perfect for using on a long-haul flight. The gift of sleep.
Sleep Power Nap Spray by This Works £15 (Two x 10 ml)

Beat The Blues Room Spray by Ilapothecary remains one of my favourite ever scents, but then of course, as many of you know, I use it as a fragrance as well as a room spray. This is the scent that literally stops everybody in their tracks and you can use it for any number of things including spraying into the atmosphere after any heated discussions. A must-have for those Christmas events perhaps.
Beat The Blues Room Spray by Ilapothecary £29 for 50 ml; Beat The Blues Ritual £85 (Love)

The Healing Heart Facial by Ila Spa contains two Rose Quartz hearts renowned for their soothing and healing properties. Symbolic of the energy of love and peace they are a wonderful gift and can be used in numerous ways; as a healing face massage (a small phial of Face Oil for Glowing Skin is included), or you can put one on each eye after spending hours staring at a computer screen. That would be me.
The Healing Heart Facial by Ila Spa £29.50 (Pack of Two Hearts)

VH Editorial – The Feature Articles

Are you really listening asks Carolyn Asome. The answer is very likely a big fat no. How often do you actually focus on what someone is saying. Instead, there’s the running ticker-tape: the Ocado shop, when will Brexit go away, yesterday’s deadlines, the overwhelming in-box, the beep of your iPhone, what are the kids going to eat for dinner? And you are not alone. Research shows that only 10% of us listen effectively. Carolyn feels the guilt.
Are You Really Listening by Carolyn Asome

It is clear to see that the popularity of spiritual practices is on the rise. We’re seeing crystals lined up on desks, energy healers on speed-dial and more of us are choosing to swap out post-work drinks for breath work. Whether you’re engaging in these practices or not, there’s one word that’s always mentioned and written about, but seems to escape many of us, and that’s intuition. Giselle La Pompe-Moore investigates.
How To Tune Into Your Intuition by Giselle La Pompe-Moore

Just sometimes you come across a poem, or a poster, that stops you in your tracks. This happened to Jo Fairley recently and it got her thinking about her own life, the things she regrets and taking risks. Full disclosure here.
Regrets by Jo Fairley

Pain is no beautifier, say the Beauty Bible girls. We furrow our brows, the light goes out of our eyes, we stoop or slouch, and left untended, our joints may suffer irreparable damage. At Beauty Bible, as you’ll probably know, we take a holistic approach to beauty and so that means doing what we can to keep aches and pains, with their knock-on effect on our looks and energy levels, at bay.
How To Ease Aches and Pains by Beauty Bible

With the turn in temperature comes a dial-up of central heating in our workplaces, homes and social settings. As cosy as it feels, it’s not doing our skin any favours, with increased dehydration and dryness on the horizon. Louise Whitbread does the low-down.
What Does Central Heating Do To Your Skin by Louise Whitbread

The End Bit

Just a few more things to tell you:

Sarah Chapman Alert. With any order placed for any Sarah Chapman product, we will automatically include Morning Facial (5 ml) as a gift. Only one gift per customer whilst stocks last and this will not show up on your invoice.
Sarah Chapman Skinesis

For the love of Color Wow. The new products keep on coming and the very latest is EXTRA Mist-ical Shine Spray, which they say is light years ahead of other hair shine sprays. So the spray absorbs UV rays and releases full spectrum white light, acting like a solar-powered spotlight on your hair.

Formulated with African flower-derived mullein, a natural source of luminescence that lights up your hair with an intense glossy shine, with a tongue-in-cheek statement, Color Wow say it will keep dark forces away. Good with me. For a whole new level of EXTRA exaggerated shine, spray it on then hit with blow-dryer heat. Swing that hair. Fabulous.
EXTRA Mist-ical Shine Spray by Color Wow £25 for 162 ml

We’ve done the shine, now let’s do the shimmer. SHOW-OFF (so many capitals everywhere!) Super Hydrating Shimmer Lotion melts into the skin leaving it moist, plump and dewy while imparting an opalescent, shimmer glow on the surface. Smooth, glossy skin, yes and I know it’s not summer, but it’s the party season if you like that kind of thing, personally I don’t. Never mind that, you can shimmer and I’ll stay in bed. Thank you.
SHOW-OFF Super Hydrating Shimmer Lotion by Time Bomb £24 for 250 ml

And so we have come to the end of another newsletter; I honestly don’t know where this year has gone and I can barely believe that very soon I will be writing the final newsletter of the year. I think I’m going to release it slightly later than normal, so Tuesday 3 December it will be, so please don’t miss it because I’m busy polishing my tiara for the award ceremony, which is all a rather large figment of my over-active imagination.

Finally, and with my feet back on the ground, together with Shabir I would like to thank each of you for your ongoing loyalty and support.
Wishing you a happy and healthy November.

With love

Gill x

October Newsletter

prickly pear plant with red fruit

Hello October. Hello ongoing chaos, wait lists (unfortunately plural), celebrations and more new product launches. I welcome you to the October newsletter where I am hoping that my brain cells hold out long enough to tell you about all and everything. A lot to tell.

In a nutshell, on this newsletter, we launch a new co-branded skincare range, two new eye masks from two different brands (nightmare scenario) and a new product from Color Wow, which I think will immediately become a ‘must-have’. There is a Garden of Wisdom treat, which is only going to last for 48 hours (if we get that far) and Ful.Vic.Health celebrates its first birthday; it goes without saying that there is a gift attached to this.

But our world (and life) has been dominated by 100% Pure Prickly Pear Seed Oil, so that’s where I’m going to begin; quite honestly you couldn’t make this up and it’s all Nigella’s fault! One customer wrote to me asking if he could make a film about it, I’m serious! Let’s do it:

100% Pure Prickly Pear Seed Oil And Other Things

Sunday 25 August. 12.01 am. The Sunday Times publishes an article by Nigella Lawson where she talks about four products she loves. 12.01 am. Simultaneously, the first order is placed for Prickly Pear Seed Oil. 3 am. While most of the world sleeps (with the exception of a rather large number of ST Style readers), I’m having my own private meltdown. 7 am. I email Nigella. 9 am. I realise my life, as I knew it, may as well be over.

Standing in for India Knight, who was on holiday, Nigella had been asked to write a guest column. For those who can’t remember that far back, Nigella launched the make-up column for The Saturday Times Magazine half a lifetime ago (in her words) and she has remained versed and passionate about all things beauty since that time, and before actually.

And so her column. I have linked it below for those who haven’t read it, but in essence Nigella has single-handedly created a Prickly Pear famine of gigantic global proportions. There are wait lists and wait lists, and this has left all other wait lists, for and from all time, standing. Such is its enormity, I have, to date, written three different emails updating everybody on the situation. At this point I would just like to thank those of you who have written such amazing words of love, support and understanding. Perspective is all.

Onto the products then. Prickly Pear dominated the article, but once again, as I so often write, not all products are created equally and that is certainly the case with Prickly Pear. Each batch of the oil is freshly pressed, which means you are receiving the oil at its optimum level. It would have been the easiest thing to manufacture a lesser quality oil and have all our orders fulfilled by now, but it’s not in our remit to do that and I would prefer to sleep at night. We continue to process orders in date and time order, which is all we can really do right now.
100% Prickly Pear Seed Oil by GoW for VH £20 for 30 ml (Wait List)

Nigella didn’t only write about Prickly Pear, she also wrote about In The Beginning, a deep cleansing balm from Temple Spa, which I promise you she has used and adored for several years. I think you will understand why if you try it, but, and as you will read, she also uses Electrogel Cleanser by LixirSkin when she is travelling. Hail the mighty cleansers!
In The Beginning Deep Cleansing Balm by Temple Spa £30 for 75 grams; Electrogel Cleanser by LixirSkin £25 for 100 ml

Love was also declared for Balm Balm’s organic muslin cloths, which Nigella believes are the best you can get and I agree. They are completely fabulous and I’ve yet to find anything that comes close to the pleasure they give, let alone their efficacy. It’s always the small things in life that thrill us the most. And these do.
Organic Muslin Face Cloths by Balm Balm £8.50 For A Pack Of Three

Finally, my love and thanks obviously go to Nigella for writing such a beautiful ‘love letter’ to us; it is something I will never forget. But despite the trauma of trying to manage the wait list, we must never forget to laugh and this made me laugh so much. Upon her return from holiday, India wrote the following:

Profuse thanks to beauty column OG Nigella for occupying this space so impeccably. I’ll tell you what, though — it’s quite nerve-racking to go on holiday and idly buy your trusty copy of The Sunday Times to find your stand-in is basically the Queen of the World. There’s the urge to send an email saying: “Could you not maybe have got somebody a tiny bit crap?”. Love her.
Creams, Oils, Unguents – Our Guest Columnist Has Tried Them All, But This Is The One Product She Recommends To Friends The Most: VH Editorial: Beauty Benefits Of Prickly Pear Seed Oil

More Drama

I now have a dilemma.  Actually this could be my worst nightmare, other than waiting lists of course.  The issue: when two brands that we have supported forever each come out with similar products at the same time and I have to write about them on the same newsletter.  The two brands are Temple Spa and Sarah Chapman. They are both eye masks, Eye Will Survive by Temple Spa and the Platinum Stem Cell Eye Mask by Sarah Chapman. Here they are and each to their own:

Eye Will Survive

A rescue mission for the eyes, say Temple Spa as they release their 20-minute eye serum masks. Each coconut-derived bio-cellulose gel wraparound sheet mask gently hugs the fragile eye area delivering a complex liposome serum, which Temple Spa call I-Firm (I like that, I firm anything is good with me) into the lower levels of the epidermis.

Suitable for all skin types, you get six masks in each pack and they can be used as a six-day intensive treatment course, which I did whilst testing; alternatively you can use them two or three times a week or as an occasional 20-minute rescue treatment.

Eye Will Survive is part of the Temple Spa Skin Therapy range and you can use them in conjunction with Easy On The Eye, a soothing eye make-up remover which can also be used as a soothing eye treatment. Windows of The Soul, wraps up this eye trio; this eye gel-balm will help cool and reduce puffiness.
Eye Will Survive £35 for 6 x 6 ml masks; Easy On the Eye £16 for 150 ml; Windows of the Soul £30 by 15 ml

Platinum Stem Cell Eye Mask

Sitting not only beneath your eyes, but across your eyelid too.  On Instagram we asked if these were the mother of all eye masks, and actually they could be the mother, father, son and daughter of all eye masks.  The Platinum Stem Cell Eye Masks are an extension of Sarah’s Platinum Stem Cell range, designed to deliver the benefits of cutting-edge actives and botanical stem cells to the eye area.

Offering both instant and long-term lifting, brightening and hydration, these eye masks can be used to prep the skin before an event, as a solution for tired eyes or as a targeted weekly boost. Any will do.
Platinum Stem Cell Eye Masks £78 for Four Masks; Single Platinum Stem Cell Eye Mask £24

The Light Salon – Nuori

What I love more than anything is to launch niche brands and then work together with the founders to help nurture and grow. Of course this is all dependent upon having a special relationship and Laura and Hannah, co-founders of The Light Salon, have allowed us (that’s you and me) to walk alongside them. But it’s not only a special relationship, it’s about special products too and their list of special products is growing.

Just by way of a brief synopsis, we launched Boost, the LED Treatment Mask earlier this year to huge acclaim; I hope Shabir gets a momentary lack of vision as I tell you that most of my closest friends have one and we are so besotted, we talk about its fabulousness all the time. Aside from its ability to do wondrous things to the skin, a 20-minute session always helps to calm me down. Needed!
Boost At-Home LED Treatment Mask £395

Then came Boost Cleanse and Recovery Spray, which is brilliant for compromised skin conditions, with or without the mask. Last month we launched the Hydrogel Masks, one for the face and one for the décolletage; heaven had arrived alongside those two masks, and now another chapter as The Light Salon co-brand five skincare products with Nuori, a Danish brand that applauds the power of freshness.
Boost Cleanse & Recovery Spray £18 for 100 ml; Hydrogel Décolletage Mask £42 for Three Masks; Hydrogel Face Mask £42 for Three Masks

The Light Salon have partnered in-salon with Nuori since their launch in 2015, using five of their key products in their Signature Light Treatment. Obviously in the name of research, I have had in-salon treatments and have had these divine products on my skin. They are products that make you sit up and take notice, and that rarely happens with me, so I started to jump up and down with joy when the first samples appeared on my desk. So my report below, there are five products and three heroes, in my humble opinion.

Protect+ Cleansing Milk: A bio-activated blend, this luxurious cleansing milk gently removes impurities and leaves skin feeling soft, soothed and re-balanced. Loaded with all good things, including Aloe Vera, Chamomile Flower and Avocado Oil, I have always thought that cleansers are a very personal thing. I tend to stay away from foaming cleansers by choice, but I am a bit of a cleanser freak and I have a wardrobe of different cleansers.

I’ve just added this to the wardrobe because I think it’s rather fabulous and I’ve had a thing about milk cleansers since my teenage Anne French Deep Cleansing Milk days. If I close my eyes, I can still smell it, but this smells gorgeous too and has a higher viscosity, which I actually prefer.
Protect+ Cleansing Milk £35 for 150 ml

Supreme Moisture Mask: A dream of a product and I call it a dream because this can be used as an overnight mask and if I’m pushed, this is one of the very best overnight masks I have ever used, and I’ve used a lot. When I first got it, the Light Salon girls told me to test it under the LED mask, which of course I did. It actually astounded me, so now I keep talking about it to those who want to listen because I’m besotted.

It is a highly concentrated blend and it has been formulated as the ultimate treatment for dehydrated and distressed skin, although it can of course be used by any skin type. Grape and Damask rose waters combine with natural hyaluronic acid and botanical squalane and betaine help strengthen the skin’s barrier function.

I use it in varying ways, under the LED mask as above, but you don’t need to have the LED mask to benefit. You can either leave it on for 10-15 minutes for an instant hydration boost, or for intensified results, use overnight, which is what I do. It is recommended that you use this two or three times a week, but who cares if you go to bed with it on every night. I am. In awe.
Supreme Moisture Mask £65 for 50 ml

Perfecting Facial Oil: It seems rather pointless to write about a facial oil on the same newsletter when half the world is either using or waiting for Prickly Pear Oil, but I’m doing it anyway. I’m doing it because this truly is a beautiful oil and is the signature blend of natural precious oils providing nourishment for all skin types. Formulated to match the skin’s natural lipid balance, its ingredients include organic rosehip oil, evening primrose oil, grape seed and apricot kernel oils, together with vitamin E. It does contain essential oils too and it is recommended that you gently massage two to five drops to the face and neck after cleansing. Gorgeous fragrance, gorgeous oil

In any other circumstance, I believe this would be a bestselling product. I almost feel inclined to hang a note saying ‘Somebody Love Me Please’ over the box. Somebody will, I’m sure.
Perfecting Facial Oil £58 for 20 ml

Two more products to complete the line-up. Protect+ Facial Cream, which is a nourishing and barrier enforcing bio-activated blend delivering potent doses of lipids and antioxidants. If you are using the LED Mask, this product should be applied after use and after cleansing.
Protect+ Facial Cream £62 for 30 ml

And finally, Mineral Defence Sunscreen. I will put my hands up and tell you that I haven’t tested this product, basically because I don’t use sunscreen in London. What I will tell you is that it is blended with a new generation of transparent, non-nano zinc oxide, which is non-sticky. French maritime pine extract (Pycnogenal) helps inhibit oxidative stress and the formulation is further strengthened by vitamin E and carrot seed oil.
Mineral Defence Sunscreen £45 for 50 ml

Right, let’s do a few things health before going back to more new launches and treats:

Sage Complex

Another HRT scare. Another product famine. HRT scares seem to be cyclical, but obviously we never know when they will happen and so this one hit in and our stocks of Sage Complex got totally wiped.

Our stance on menopausal support has never changed. We believe in integrated medicine and it is a very personal choice whether to go down the HRT route, the Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy route or to choose the natural path with Sage Complex. Many of you do choose the natural route, so I would just like to apologise if you were on the wait list. Thankfully Sage Complex is now back in stock. Banish mood swings, banish night sweats and increase energy levels is what I think. Like right now.
VH Editorial: Hormone Mimicking Supplements Should Be Used By All Women Over 35Sage Complex £25 for 90 Capsules

Triple Flu Defense (2019-2020)

It is that time of the year again. The emails and phone calls have been flooding in and as we do each year, I can now tell you that Dr Nenninger’s Triple Flu Defense has just been released, which is made specifically for the current flu season.

To best match the changing influenza strains, it is reformulated each year using CDC, WHO and patient data. This unique approach offers maximum effectiveness in helping to fight respiratory and stomach flu.

Formulated to help reduce the duration and severity of flu symptoms such as fatigue, body aches, headaches, sore throat, cough, fever, chills and nausea, there are no side effects and it can be used alongside prescribed medication. It is also gluten and dairy free.

At the first sign of the flu, take three times per day for symptom relief and once per week for maintenance. The adult dose is 20 drops and you can either place drops on the tongue or mix with a small amount of water. And into the bathroom cabinet it goes together with Organic Elderberry Throat Spray. Elderberry helps prevent viral replication and Manuka honey does the soothing bit. Start spritzing at the first sign of a sore throat.
Triple Flu Defense (2019-2020) £26 for 30 ml; Organic Elderberry Throat Spray by Viridian £15.95 for 50 ml

Supplements To Take In Your 20s

As I wrote on the last newsletter, Trinny and Shabir were together again where their focus was supplements through the ages. In case you missed it, I have linked the video below this, together with a short synopsis of that video.

Because he got swamped with emails, Shabir decided he wanted to extrapolate further and he will be writing a series of articles, the first one covers supplements to take in your 20s. He will carry on through the decades, so if you are still dancing around in your jeans in your 80’s, he’ll cover that too. Never too old to rock and roll is what I say.
VH Editorial: Supplements To Take In Your 20s; Supplements For Every Age With Trinny and Shabir

Color Wow Mini Paddle Brush

At the end of last year we launched The Dream Smooth Paddle Brush from Color Wow. It was on the December newsletter actually and I gave it an award (so deserved) and wrote the following:

And the winner is: A hairbrush. Not any old hairbrush. The Dream Smooth Paddle Brush from Color Wow. Look, do you mind if I call it The Dream Brush for ease because actually that is exactly what it is, a dream of a brush.

It went on to become a bestseller and I’m not at all surprised, so imagine my excitement when I discovered that it was going to have a baby. That baby is the Color Wow Mini Paddle Brush; it is 7 cm long (if you need to know) and it’s the handbag/travel version. What can I say, except it is of course brilliant and shines brightly in all its glory. Hairbrush of the year? Yep.
Color Wow Mini Paddle Brush £16; The Dream Smooth Paddle Brush £36

Desert Island Competition

Many of you will have read about the Desert Island competition on last month’s newsletter where I asked you to choose your top eight VH products. We got absolutely flooded with entrants, for which I thank you. Because of data protection, I am not announcing the winners, but just to confirm that each of the nine winners have been notified and received their products.

The fascination of reading about the products you love and the reasons why were so enlightening, but over and above all else, practically every entrant had both Neurophroline and Fulvic on them. At this point I could fill a book with your comments on both of these, the praise was phenomenal and, as ever, touched me deeply. But I’m not going to do that, instead we are going to celebrate together. Read on.


Happy First Birthday Ful.Vic.Health. I suppose it’s a bit naughty to celebrate our own brand, but actually I have just given myself permission to do so. And why not. The products are ground-breaking and of all the products in the range, Fulvic Acid Elixir is the bestseller, closely followed by Fulvic Acid Mist and Fulvic Acid Shampoo. Some time soon, that may change, but my lips are sealed for the moment.

So many of you have told us that these products have changed your lives in many differing ways and as I’ve written before, if I could only take one supplement for the rest of my life it would be Fulvic Acid Elixir. And of course the shampoo would be Fulvic Acid Shampoo. Having used Fulvic on my hair for approximately eight years, nothing else can touch it for hair and scalp health in my, always humble, opinion.

Anyway, I’m not writing reams other than to say that with the purchase of any of the Ful.Vic.Health products, we will include a miniature Fulvic Acid Elixir (120 ml) as a gift. This is the handbag/travel size and it will be available whilst stock lasts. Only one Fulvic Acid Elixir per customer. Together with Shabir (who has a trick or two up his sleeve), I thank you for your ongoing support of this brand. ***Sorry this promotion has ended***
Ful.Vic.Health; VH Editorial: Fulvic Acid – The Elixir of Life

For The Love Of Neurophroline

As I wrote above, the love for Neurophroline is very real. It has been called a revolutionary serum (it is) and a skincare miracle (it is). And just as the clinicals say on this ingredient, it takes down cortisol (the stress hormone) levels, aka inflammation, which is the root cause of ageing skin. One customer happily wrote that ten years of stress on her face had been undone. Yes. It’s that good.

Because sharing is paramount, let’s celebrate the advent of Neurophroline and we are going to do this by putting Neurophroline and Anti-Aging Multi-Peptide Serum together. Always remembering they are not single ingredient serums, they both include HA and a plethora of other ingredients. We like it that way and I hope you will like it that way too. Skincare heaven perhaps.

The Treat: Together the two serums, Neurophroline and Anti-Aging Multi-Peptide Serum, would normally cost £38, but until tomorrow night at midnight GMT (2 October 2019), they will be £30 for both. If you haven’t yet experienced the magic, go to it and smile! ***Sorry this promotion has ended***
The GoW Skin Treat £30 (Neurophroline and Anti-Aging Multi-Peptide Serum, both 30 ml)

The Now Averted Famine

As I’m writing this, I think that one of the things that really matters is to uphold the integrity of the products we formulate and recommend. It remains of vital importance that we strive for best-in-class across all genres. So we did. And then another famine, Super Bakuchiol Serum.

At this stage I am in very real danger of sounding like a broken record, but when we launched Super Bakuchiol Serum on the September newsletter (read here if you missed it), I wrote once again that not all serums were created equally and Super Bakuchiol Serum falls into that genre. And it fell into that genre because we used the clinically trialled Sytenol A Bakuchiol in our formulation. The studies and findings are specific to Sytenol A Bakuchiol and cannot be transferred or imputed to Bakuchiol products generally. And that is the difference. And that’s what really matters. And to coin a phrase: ‘It’s The Real Thing’.

Once again, I have to apologise if you were on the wait list; we thought we had it covered, but we didn’t. Super Bakuchiol Serum is now back in stock (for how long I do not know!), but I will say this: I’ll take a wait list against sending out an inferior product any day of the week, or weekend. That’s all.
VH Editorial: Bakuchiol, A Natural Alternative to RetinolSuper Bakuchiol Serum by GoW for VH £15 for 30 ml

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a common concern as we begin to age. The term ‘silent killer’ describes high blood pressure well because unless you know what the symptoms of high blood pressure are, you would not necessarily know that you actually have high blood pressure.

Medically high blood pressure is known as hypertension and it is a serious concern, which leads to thousands of deaths every year from heart attack, stroke and kidney failure. Yet most of us do not get our blood pressure monitored frequently until the disease sets in, or worse, when a complication arises.

In his article on high blood pressure, Shabir takes a look at understanding blood pressure readings, the symptoms of high blood pressure, the causes and a natural solution.
VH Editorial: High Blood PressureCardio Peak with Standardized Hawthorn and Arjuna by Life Extension £32 for 120 Capsules

VH Editorial

This month’s feature articles, which I hope you enjoy reading:

Do You Need A Super Serum?

Applying a serum has become a regular protocol in most people’s beauty routines and while stats show that many of us are eschewing multi-step routines, serums are sticking. ‘A need for simplicity has pushed UK women towards minimalist skincare products with more intense ingredients, such as serums’, explains Alex Fisher, Global Skincare Analyst at Mintel. ‘Serums are also a well-liked format, perceived as brightening and nourishing and often include ingredients like vitamins and antioxidants that are said to illuminate skin’. Becci Vallis does the lowdown.
Do You Need A Super Serum by Becci Vallis

Morning Anxiety: Five Tricks To Help You Feel Less Frantic First Thing

If you’re not a morning person, you’re not alone. What most of us would give for a few more hours sleep during the working week. However, while most feel lethargic and a bit sluggish when their alarm goes off, there are others who wake up to quite the opposite scenario – a racing heartbeat, serious sweating and a whirring brain that refuses to slow down. Up to three years ago, I fell into the latter category with my daily pangs of morning anxiety leaving me drained before I’d even gotten out of bed. Ayesha Muttucumaru reveals her five tricks to help you feel less frantic.
Morning Anxiety: Five Tricks To Help You Feel Less Frantic First Thing by Ayesha Muttucumaru

What I Wish I Learned At School

Does success at school translate into success at life? I write as little people are (finally!) back to school and everyone else back to the full throttle of metro-boulot-dodo. I’m also trying to work out how many times in the past thirty years I have used a simultaneous equation? Yes, my point exactly. Instead, I’m wondering how useful would it have been to learn – and in no particular order – how to negotiate a pay-rise; how not to get gazumped; the truth about childbirth or the best way to navigate the work place which, let’s face it, is where most of us will be spending a very, very long time. Carolyn Asome takes a view.
What I Wished I Learned At School by Carolyn Asome

Smile, Please!

I’m always fascinated to talk to fellow entrepreneurs, writes Jo Fairley. I first stumbled across Lebon in Paris, in the new Printemps beauty store and realised is was one of those ‘duh-why-didn’t-someone-think-of-it-before’ products. Ever since then, I’ve been wanting to talk to the creators of the first toothpaste brand that looks as good as it smells, smells as good as it tastes and happens to be organic, with it. So going behind the brand, this makes a great read, but then Lebon is a truly exceptional brand. Discover their journey.
Smile, Please by Jo Fairley

The End Bit

‘Return to your roots and reconnect with the great outdoors to discover the restorative and emotionally healing benefits of Forest Therapy’, write Aromatherapy Associates. ‘Forest Therapy is a practice that involves spending time in nature amongst the trees. It is known to improve overall wellbeing, relieving worries, leaving you feeling refreshed and restored’.

Loaded with ingredients such as Pink Pepper, Eucalyptus, Cypress, Ho Wood and Juniper Berry, the fragrance really ‘sends you’, which is a very good thing; we like ‘other realm’ products and this is one of them. The Forest Ritual asks that you massage one capful of bath oil onto your torso. Cup hands, bring them to your face and inhale deeply three times. And step into a warm bath or shower. Amen.
Forest Therapy Bath and Shower Oil by Aromatherapy Associates £49 for 55 ml

So many people have written to me about this, so I’m going to share. It’s all about Pore Cleaning Powder. There is a lot of competition in the GoW for VH product stakes, but Pore Cleaning remains one of the bestselling products, which doesn’t surprise me because it does an amazing job at cleaning pores; basic stuff, but wow, basically brilliant. It’s one of those ‘can’t live without’ products, you know what I mean. You didn’t know you needed it until you got it.

Anyway, my reason for writing this is because I know most of you use this as part of specific routine, such as let’s purge the pores on a Sunday kind of thing, but, but, but! If you are going somewhere special (or not that special, doesn’t really matter), do use this, rinse off and you will discover that it leaves a slight film on your face. If you apply make-up immediately (or five minutes later), you will discover that it acts as the most magnificent primer ever, ever. I mean the excitement of it all. Go to it.
Pore Cleaning Powder by GoW for VH £12 for 50 grams

Another new product from Lanolips. This time it’s their Rose Gold Hand Cream Intense. Containing rose oil, cocoa seed butter, vitamin E and antioxidants. After rubbing in, you will notice that is leaves a silky veil on the skin for continual moisture.

Films and veils. Veils and films. And then there is the immediate tightening after you have used Neurophroline on your skin (like a face lift feeling perhaps – who would know, I haven’t had one!). Ah apologies, I just crashed into a new product launch. As I was saying, Rose Hand Cream Intense.
Rose Gold Hand Cream Intense – Limited Edition by Lanolips £8.99 for 50 ml

Shabir is having a moment with our ‘Living’ category; he gets over-excited about stuff like this and has now moved himself onto researching household products.  He walks around my desk waving things like washing-up liquid and Safe To Flush Toilet Tissues.  And I walk around his desk waving my list of products I want (and need) him to formulate.  Anyway, do check it out, it will make him happy!

And so we have reached the end of another newsletter after a rather frantic month. However frantic, I would like to thank you for your ongoing loyalty, support and understanding.

It is no easy thing managing several wait lists, most especially when one of them went so out of control. There is light at the end of the Prickly Pear tunnel, but it’s an awfully long tunnel. Please bear with, we will get it to you and just to reiterate, we have not taken any monies from your account and will not do so until the day the order is processed and sent.

Finally, together with Shabir, Victoria and the entire VH team, I wish you a happy and healthy October and, as ever, all good things to each of you. Oh yes, and hello to all of our new customers; we are a little bit crazy, but we like it that way. Thank you for being a part of us.

With love

Gill x

September Newsletter

vector graphic of a tree with minimalistic leaves of different colour circles

The September issue and I welcome you to the newsletter where we do several new launches, including two new Garden of Wisdom products and for the second month running another new product from Ameliorate, which makes me extraordinarily happy because it’s pretty amazing, as you would expect.

Additionally, we have new products from The Light Salon and Lebon and we unveil a new skincare brand. Trinny and Shabir are together again, this time doing vitamins through the ages. But there are other things too; we celebrate the awesomeness of Jo Fairley, which I will follow through with a competition. I’m trying to remember if I have ever done a competition on a newsletter and actually I don’t think I have, although no doubt somebody will correct me if my memory is failing me and Shabir can prescribe me the appropriate supplements!

And yet another newsletter when you will need to get keyboard ready as there are a few treats scattered throughout. I also jump onto The Podium with some pretty hard-hitting words, because they need to be said and so I will say them. Let’s go:

Super Bakuchiol Serum

On last month’s newsletter I wrote about Bakuchiol, a natural non-irritating alternative to retinol and retinoids. Bakuchiol this, Bakuchiol that, its become a beauty buzzword, but are all Bakuchiol products created equally, no they are not.

I suppose we could have flung out a Bakuchiol serum some time ago, but we didn’t because Shabir was still researching and wanted to ensure that if he was going to formulate a serum, it had to be best-in-class, as in all things. We believe we have achieved this because Super Bakuchiol Serum contains Sytenol® A, which, unlike most other Bakuchiol or Babchi oils, contains 100% well-defined Bakuchiol Oil.

The science and clinicals behind the efficacy of Bakuchiol have been carried out by Sytheon, an innovative USA-based ingredient company. In correspondence, its founder, Dr Ratan K Chaudhuri, states the following:

‘There is a big difference between Sytenol A (Bakuchiol) and Bakuchi (Babchi) Oils you find on various sites’ (I will not name them; I value my life!). ‘Sytenol A is a 100% well-defined pure material, whereas Babchi is undefined material with a low level of Bakuchiol.

Babchi Oil also contains other products which are photosensitizers and not suitable for topical applications. In fact, we have analyzed four Babchi Oils widely available and as expected all four are loaded with photosensitizers, residual solvents etc.

Additionally we are proud of the fact that the Bakuchiol from Sytheon sold under the Sytenol A trademark presents the gold standard in the marketplace and is REACH registered. These milestones have been reached through extensive safety testing and performance, including various clinical studies, performed on and with the high purity Sytenol.

Many of our studies are published in peer reviewed journals. These studies and findings are specific to Sytenol A Bakuchiol and cannot be transferred or imputed to Bakuchiol generally or Babchi oils’.

One such study showed a significant improvement in lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, elasticity, firmness and photo-damage without irritation on the skin such as peeling, dryness and sensitivity associated with retinol.

Using Sytenol at 1%, this serum is blended with the skin softening properties of pure Squalane Oil to help deliver rejuvenated, plumper, softer and smoother skin. It can be used morning and evening after cleansing and after the use of other serums (including Neurophroline), or alternatively you can add a few drops to your moisturizer.

And as my friend Lisa Armstrong wrote on a recent column in The Telegraph (not related to this), check your labels people, check your labels. I give you Super Bakuchiol Serum with the clinically tested Sytenol A. Amen.
VH Editorial: Bakuchiol, A Natural Alternative To RetinolSuper Bakuchiol Serum by Garden of Wisdom for VH £15 for 30 ml

Ameliorate Intensive Skin Therapy

Hard and fast on the back of last month’s release of the Limited Rose Edition of the bestselling Transforming Body Lotion, we now add another product in the rather miraculous Intensive Treatment range. And as you will have guessed, it is another winner from Ameliorate and trust me, I know these things because I have been testing the lab samples for quite a while.

If you have tried Intensive Hand Treatment, Intensive Foot Treatment and Intensive Lip Treatment you will know that when the word ‘Intensive’ is added, you can be assured that the results will be pretty intensive too. They need to be because this range is specifically targeted for dry, cracked skin. Ameliorate say that this fourth product will complete the Intensive range, but I’m not going to hold them to that because I would rather like an Intensive Leg Treatment, although I have been testing this on my legs, as well as other body parts, because I can.

The scientific thinking behind Intensive Skin Therapy is to mitigate the use of petroleum-based greasy products, which do little to break the repeat cycle of dry, rough skin. Using enhanced levels of Lactic Acid formula to help exfoliate dry and damaged skin cells, it encourages cell turnover leaving the skin feeling smoother. Additionally, Ameliorate’s unique LaH6 Skin Hydration Complex works to hydrate and nourish, holding protective properties that lock in moisture for 24 hours, helping to prevent cells from rapidly drying out.

So what’s it like to use? Amazing actually. It’s thick, very, very, very thick and so you only need to use the smallest amount (a few small amounts if you are using it on your legs!). It’s ideal if you have patches of dry parched skin, although quite honestly I could think of numerous uses for it, including scaly elbows (you know the one).

The antidote to troublesome skin, Intensive Skin Therapy was scheduled to launch within the next couple of days, but it has been pushed slightly back just as I’m writing this, so it is currently on pre-order only at the moment, with an expected release of approximately 14 days.

Please don’t scream at me, it wasn’t my decision and is partly due to the phenomenal runaway success of the Rose Limited Edition. Just on that, together with Ameliorate we just didn’t anticipate the demand and we were all blown away. So much so that I’ve already started my campaign to make it an unlimited edition; we need it available all year round, please and thank you very much Ameliorate.

And so the wait list begins here and as ever, we will not deduct any monies from your account until the day we process and send your order. All good things are worth waiting for I suppose. Get on that list!
Ameliorate Intensive Skin Therapy £15 for 30 ml; Transforming Body Lotion – Rose Limited Edition £24 for 200 ml

The Light Salon: Hydrogel Masks

Together with Hannah and Laura, The Light Salon founders, I am so excited to be writing about their Hydrogel Masks, just launched. The girls have been using these in their salon treatments, and for those of us who have been wowed by Boost, the LED mask, prepare yourselves to take the LED experience to another level of fabulousness, although you don’t need to own an LED mask to participate:

Hydrogel Face Mask: Featuring an effective combination of hydrators, antioxidants, plant extracts, collagen and vitamins, this mask targets the skin’s superficial layers. The ingredients include Niacinamide, Sodium hyaluronate, a smaller molecule than hyaluronic acid for better penetration, and Hydrolyzed collagen.

Niacinamide (which we love) helps limit environmental damage, evens skin tone and helps reduce the appearance of enlarged pores and fine lines. Hyaluronate quenches dehydrated skin. As the molecular weight of traditional collagen is too large to penetrate the skin, Hydrolyzed collagen helps create a filter-like effect that works to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.

The mask on its own promises excellent results, but when combined with the Boost LED Mask, for which they were specifically formulated, you will reap even more rewards. I know this because I extensively tested with and without the Boost mask.

It is well documented that LED light therapy treats and heals the skin from within; I could write volumes here, but if you are a regular LED user (I still use mine every day) you will appreciate that it helps boost circulation and brightens your skin considerably. Add to the LED protocol this ingredient-rich hydrogel mask and you may well believe you have reached skincare Nirvana.
The Hydrogel Face Mask by The Light Salon £42 for Three Masks; Boost At-Home LED Treatment Mask by the Light Salon £395

Hydrogel Décolletage Mask: The dream. Smoothing, hydrating, cooling and nourishing, this mask focuses on an often neglected and delicate area, the décolletage. Saturating your skin with plant extracts, collagen and vitamins, it will help plump, hydrate and protect the décolletage.

Once again this mask has been formulated with transparent hydrogel, allowing the penetration of the LED light, which enhances the absorption of ingredients into the skin.

I tested by placing the Boost LED mask over the décolletage mask, but it really works well without LED too. I’m thinking that if you’ve overdone it in the sun, this could be the perfect antidote to counteract damage.

I need to add something else here. When you receive the Hydrogel Décolletage Mask, you will notice that the instructions refer to using it with the Boost LED Bib. Such a thing does exist, but I don’t have a specific date for release, but when I do, you will be the first to know because I am almost hyper-ventilating about its uses, which include pain management; no small thing.

So that will be two LED masks in my bathroom; and they are completely different; I need both in my life, but that’s me. In the meantime, with or without LED, I am love, love, loving having an even-toned, hydrated décolletage delivered via a heart-shaped mask, which I’ve also tested on my neck.  Any product that performs wonders on our necks is worth investing in, in my humble opinion.   I invite you to join me.
The Hydrogel Décolletage Mask by The Light Salon £42 for Three Masks

Triple Toning Treatment

On last month’s newsletter (and several prior to that) I wrote that I don’t use acids on my face for various reasons. I absolutely know that I am in the minority. In absolute transparency, I haven’t tested Triple Toning Treatment, but Victoria (I call her the Acid Queen!) has and these are her thoughts and words about the second product launch from GoW; Shabir rather likes it too.

‘Whether you’re an acid devotee or have always been a little apprehensive to dabble in glycolics, lactics and salicylics for fear of overdoing it and being left with dry, itchy, irritated skin, the Triple Toning Treatment from GoW is the perfect addition to your skincare routine. Shabir has formulated the treatment with just the right amount of alpha hydroxy acids (Glycolic and Lactic acids) to help boost collagen production and increase your skin’s hydration levels, while Salicylic Acid (the gold standard beta hydroxy acid) helps to unblock pores. Shabir has also included polyhydroxy acids (Gluconolactone and Lactobionic Acids) to smooth out uneven texture.

While the formula is jam-packed with acids, it’s still only £18 for 240 ml so even if you liberally mist every day it’s going to last for a long time. The real beauty of the Triple Toning Treatment though is the minimal amount of effort required to use it. Simply mist across your face and neck area after cleansing and before your serums and SPF. It’s also great on dry elbows, knees and ankles. I’ve been using it every other day for the past month to prevent the annual summer-induced breakout that is caused by smothering my face in sun cream and fake tan. It’s worked for me and I’m willing to bet that if you try it for just two weeks you’ll notice a subtle but gratifying difference too’.
Triple Toning Treatment by Garden of Wisdom for VH, £18 for 240 ml

Supplements For Every Age: Trinny & Shabir

In case you missed it, Trinny and Shabir were together again, not in her bathroom, but in her kitchen, discussing vitamins through the ages. The video is long, about an hour long and even then I don’t think they covered every eventuality, it’s an impossible task, which will probably mean another session or three some-time soon.

To make life easier, we have a short synopsis of everything they spoke about, which you can read below and it also includes access to the ‘not paid for’ video. Transparency at all times, I needed to say that and to embrace and acknowledge the generosity of spirit that is Trinny in helping to make a difference to each of us. And her Trinny London make-up is pretty fab too, but most of you know that. Our thanks.
Supplements For Every Age with Trinny & Shabir

Mega Probiotic: The Treat

I like being neat and following through from the above, it is very rare that Shabir doesn’t talk about Mega Probiotic when he is with Trinny because he is such an advocate of this broad-spectrum probiotic.

So a celebration because like many supplements that have gone before, we have own-branded Mega Probiotic ND (Non-Dairy). The formulation remains exactly the same, nothing has changed because it works, which is why it is one of our bestselling products and has been for many years.
VH Editorial: What Can’t Probiotics Do;Mega Probiotic ND £19.50 for 60 Capsules

PHB Ethical Beauty

Without having a complete drama-rama, I didn’t write the Addicts Bulletin a couple of weeks ago because I twisted my back really badly and so Victoria wrote it for me. Given that I love abdicating parts of the newsletter to other people, I may as well save a few brain cells by replicating some of her words:

‘Meet PHB Ethical Beauty, an extensive range of vegan and cruelty-free beauty skincare and body care products with the lightest, dreamiest textures that Shabir discovered a couple of months ago.

There are currently 16 products in the range, but there are currently two standout favourites for me. The Superfood Moisturiser, which is crammed full with skin-plumping and hydrating ingredients including hyaluronic acid, pomegranate and green tea, is my new go-to because it creates the perfect base before make-up.

If you are going away or if by luck we’re struck with another heatwave, I highly recommend having the Skin Brightener Bio-Gel in your skincare arsenal. It’s nothing like the heavy, sticky textures you might associate with gel-based formulas. Instead it’s light, cooling and soothing, ideal for sun-parched skin that needs a little bit of TLC. You can keep it in the fridge for maximum cooling and de-puffing benefits too’.
Explore the full range: PHB Ethical Beauty from £17

Lebon Gift Sets

Together with the Beauty Bible girls, I am totally obsessed with Lebon Toothpaste. With an array of flavours, including Pineapple, Rooibos and Mint, as well as names such as Rhythm is Love and Cap Ferrat Mood, there is little not to love.

The formulas are equally as impressive and they contain no parabens, foam boosters or saccharin. And now Lebon have launched three gorgeous gift sets. Giving any bathroom an instant ‘cool’ there are three flavours in each set and if somebody gave me one of these as a gift, I would be deliriously happy. Actually I am more than deliriously happy, because I have one of each set in my bathroom and they’re not going back to the office. Au revoir Shabir.
Lebon Gift Sets £29 (Three x 25 ml Toothpaste in each set)

A Touch of Alchemy

With an ability to transmute (to change or alter in form, appearance, or nature and especially to a higher form) the alchemist, I believe, lives within each of us. Alchemy fascinates me, it always has, and of course there are so many differing forms of alchemy, but for the purposes of this newsletter, I invite you to become a beauty alchemist in your own bathroom.

Having written about the huge benefits of Fulvic Acid for more than eight years, I have been misting my face and body with Fulvic since that time. I literally swear by the stuff. And then Jo, a long-standing member of our customer care team, told me that she doses her Fulvic Mist with Hyaluronic Acid Serum, doing a 50:50 ratio.

By her own admission she can’t be bothered to use body lotions, so she does a quick all-over spritz with this concoction and she swears her skin is massively hydrated and after being in the sun, she does not peel – ever. She calls it her lazy-girl spray.

Not to be outdone, I tried it and I was more than impressed, especially for those mornings when I’m in a rush and I don’t want my body lotion sticking to my jeans, you know how it is. And then I went one step further and added a few drops of Neurophroline into the mix. Hydrated, de-stressed skin in two or three seconds – I’m in – body and face.
Hyaluronic Acid Serum by Garden of Wisdom for VH £9 for 30 ml; Neurophroline Serum by Garden of Wisdom for VH £18 for 30 ml

And On Neurophroline

I don’t actually think anybody missed Lisa Armstrong’s article about Neurophroline in The Telegraph from the feedback we had, but if you did miss it the link is below. And this from a customer:

‘I’ve got to tell you about my skin; it’s completely flawless and it’s down to Thyme Out for Wrinkles (ghastly name) and Neurophroline Serum. I’m not sure which is responsible but I don’t care and will be using them for evermore. I’ve bought two extra of each because I know there will be an invasion on the newsletter; things go mad and you live and learn. They will prise these two products out of my cold dead hands!’
The Miracle £18 Serum That Promises To Streamline Your Skincare Regime by Lisa ArmstrongThyme Out For Wrinkles £20 for 120 ml

Desert Island Discs

That moment when a very special friend achieves something incredibly momentous and your heart wants to burst with joy, love and respect. Well that happened to me a couple of weeks ago. The friend was Jo Fairley who had received an invitation to appear on Desert Island Discs, which is the most-listened to radio programme in the world.

The news was embargoed until a week before broadcast, but anybody who knows Jo, knew that there had to be a Carly Simon song included and there was. Most of you know Jo because I think she has been on virtually every one of these newsletters since the beginning of time. She founded Green & Black’s, co-founded Beauty Bible with Sarah Stacey, had a bakery, has a wellbeing centre and is co-founder of The Perfume Society.

Below this I have put a link to Desert Island Discs, where you will discover the song that makes her most happy, but more than that you can read all about Jo’s experience recording the programme (which is really funny) in her article, as below. Additionally, in that article, she lists her Desert Island picks; in line with choosing eight songs, she has chosen eight of her favourite VH products. Bravo Ms Fairley. You are, and have always been, an amazing friend and you so deserve this magnificent accolade.
Jo Fairley’s Desert Island Beauty Picks; Desert Island Discs with Jo Fairley

The Competition

As night follows day, this was such an obvious thing to do following on from the above. I invite you to follow the format on Jo’s editorial and choose eight of your favourite VH products followed by a couple of sentences why you have chosen that product. Please don’t write reams, it is absolutely not necessary and all entries should be sent to customercare@victoriahealth.com with a heading ‘Desert Island’ by close on Friday 13 September.

The winner will receive a year’s supply of their eight desert island products and eight runners up will receive one of each of the products they have chosen. Because of data-protection, I will not be announcing the winner on this newsletter, but the winner, together with the eight runners up will be contacted directly by us. Please ensure that we have your full name and contact details on your entry. This should be interesting!

Post-Holiday Blues

The weeks after a holiday can sometimes seem bleak with many people suffering from post-holiday blues. There may be several months before the next holiday is due with very few breaks to look forward to.

If the holiday was amazing then this may simply serve to highlight the contrast of day-to-day life at home. If the holiday was a disappointment (and many are), then this may simply reinforce the sense of being stuck on a stressful treadmill. And just in case you didn’t know, post-holiday periods are the busiest for divorces, second only to post-Christmas. Shabir investigates.
VH Editorial: Post Holiday Blues

The Podium

When is an award not an award.  When it’s paid for, that’s when.  The whole sordid issue of paid-for awards has been gently simmering for many years.  Whenever I bring the subject up (often) I am told that’s just the way it is.  Well actually that’s not how it is for me and I’ve reached boiling point.

Over the last few months we have been ‘invited’ to submit products for various awards.  The missives generally come loaded with glorious statements extolling greatness for a ‘chosen’ product.  And there, beneath those words, it details how much it will cost just to enter; if you are seeking a large accolade it could take a serious hit on your bank balance.

We have always supported niche brands, it’s who we are.  Many of these brands cannot even afford to send media samples but rely solely on the integrity and efficacy of their products to achieve success.  Not all of them make it because they are drowned by an over-crowded industry where money talks.  The consequence is that these niche brands and products will rarely, if ever, win an award, unless such awards are ethically-run and most aren’t.  The struggle for survival is very real.

By definition, the consumer is led to believe that certain hyped-brands/products are far superior by virtue of discussion and accolade; nothing could be further from the truth in so many instances. In other words, a shameful manipulation of the truth for financial gain.  This duplicity has to stop.

No Ads Ever

Staying on theme, the Beauty Bible girls, Sarah Stacey and Jo Fairley, are the architects of the Beauty Bible Awards, which are very clearly ethically-run and have been for over two decades. In a hard-hitting article, the girls talk about these awards, the world of ‘influencers’ and the real need for a return to unbiased health and beauty reporting.
No Ads Ever by Beauty Bible

I’m not too sure where to go from here, so I think we’ll do this month’s editorial features and then return to two common health issues:

‘One of the most inspiring features I’ve read recently’, writes Carolyn Asome, ‘was an interview with Ali McGraw in The Telegraph. Actually, if I’m really honest, what was really compelling was how brightly the very brilliant whites of her eyes shone. Here was the visibly lined face of an 80-year-old, but by God did she look as if she was having fun.

This is how I want to be, I said to myself tearing it out to stick somewhere. I wrote a year about hoping to find the grace to embrace ageing with acceptance and dollops of humour’. I fully concur.
Why You Should Channel ‘Young-Old’ by Carolyn Asome

‘When we hear the word nature, our minds usually revert to the classic green scenes of parks, gardens and abundant forests. If our minds are in a particularly expansive place, we might introduce mental images of the beach, ocean and perhaps a little memory detour of a recent trip to a garden centre.

We rarely think of nature as the elements of earth, air, fire and water, but they serve as such a powerful way to reconnect to nature. Stemming from ancient Greece, Ayurvedic teachings, spiritual schools of thought and nature-based practices such as Wicca and Neo-Paganism – all of which extol the benefits of incorporating these elements into our daily lives as tools to optimise our health and wellbeing. It’s not only the zodiac signs that are grouped into the four elements, but also tarot cards, herbs, crystals and colours’. Giselle La Pompe-Moore muses.
How To Create Wellness Rituals Using The Five Elements by Giselle La Pompe-Moore

It’s a skin condition that affects just two per cent of the UK population, but if you have ever endured the eye-watering itchiness and discomfort that psoriasis causes then you’ll know just how debilitating it can be. Mine started back when I was in my 20’s with dry, itchy red patches developing along the left side of my neck’. Sophie Cullen reports.
What I Have Learnt Since Having Psoriasis by Sophie Cullen

Does Your Stomach Growl?

It is perfectly natural for the stomach to growl every now and then. Some people however find that their stomach growls loudly and frequently which can be embarrassing, frustrating and difficult to control. The medical term for stomach growling is borborygmus.

Most people associate stomach noises and growling with hunger. Growling does not necessarily occur when you are hungry, but it is usually louder when you have an empty or partially empty stomach. The noise occurs from the muscles lining the stomach and the intestines when food begins to be broken down. Shabir investigates.
VH Editorial: Does Your Stomach Growl?Enhanced Super Digestive Enzymes £23.25 for 60 Capsules

Relieving Gout Naturally

Whilst research has focused primarily on finding safe and effective treatments for the management of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, the incidence of gout has quietly risen in the past two decades.

Gout is a type of arthritis that causes stiff, swollen and painful joints and typically two-thirds of people will experience it as excruciating pain in the big toe. The symptoms of gout are due to excess uric acid crystals that form around the joints and the pain is caused by the body’s inflammatory response to these crystals.

These symptoms can develop rapidly to their worst point in 6-24 hours and usually last for between three and ten days, often referred to as a gout attack. After this time, the joints will start to feel normal and any pain or discomfort should eventually disappear. Shabir does the in-depth.
VH Editorial: Relieving Gout NaturallyTart Cherry, Nettle and Turmeric £21 for 50 grams

The End Bit

Trust, we believe, is earned, it cannot be bought and the biggest reward for any of us is to try and help make a positive difference in all that we are and all that we do. Each of you make that possible, so together with Shabir, Victoria and the entire VH team, I thank you for your ongoing loyalty and support.

Wishing you a wonderful September.

With love

Gill x

August Newsletter

August written in scriptive font

Well here we are, it’s the August newsletter where we have a few new product launches including a Limited Edition product from Ameliorate, which I know you will love and adore.  We also launch a new product from Thyme Out, with a strong message behind it, a supplement that aligns with the brilliance of Neurophroline and a reformulated product from iS Clinical. But more than that, you will need to get keyboard ready because there are a few treats throughout and they don’t last forever.  Let’s do it:

Thyme Out For Wrinkles

For those of you who love Thyme Out (who doesn’t, it’s one of those miraculous products), I am here to tell you that there is a new product launch and we are so excited.  It is called Thyme Out (the natural alternative) for Wrinkles.  Although I don’t really like the ‘wrinkle’ word, I got over myself pretty rapidly when I started to research and recognised its huge potential, especially for somebody like me (see below) and I don’t think I’m alone.  And here is why I think it’s the beginning of the way forward as a whole new ‘way’ in beauty begins to unfold:

I can’t remember how many times I have written that I rarely use acids on my face; I don’t use retinoids (or retinol – a member of the retinoid family) by choice because I have sensitive and reactionary skin.  The downside is that although retinol is often called a ‘Holy Grail’ ingredient for anti-ageing, it irritates my skin and creates ongoing inflammation (the main cause of ageing), so it’s a ‘no’ from me and my skin.

So when this product arrived on my desk, I stood up and did a happy dance because it was accompanied by a statement from Thyme Out saying that it was the world’s only 100% natural organic anti-wrinkle product containing the naturally occurring compounds of Bakuchiol (Psoralea corylifolia flower) and Sweet Potato.  Big words, big claims (by them, not me!) and so I started to research, but I couldn’t find a spray formulation that included both compounds together with Thyme, which in and of itself helps address mild skin issues.  The story just got better.

The bottom line here is that although, as mentioned above, we are all familiar with AHA’s (alpha hydroxy acids) and the derivatives of vitamin A (retinol), the fact remains that every version on the market uses a synthetic or a naturally compromised extraction of these compounds.  As such, there is always a limitation to how well they work together with numerous side-effects including those mentioned above.

Bakuchiol has been called the ‘natural version of retinol’. Using the whole plant, Thyme Out for Wrinkles is not only for wrinkles, it helps maintain the overall health and integrity of skin.  And the question everybody will be asking: when to use it?  I use it after cleansing and before Neurophroline, but the general rule, whatever your skincare regimen, after cleansing and before anything else.

Synthetic retinols are dead.  Long live natural retinols.  Shabir will kill me for writing that, so will most of the ‘acid-loving’ beauty industry.  Like I care.  Mist and sing with me: Rebel, Rebel: Ode to Bowie.  And Bakuchiol.
Thyme Out for Wrinkles £20 for 120 ml (comes with a refillable ‘to go’ spray – spray all day long is what I think!)

Ameliorate Transforming Body Lotion – Rose Limited Edition

Whenever we do a new launch for Ameliorate, my mind goes right back to the beginning of the Ameliorate journey when we exclusively launched this brand.  Since that time Ameliorate has become a legend in its own lifetime and has a massive following, which it so richly deserves because each of the products have their own unique brilliance.

It is always difficult to define the success of brands (outside of cosmetics), but what is relevant and evident is that the brands that fall into the health/beauty crossover are amongst the most successful.  I could reel off a whole list of them but suffice it to say that Ameliorate is the living and breathing epitome of this.

So yes, we did launch Ameliorate on a health platform and the beauty side morphed in further down the road.  Shabir’s article, written for launch, still stands where he takes an in-depth look at Keratosis Pilaris (KP), the raison d’être behind the brand and since that time an entire legion of people who don’t have KP are hooked on its intense moisturising qualities amongst its many other attributes.  For those with a good memory, I virtually died and went to heaven when we launched Softening Bath Milk Oil; for me it’s one of those epic products.

That said and done, for a limited time only, Ameliorate’s bestselling Transforming Body Lotion will be available in a rose fragrance with bespoke pink packaging.  Transforming Body Lotion is the hero product of the range; it helps sweep away dead cells promoting renewal and repair, whilst working to lock in hydration for up to 24 hours and it’s suitable for all skin types.

Pretty in pink, the Rose Limited Edition is currently on pre-order.  We don’t have a firm date for release at the moment, but we are anticipating approximately 14 days.  I know this is a longish time to wait for something but Ameliorate wanted it on this newsletter (so did I!) so here it is.  To make the wait a little sweeter, with every Rose Limited Edition ordered we will include a travel size Nourishing Body Wash (60 ml) worth £8.

From this day on another wait list, so get it whilst you can is what I think; I mean who knows, it could become a collector’s item!  Just to be clear, because these things matter, we will not debit any monies from your account until the day we process and send your order.  With love and pink kisses from me and Ameliorate.
VH Editorial: Treatment of Keratosis PilarisTransforming Body Lotion – Rose Limited Edition £24 for 200 ml (it will automatically include Nourishing Body Wash as above); Softening Bath Milk Oil £19 for 250 ml  


At this point, I think Neurophroline could win the ‘Beauty Product of the Year’ award (self-proclaimed) because the feedback about its efficacy has blown us away, but then it would because it more than lives up to the clinicals, so I’m going to start by replicating some of the words written by Catherine Robinson in Conde Nast Traveller for two reasons; the first because she has a wonderful way with words (Nurofen!) and secondly because whenever I write about Catherine, her children think her fame has rocketed to superstar status (it probably has!); here are some of her words:

‘Just as we’ve learnt how to pronounce and spell Hyaluronic Acid, there’s a new kid on the block: Neurophroline.  I’m still at the stage of calling it Nurofen for the skin, but maybe that’s because it’s as fundamental to your skincare kit as Nurofen is to your medicine bag.  Our skin is our largest organ and is our first barrier against environment stress, pollution and toxins.

It is also a barometer of what’s going on inside the body (depression, exhaustion, anxiety, hormone change).  Much like anything that is overworked, skin gets stressed and stress produces the hormone cortisol, which in small doses is fine, but too much causes acne, spots, redness, dark circles and increased wrinkles.  Neurophroline is an extract from wild indigo, a plant native to India that has been used in Ayurvedic traditions for generations and has been found to break down cortisol in your skin’.

You can read the entire article here because I can’t actually bring myself to type Catherine’s words about VH because I will start to blush and that’s not a good look when you’re walking around with full-on red lips (me, not Shabir!). I think I’m on my 10th bottle (excessively-heavy-handed-with-product).  Anyway.  Neurophroline.
Neurophroline Serum by GoW for VH £18 for 30 ml

Shade Factor

So where do we go now?  We do the inside/out approach because that’s who we are and that’s what we do.  Once again we are doing the health/beauty crossover because supplementation and meaningful topicals are inexorably linked and together with Shabir, I believe that we should take a 360-degree approach.  With that said, please allow me to introduce you to Shade Factor, a new supplement which has been formulated to help support skin before, during and after you spend time outdoors.

As we age, ultraviolet exposure takes its toll on skin health and the benefits of Shade Factor include supporting our natural immune response to UV exposure, helps promote healthy DNA function, helps boost cellular energy and encourages protective ATP (adenosine triphosphate), the energy releasing molecule that fuels our cells and powers intracellular actions.

Most of you know that we love the ‘marriage made in heaven’ scenarios and this is the latest in a long line of them.  I suppose that one day I should write an article about all of them, but for now let me just tell you that Shade Factor is loaded with 500 grams of Niacin (as niacinamide), Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid from Red Orange Complex) and an extract of the fern, Polypodium leucotomos, which helps inhibit premature ageing from outdoor activity.

And there we have it; Neurophroline and Shade Factor; powerfully working together to help mitigate stress and DNA damage internally and externally.  Together forever?  Yes, I think so and although I’m writing this as the sun shines upon us, Shade Factor can be taken all year round, with Neurophroline working topically to help protect environmental stress.

Do I believe that Neurophroline is sufficient protection for our skin during the winter months, absolutely I do. I have never used an SPF during winter and rarely use it in London during the summer months. Colette (that would be Dr Colette Haydon, Founder of LixirSkin) strongly believes that SPFs are for the beach only.

She has always maintained that sunscreens are quite harmful to the skin if used every day. It was for this reason that she formulated Universal Emulsion, one of the core LixirSkin products, as an urban day cream and primer.  It uses an unusual emulsification technique to obtain an SPF 10 without any added sunscreens.

And a certain Miss Lisa Armstrong (The Telegraph) has been on two-year-mission researching the truth about sunscreens.  Interviewing Dr Michael Prager, a GP who has become one of London’s leaders of cosmetic ‘tweakments’, recently, she asked his views on wearing an SPF all year round, which has, as she writes, been heavily promoted by the beauty industry over the past decade as an anti-ageing weapon.

His response ‘It’s absolute nonsense.  Never would I wear an SPF in London in the winter. The side effects far, far outweigh any benefits’.  He further states that he considers most SPFs to be major polluters, not just for our skin, but for our water system and coral reefs too.

As Lisa says: ‘I’ve been reporting on this for a couple of years and there are always some angry responses from readers who think I’m being irresponsible – I’m just the messenger, people’.  Messenger or otherwise, Colette, Lisa, Dr Prager, Shabir and I stand united on this.
VH Editorial: The Problem With SunscreensShade Factor £25 for 120 Capsules; Universal Emulsion by LixirSkin £29 for 50 ml; Universal Emulsion by LixirSkin £45 for 100 ml

Ful.Vic.Health with a Treat

Earlier this year I included an email from a VH Addict where she was singing the praises of Fulvic Acid Elixir, which has gone on to be dubbed ‘The Libido Elixir’ because of its apparent aphrodisiac qualities, which so many of you have written to us about.  Glory be, because as most you know this is the one product I would take to a desert island over and above everything else, such is its efficacy for overall health.

And then I received another email from the same (beloved) customer with another update.  Because of her ongoing love for all things Fulvic, the gift, which will appear at the end of this section is in her honour.  And of course there is nothing I like better than abdicating sections of this newsletter, so with my deepest gratitude, I replicate her email verbatim:

‘Gill, you very kindly featured my words in your newsletter earlier in the year and I am happy to say that Fulvic Acid Elixir is still working its miracles. However, I had to write as I have found more results from taking it and from using the other Fulvic Acid products.

I mist my face morning and evening with the Fulvic Acid Mist and apply it to my scalp every other day when I wash my hair.  I also shampoo with the Fulvic Acid shampoo and occasionally use the Fulvic Acid conditioner (my hair doesn’t do well with a lot of conditioning).

Anyway, I may be going slightly mad, but I could swear my hair isn’t as grey as it used to be. I don’t dye my hair at all as I just knew that I would end up with 2″ stripes of undyed roots before I got around to getting it dyed again, so I decided to go grey “gracefully”.  I wouldn’t have been described as grey-haired, but I was getting towards salt and pepper, certainly above my ears.

Since I have been using the Fulvic Acid products, I swear I have not only not got any greyer but the amount of grey has actually decreased? Is this even possible?!

Furthermore, my hair is thicker, reversing the menopausal thinning I was experiencing. I went to put it into a ponytail the other day and was surprised by how much more hair there was than before.

Just to round off this paean of praise, I love, love, love the Fulvic Acid Nail Cream: not only have my nails never been so uniformly long, they are glossy and smooth. Please keep on making the Fulvic Acid products and I look forward to the new products in the range that you have hinted at!’

My response: I have no idea whether Fulvic Acid Shampoo reduces the volume of grey hair; it certainly isn’t anything we were looking at, but if it is doing this, well there we are, miracles may happen where we least expect them; inadvertently or otherwise.

Regarding hair thickness, this is where Fulvic Acid is so brilliant; for sure it can take time, we say several months, although we are all different.  As I recently wrote, I have been using Fulvic for more than eight years and it has transformed my hair where nothing else has.

Finally, and before the treat, I’m wondering whether I can actually give our own brands numerous awards at the end of the year; I mean anybody would think I was biased (I’m actually not, brilliance is brilliance whatever the brand), but the Fulvic Acid Nail Cream does things that most nail creams can only dream of doing.  Case rested.
Fulvic Acid Shampoo £25 for 240 ml; Fulvic Acid Conditioner £25 for 240 ml; Fulvic Acid Mist £25 for 120 ml; Fulvic Acid Nail Cream £12 for 30 ml; Fulvic Acid Travel Trio £20

The Treat:  When you buy Fulvic Acid Elixir (480 ml), we will automatically include a Special Edition size (240 ml) of Fulvic Acid Elixir as a gift from us to you.  This gift is worth £15 and you cannot buy it, but we think it’s a good size to pack in your suitcase if you are travelling, you may have other thoughts!  This is a limited time offer; I am not putting a time scale around it because I can’t.  Bashing the keyboard time again. ***Sorry this promotion has ended***

This comes with our heartfelt thanks for all of you who take the Fulvic Acid Elixir and have supported us on this rather fascinating journey.  Once again, this will not show up on your invoice, but you will find it nestling by the side of its older and bigger sibling in a VH box.
Fulvic Acid Elixir £30 for 480 ml

Ingenious Vegan

A new product from Ingenious who most of you know because of their bestselling product, Ultimate Collagen+.  So what is it?  It’s their new patented plant-based supplement formulated to help increase the manufacture of collagen in the dermal and epidermal layers of the skin, thereby improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The hero ingredient of this vegan supplement is Astrion.  Astrion has been proven through several forms of studies to help increase natural collagen and hyaluronic acid production when taken internally.  Astrion is made from specific extracts of Centella asiatica and Astragalus, both of which have a long history of promoting skin health.  Working together these two ingredients also limit the breakdown of already existing HA and collagen in the skin, which can only be a very good thing.

Together with Astrion, Ingenious Vegan also includes vitamin C, vitamin E and Zinc.  Just as a by-line in Zinc, Shabir always calls zinc ‘the traffic policeman’ because it remarkably goes to whichever part of the body needs it most.  Clever zinc.  Clever Ingenious Vegan.
Ingenious Vegan £49.99 for 90 Capsules

Three More New Products

I am very aware that continually launching new products creates an element of confusion and this applies to both health and beauty products.  On health products, it is important and responsible to update on ongoing research and development.  There are many instances where I have written ‘all change’ on a supplement and then there are the products which were formulated several years ago and they still sit in the ‘best-in-class’ category.  Designer pricing and packaging has never done it for us and quite honestly we sit and laugh at most of it.  It’s insane.

Beauty is slightly different.  Beauty, to a certain extent, is fickle, it always has been, but mostly we are sensible enough to know that we don’t need to load six or seven serums onto our skin; we respect new innovation, but mostly we respect ground-breaking simplicity.  For me that means having a skincare wardrobe of the products that I love, but don’t necessarily use every day.

There are some constants and I am going to begin this section with a product from my nearly-twenty-year-constant-brand, which is of course iS Clinical.  Before I do this, can I just slip in here that the Lip Duo has gone out of stock three times (heavily sighing), but it’s now back in stock. And so:

Tri-Active Exfoliating Masque

When is a new product not really a new product?  When it has been reformulated, that’s when.  I can’t actually remember the last time iS Clinical reformulated a product, although I think it may have been several years ago when we launched Reparative Moisture Emulsion.  I can’t remember its previous name, all I know is that it morphed into something quite extraordinary and my love and respect for this product continues no matter what.

So, as you will note from the heading, Tri-Active Exfoliating Masque has been reformulated with a powerful blend of botanical extracts, Salicylic Acid and eco-friendly micro-beads to provide a combination of physical and biochemical exfoliation.  Brazilian Blood Orange provides added antioxidant protection and it also includes Copper PCA (note: who remembers when we launched Copper Firming Mist several years ago – I do, it completely rocked the skincare market – in a good way).

Anyway back on track, together with iS Clinical, we recommend using Tri-Active Exfoliating Masque once a week.  Just moisten your skin with water and apply a thin layer, gently rubbing in a circular motion and then let it sit for approximately five minutes to allow the enzymes to function.  You may, or may not feel a warming sensation, this is perfectly normal and there is no need to panic.  Rinse with cool water and voila.
Tri-Active Exfoliating Masque £82 for 120 grams; Reparative Moisture Emulsion £72 for 50 ml; Copper Firming Mist £24 for 75 ml

Overnight Recovery Mask by Aurelia

Another mask (masque) this time it’s Aurelia’s Overnight Recovery Mask, which is a richly nourishing overnight face mask formulated to help soothe, hydrate, repair and calm the skin.  It is targeted for those with dry, flaky, sensitive skin or skin that is prone to redness and breakouts.

Fragranced with pure lavender extract to help you relax, ingredients include Aurelia’s signature probiotic ingredients, which they say will restore and balance the skin; hydrating Shea butter, Aloe Vera, Meadowsweet, Arnica (for its natural anti-inflammatory effects), Calendula and Yarrow.
Overnight Recovery Mask by Aurelia Probiotic Skincare £58 for 60 ml

Intensive Skin Treatment Candles by NEOM

Another reformulation, this time it’s NEOM’s Intensive Skin Treatment Candles.  There are two fragrances in the range, Real Luxury and Tranquillity.  Real Luxury has been blended to care for dry, stressed skin in need of extra nourishment and Tranquillity helps prepare your body for sleep incorporating 19 sleep-inducing essential oils.

In both instances you should light the candle for 15-45 minutes (your choice) allowing it to form a therapeutic pool of oil.  Blow out and allow the oil to cool.  The was has been scientifically formulated so it warms to the perfect temperature for application to the skin.  Drizzle the warm oil all-over and then massage in, or alternatively use on certain targeted areas such as legs, hands, feet or dry elbows.  And now:

The Treat: When you buy the Real Luxury Intensive Skin Treatment Candle, we will automatically include NEOM’s Scent to De-Stress (50 ml), a beautiful hand balm worth £15; when you buy the Tranquillity Intensive Skin Treatment Candle, we will automatically include NEOM’s Scent to Sleep hand balm (50 ml), again worth £15.  This is a limited time offer, it will not show up on your invoice and once they are gone, they are gone!
Real Luxury Intensive Skin Treatment Candle £40 for 140 grams; Tranquillity Intensive Skin Treatment Candle £40 for 140 grams

Hyaluronic Acid High Strength Capsules – The Treat

On last month’s newsletter I felt a touch sorry for Ionicell, our bestselling supplement, because Fulvic Acid Elixir had hogged all the limelight (and I’ve done it again on this newsletter).  This month, I feel for Hyaluronic Acid (HA), which had been our bestselling supplement for several years, until Ionicell came and knocked it into second place in the bestselling stakes.

I’m wondering whether HA will reclaim its top spot by the end of the year (and let me tell you it’s pretty close), so to help it (and you) on its way we are doing a three-day-only treat.  When you buy Hyaluronic Acid High Strength Capsules, we will automatically include a travel size of HA as a gift to you.  This contains 15 Capsules and is worth £17.50.

Assuming I am not on a desert island with Fulvic Acid Elixir, this is one of my must-take supplements.  I have taken HA for virtually 20 years and the latest reports are that my face has not slipped south yet; I’m sure Shabir will be the first to tell me if and when it does!  I hero-worship HA for its plumping of the skin qualities, but more than that, it keeps my joints well lubricated and that’s really important in my humble opinion.

Anyway, this offer ends on Thursday 1 August at midnight GMT, or whilst stocks last.  Go to it! **Sorry this promotion has ended**
Hyaluronic Acid High Strength Capsules £35 for 30 Capsules (including Travel Size worth £17.50 as above)

Shoe & Insole Cleansing Spray by Margaret Dabbs

Well, here’s something different.  If you want to eliminate bad odour, cleanse and preserve the condition of your footwear, here is a fast-acting shoe spray.

Scented with the fresh fragrance of Lemon Myrtle, it is quick drying and non-staining.  Tea Tree Oil is included for its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal qualities which can help to prevent Athlete’s Foot and it should be used daily, most especially if you wear trainers.  And if we are talking about Athlete’s Foot, Shabir has written an article about it which is linked below.  Actually is there any health concern Shabir hasn’t written about!
VH Editorial: Athlete’s Foot TreatmentShoe & Insole Cleansing Spray by Margaret Dabbs £19 for 100 ml

Our Three Bestselling Holiday Products

We do this each year and I am here to tell you that two of the three products which we featured on last year’s newsletter are the same this year.  This doesn’t surprise me at all, and I doubt it will surprise you either as they are Thyme Out and Mrs White’s Unstung Hero Mosquito Repellent.  I doubt whether the third, which is a newcomer, will shock you either.  Let’s do them:

Thyme Out

Not only a bestselling product, but an award-winning product too.  Since we launched Thyme Out last year, its soothing and healing properties has helped so many.  Thyme Out exists to tackle various inflammatory skin concerns such as prickly heat, rashes and sunburn, but not only that it is a fabulous first-aid product too, helping to heal cuts and grazes, zapping insect bites and I’m not even going to start talking about its ability to help treat acne, psoriasis, eczema and rosacea.  Pack it in your suitcase!
Thyme Out £18 for 200 ml

Mrs White’s Unstung Hero Mosquito Repellent

For the third year running, this appears on the bestselling list.  Not really surprised, its claim to fame was that it was used in a photo-shoot for Vogue and it has maintained its hero-status ever since.  It does what it says, it smells divine, it’s DEET and chemical-free and we love it. Another one for the suitcase.
Mrs White’s Unstung Hero Mosquito Repellent £20 for 250 ml

Fulvic Acid Travel Trio

I can’t work out whether the Fulvic Acid Travel Trio appears by virtue of the fact that the three products are being packed into suitcases, or whether it is because they are a great introduction to the Ful.Vic.Health brand.

Never mind that, the trio consists of Fulvic Acid Shampoo (60 ml), which effectively cleanses both hair and scalp; it delivers 65+ minerals which help invigorate repair and renewal of keratin production.  Particularly relevant at this time of year, it will also help remove chlorine from hair.

The Fulvic Acid Conditioner (60 ml) conditions, nourishes and revitalises hair; it can be used as a hair mask too.  The Fulvic Acid Mist (60 ml) reached hero status in its capacity as a potent rejuvenating treatment for the scalp.  Providing ionic minerals and amino acids, it targets hair health, thinning hair and hair loss.  We spray it on our faces too – because we can!
Fulvic Acid Travel Trio £20

Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are caused by a weakness in the walls of the blood vessels.  They are four times more common in women, will often develop during pregnancy and may also run in families.  Haemorrhoids, which are usually the result of excessive straining during bowel movement due to constipation, are actually also varicose veins and will respond to the same treatment.  Shabir investigates.
VH Editorial: A Natural Remedy for Varicose Veins, Spider Veins, Haemorrhoids and Poor CirculationDiosmin Plus £26 for 60 Capsules

VH Editorial

This month:

Antidepressants treat all sorts of illnesses and can be beneficial for people with mental health conditions including anxiety, depression, OCD and bipolar disorder.  And while for most, the potential side effects are outweighed by the opportunity to feel better within ourselves, these types of medication can, in some cases, affect our skin and bodies in unexpected ways.  Rebecca Fearn investigates.
Can Taking Antidepressants Affect Your Skin by Rebecca Fearn

Whether it’s a serum that promises results in 60 seconds or an eight-step cleansing routine that takes time, effort and endless products, the beauty industry is a never-ending stream of instant gratification and consumption.  But changes are afoot.  With the backlash against ‘fast fashion’ and recent research revealing that one in five women feel guilty about buying new clothes, we are starting to see more mindful beauty purchasing too.

Dubbed ‘slow beauty’, Becci Vallis says that brands are reassessing how they can appeal to customers keen to embrace this simplistic approach.
Why You Should Consider Slow Beauty by Becci Vallis

If ever I write a cookery book, states Jo Fairley, and I guess with 25 books of varying kinds under my belt, it’s not entirely beyond the realms of possibility – then it will be called ‘Dried Onions & Donald Trump’.  I realise that this may not be the catchiest title for a cookbook ever, um, cooked up, but those are the two key reasons why I have truly embraced the kitchen, relatively late in life.  And am experiencing the greatest, most unexcepted joy as a result.

With a loving tribute to her Kenwood Titanium, Jo reveals all and I’m thinking of resurrecting VH Eats (it’s still on the backend somewhere) when we launch our new site, whenever that is.  Let it be soon, but don’t hold your breath!
The Food of Love by Jo Fairley

There are not enough superlatives to describe the powerhouse that is Lydia Fenet, declares Carolyn Asome.  By day, global director of strategic partnerships at Christie’s New York and a leading benefit auctioneer who has raised over half a billion dollars for over 400 non-profits around the world by night.

She is also a mother to three children and has done a great service to womankind by writing her first book, the Most Powerful Woman in the Room is You.  A powerful book, a powerful article which I implore you to read. The final paragraph of this article really sang to me and ahead of publishing it today, I have sent this article to so many people (men included!).  It’s who we are, it’s what we believe and we always have.

I’ll leave you with this statement from Lydia, ‘a truly powerful woman doesn’t thrive by putting other people down; she does it by lifting people up, and benefits from that as much as driving herself to live to her fullest potential’.  Thank you.
The Importance of Community by Carolyn Asome

This from the Beauty Bible girls, Sarah Stacey and Jo Fairley:  Over the years, we’ve seen that, slathered this, tried that and sent literally thousands of products out to be trialled by our Beauty Bible testers too.  So as true connoisseurs of beauty products with (blimey!) 50+ years’ experience between us, we like to think we recognise a great product when we see it.  Discover which six products the girls have raved about recently on their own website.
The Beauty Bible August Essentials

The End Bit

The 10x magnifying mirror is upsetting me.  I love steam and extraction and I can’t find a clogged pore.   I’m blaming Pore Cleaning Powder, but I suppose it’s better than blaming Shabir for failing to formulate a product property.  Epic stuff.
Pore Cleaning Powder by GoW for VH £12 for 50 grams

This from Arthur Mitroulas, founder of Vice Reversa:  ‘I have used Neurophroline consistently for the past three weeks and swear by it.  It really feels good on the skin, not oily at all and it also feels like it gives me a protective barrier from the sun and the elements’.

There’s something about a brand owner who can recognise brilliance in other products other than their own.  My Colette does the same thing.  Leading by example.  Their brands reflect their personal integrity.
Vice Reversa; LixirSkin

So much praise for the laundry revolution from Japan, Terra Wash+Mg.  Changing the way we clean our laundry, one washing machine at a time.
Terra Wash+Mg – Organic Washing Detergent Replacement £35 (365 washes)

And so we come to the end of another newsletter; as ever, and together with Shabir, Victoria and the entire VH Team, I thank you for your support, your love, your loyalty and your feedback.

If you are travelling, please be safe and please be well.

With love

Gill x

July Newsletter

Hello July over sunflower

After a whirlwind few months, which included numerous brand and product launches, I welcome you to the July newsletter where we consolidate all that was and all that is. This will include all the latest news and feedback, most of which has knocked me sideways, together with some more new launches and a couple of treats thrown in because I know these mean a lot to you. So without any more preamble, let’s do it and I am starting, for the second month running, with Neurophroline:


If ever there was a serum that had wings, Neurophroline would be that serum because it flew out the door, literally flew.  Retrospectively perhaps we should have called it ‘The Complete Serum’ because it is loaded with two types of Hyaluronic Acid, All-Trans Resveratrol, Apple Polyphenols as well as the hero ingredient, Neurophroline.

As I wrote on the June newsletter, the research and clinicals on Neurophroline are stunning and anything that has the ability to break down the stress hormone (cortisol) is good with me and good for the overall health and integrity of our skin. And of course on from that, it’s ground-breaking on so many different levels, but softening lines is a good place to start.

With the emphasis having been on single ingredient serums over the recent past, Neurophroline breaks that pattern in the most profound way.  There are so many things I love about Neurophroline, but I think over and above everything I adore the tight feeling you get when you first apply it.  There is good tight and bad tight (drying out skin) and I’m not too sure what if feels like when you have had a face lift (having never had one!), but tight is tight and for £18 I’ll take this route thank you.

Sitting right at the top of the serum tree, yes I think so.  I’m sure most of you are using it on your décolletage, as per the last newsletter, and several of my friends tell me that they too are chanting the ‘take my stress’ mantra when applying it.  There is something about positive affirmations, there is also something about being on my fifth bottle because I am besotted by its brilliance.

My experimentation continues unabated and most recently I have been dosing my body lotion (I’m thinking stress-free-tight-arms and thighs given time) with Neurophroline and soon I am heading to the sun (working, I promise you) where I will be dosing and testing to see whether this same combination will serve as an after-sun treatment.

I have a strong feeling it will because the raison d’etre for Neurophroline is to help take down inflammation, the root cause of most skincare conditions, including the ageing of skin. Oh, tra-la-la Neurophroline, I’m taking a few bottles of you to the sun and, to be neat, I am dosing into Ameliorate’s Transforming Body Lotion.
VH Editorial: Stress Ages our SkinNeurophroline Serum by Garden of Wisdom for VH £18 for 30 ml; Transforming Body Lotion by Ameliorate £22.50 for 200 ml

Staying on Theme

After the release of Neurophroline we were flooded with emails asking whether it could be used together with Anti-Aging Multi-Peptide Serum. The answer is yes, Anti-aging Multi-Peptide Serum first and then follow through with Neurophroline. This is Shabir’s dream; he formulated the Multi-Peptide Serum for his own use, so this is exactly what he has been doing for several months, using both. He will forever deny it, but I think secretly he is in a ‘best skincare’ competition with me. More on that another time.

And if I may, we are both completely fixated with Pore Cleaning Powder. I would love to be able to tell you that Shabir formulated it for me, but he didn’t. Never mind that, I have now taken to calling it the ‘The Pink Hollywood Pore Refining Mask’, such is its brilliance. Somewhere in my brain ‘Pink and Hollywood’ go together, but aside from that it has reached the exalted level of being in the top three of all our recent beauty launches. And that speaks volumes.

I’ll tell you right now that unless something blows it out of the water, it is definitely going to win an award in my tongue-in-cheek award ceremony on the December newsletter. It’s that good and I’m seriously fussy when it comes to the products I use, as most of you know. The Pink Powder rules!
VH Editorial: Garden of Wisdom Suggested RegimensAnti-Aging Multi-Peptide Serum by Garden of Wisdom for VH £20 for 30 ml; Pore Cleaning Powder £12 for 50 grams

Ionicell – The Treat

I mean you have to feel a tiny bit sorry for Ionicell because over the last couple of months I have been throwing the focus on Fulvic Elixir and the entire Ful.Vic.Health range, more of which I will write about soon.

But for now, I will tell you that Ionicell still holds the position of being our bestselling supplement for all the reasons I have been writing about since launch. Having dubbed it over a year ago as the ‘next generation’ nail, skin and hair supplement, the feedback has been astounding and is ongoing, most particularly in respect of hair thinning and/or loss when taken with Superior Hair. Nails and skin are another story!

Loaded with Ioniplex, a Fulvic ionic mineral that can contain up to 65 essential, macro and trace minerals, Ionicell has long-reaching beneficial effects, which we believe are essential to the wellbeing of cellular life. I have taken Fulvic Acid religiously, in varying formats, for more than eight years and I would go far as to saying that if you could only take one supplement for the rest of your life, Fulvic Acid would be the one I would choose, whether it was in the form of the Fulvic Acid Elixir or Ionicell.

And so the sharing. After giving Ionicell an award (it so deserved it) on last December’s newsletter, we released the Ionicell Twin Pack and madness descended. In some way I am hooked on madness (it’s an adrenaline rush), so we’re doing it again:

The Treat: I am not putting a date or time across this, but while we are still living and breathing and while we have the stock, you can buy the Ionicell Twin Pack for £30. Ionicell is £20 for 60 Capsules, so you save £10. Thrash that keyboard! ***Sorry this promotion has ended***
Ionicell Twin Pack £30 (2 x Ionicell – 120 Capsules); Ionicell £20 for 60 Capsules; Superior Hair £26.50 for 90 Capsules

Let’s do some new launches:


Whamisa is an organic Korean beauty brand which specialises in fermented ingredients. With the focus on preserving and boosting the benefits of natural ingredients at the heart of each of their products, Whamisa takes a unique approach to their research and development. Pioneering with botanical formulations and their own signature fermentation process, we launch Whamisa with three of their latest innovative products.

For the sake of transparency, Victoria has been rigorously testing because she is totally besotted with these products and there is something about exfoliating dead skin cells with plant-based natural exfoliants that she is loving and we think you will too. I love clever products as you know and these are extraordinarily clever in ingredient concept and design.

Organic Flowers Peeling Finger Mitt: Each finger mitt is soaked in the organic exfoliating essence, which cleverly utilises plant-derived betaine salicylate to gently exfoliate skin and unblock pores. Chrysanthemum, aloe leaf ferment filtrates and sodium hyaluronate have also been included to help boost skin’s moisture levels.

How to use: After cleansing, slip fingers into the exfoliating mitt and gently buff in a circular outward motion from the centre of your face. If using on the neck, begin at the collar bone and move upwards. Rinse thoroughly and then continue with your skincare regime. It is recommended that these mitts should be used 2-3 times a week and preferably in the evening and this goes across all three products.
Organic Flowers Peeling Finger Mitt by Whamisa £28 for 30 Mitts

Organic Fruits Peeling Finger Mitt: While the Flowers formula (above) targets dry to combination skin types, Fruits is designed to help re-balance oilier skin. Betaine salicylate is blended with fruit acids, while apple and raspberry ferment filtrates help eliminate excess oil and unblock pores. Some of these ingredients sound good enough to eat – my ‘inner Nigella’ must be coming to the fore.
Organic Fruits Peeling Finger Mitt by Whamisa £28 for 30 Mitts

Organic Seeds Peeling Finger Mitt: These are the deep clean finger mitts. Betaine salicylate and tartaric acid are combined with barley oat and beta-glucan to help exfoliate and unclog pores, eliminating bacteria without drying the skin out.
Organic Seeds Peeling Finger Mitt by Whamisa £28 for 30 Mitts

Floral Waters

It is thought that Floral Waters were widely used by the ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks and there is something about them that has always sung to me. Perhaps it’s their pure simplicity, perhaps it’s because I’m fascinated (and always have been) with ancient ritualistic practices and perhaps it’s because I think they carry the energy of summer, although of course they are for all seasons.

There are five of them and their volatile ingredients are extracted from plants to make up the active ingredients. Each of the floral waters are first and foremost delicate skincare products, suited to both face and body. The active botanical ingredients give them their numerous properties and qualities:

Cornflower Water: Cornflower Water is well-known for its soothing effect on tired eyes and it also has draining properties. I’ve taken to soaking cotton wool pads and placing them over my eyes for ten minutes, but Cornflower Water has numerous uses, including removing make-up if you so wish.
Organic Cornflower Water by Laboratoire de Haut-Ségala £11.80 for 250 ml

Lemon Balm Water: Lemon Balm Water is a very soothing and calming treatment, which is ideally suited for sensitive skin. It has strong anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial action and it is brilliant for helping to relieve tired and heavy legs. Just massage into your legs, or you can pour some of this into your bath. And soak.
Organic Lemon Balm Water by Laboratoire de Haut-Ségala £11.90 for 250 ml

Italian Helichrysum – Immortal: Italian Helichrysum, often referred to as Immortal, is well-known for its circulatory benefits and it helps firm tissues and has soothing and healing properties. It can help calm redness, irritated skin, cutaneous marks, acne scarring and it could be beneficial for rosacea-prone skin. Helichrysum Water is obtained from the distillation of the flowers of Helichrysum (Immortal).
Organic Helichrysum Floral Water by Laboratoire de Haut-Ségala £11.60 for 250 ml

Lemon Verbena Water: Lemon Verbena has soothing, relaxing and sedative properties, which makes this another candidate for pouring into the bath. When used on the skin it can help improve firmness and tone.
Organic Lemon Verbena Water by Laboratoire de Haut-Ségala £12.20 for 250 ml

Witch Hazel Water: Witch Hazel is an astringent rich in flavonoids. This alcohol-free witch hazel is ideal for sensitive, delicate skin, acne and spot prone skin. It can also soothe skin irritated by razor burn or depilation.
Organic Witch Hazel Water by Laboratoire de Haut-Ségala £12.60 for 250 ml

Blink Brow Bar – Eyebrow Kits

Every now and then I trot off to Blink Brow Bar because they look after my eyebrows (somebody has to because I’m useless with them). Anyway the best part of the treatment is the massage that happens at the end of the treatment, but I also use and love their products and it suddenly occurred to me that if I was using them, perhaps you would like to as well.

I have known Vanita Parti, the Founder of Blink Brow Bar, for a very long time and so I called her and asked her if we could put an exclusive Eyebrow Kit together of her bestselling products, so that’s what we’ve done. Each kit contains three products as below and they come in three different shades, which we believe covers the spectrum:

Ultimate Arch Definer: When I was introduced to the Ultimate Arch Definer I wondered whether I had been living under a rock for several years because after receiving so many accolades, I had never used it and when I did it blew me away because it was so easy to use and gave eyebrow perfection.

At the time it was a Korean beauty technology breakthrough as the triangular-tipped pencil allows for ergonomic application, precise definition and a formula that just glides on. At one end of the pencil is a baby kabuki brow brush for blending and so that’s what I do, stroke with colour and blend. The brilliance of the Arch Definer is that it stays on all day and is sweat and humidity-resistant. Like who needs eyebrow gaps appearing halfway through the day. Not me thanks.

Brow Styling Gel: I love this. Brow Styling Gel acts like a mascara-style wand and is my go-to second step as it keeps brows firmly in shape. Containing Panthenol (vitamin B5), it keeps brows healthy and it has a subtle gloss. Wouldn’t really want to live without this.

Nourishing Brow Oil: A Blink Brow Bar bestselling product, we had to include this in the kit because it is a luxurious overnight treatment, which strengthens and conditions your brows and is formulated with a blend of Sweet Almond and Rosemary Oils, used for their nourishing qualities, together with Lavender and Sandalwood, which calm and balance.

Nourishing Brow Oil works naturally to help increase hair growth, while conditioning and strengthening brows. Fast absorbing, it has a non-sticky texture and is suitable for all skin and eyebrow types. And voila. The Eyebrow Kits. If you were to buy the products separately, they would cost £58, but we’ve knocked off £8, giving a price of £50 for each kit. If anybody needs to know, together with Vanita, I use Indian Medium Chocolate, which also happens to be the bestselling colour.
Eyebrow Kit – Light Chai by Blink Brow Bar £50; Eyebrow Kit – Indian Medium Chocolate by Blink Brow Bar £50; Eyebrow Kit – Dark Clove by Blink Brow Bar £50

Right, let’s do health where Shabir is in mode and has (joyously) written three articles, so it’s feet on the desk time for me:

Which Magnesium Supplement Should I Take?

Magnesium is a fascinating mineral that is involved in nearly 300 biochemical reactions within the body. Its wide and varied benefits range from energy production through to brain function, but with such wide and varied usages by the body, it may not surprise you to learn that magnesium deficiencies are widespread and the main reasons are two-fold. The demands for this mineral are often not met by our intake of green leafy vegetables and of course as we age our body becomes less efficient at absorbing magnesium due to a lack of digestive enzymes, whose production declines rapidly.

Our bodies rely heavily on adequate magnesium levels in the bloodstream and yet this is a mineral that we often overlook. Unfortunately, there is not a reliable blood test that can show if there is a magnesium deficiency, but scientists estimate that magnesium deficiencies may be running at unprecedented levels, with over 60% of the population being magnesium deficient.

In his article, Shabir takes a further look at the importance of magnesium and how to choose the best form of magnesium for varying concerns. Of course this includes the ground-breaking bestselling (after all these years!) Magnesium Oil Original Spray.
VH Editorial: Which Magnesium Supplement Should I Take?Magnesium Oil Original Spray by Better You £12.20 for 100 ml

Double Cleansing The Body

Double cleansing is often associated with skincare, but the principle of double cleansing could also be easily applied to the health of the body. The first part of the body that is exposed to toxins is the intestinal tract and the second part of the system which is often under toxic overload is the liver. Shabir’s article is therefore divided into two sections, cleansing the gut and cleansing the liver on a periodic basis.

Please excuse me for barging in here, but if we are talking skincare double cleansing, I need to tell you that one of my favourite double-cleanse regimens involves Cleansing Complex and Warming Honey Cleanser (in that order) from iS Clinical. On a global level, Cleansing Complex is their bestselling product and has been endorsed (without payment) by some pretty hefty names. Speaks volumes on a few levels.
VH Editorial: Double Cleansing The BodyComplete Fibre Cleanse by VH £21 for 168 grams; Milk Thistle Complex by HealthAid £11.99 for 60 Tablets; Cleansing Complex by iS Clinical £35 for 180 ml; Warming Honey Cleanser by iS Clinical £34 for 120 grams

How To Take Collagen Supplements

There are hundreds of collagen supplements on the market, in powders, capsules and drinks, usually obtained from either bovine or marine sources, each with differing advice on when and how to take collagen.

It is therefore not surprising that there is a great deal of confusion on collagen supplementation. Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body and is found in skin, muscles, blood vessels and other tissues and structures. Its main role is to impart strength to these systems, but collagen production declines with age and since adequate collagen is required to help maintain our joints and skin, many feel the need to introduce collagen supplementation. Shabir does the lowdown.
VH Editorial: How To Take Collagen SupplementsUltimate Collagen+ by Ingenious Beauty £44.99 for 90 Capsules

And now:

The Sage Complex Treat

Sage Complex has been one of our bestselling supplements for many years. Ongoing research has determined that at this present time we don’t believe that there is a better formulation available to help alleviate hot flushes, excessive sweating, vaginal dryness and other concerns associated with peri-menopause and menopause.

This hormone-balancing supplement contains natural herbs that help mimic female hormones; it was formulated by Shabir (of course) and for the duration of seven days only (ending Tuesday 2 July at midnight GMT) we are offering the Sage Complex Twin Pack for £40 with a saving of £10. Voila! **Sorry, this promotion has ended**
VH Editorial: Hormone Mimicking Supplements Should Be Used By Nearly All Woman Over 35Sage Complex Duo Pack £40 (2 x Sage Complex); Sage Complex by VH £25 for 90 Capsules

The Healing Heart Facial

Some time ago, Victoria wrote an article entitled ‘Why We’re Going Crazy For Crystals’ and we are. I have always loved crystals and whenever I talk about them Shabir announces that I am having another one of my ‘woo moments’; but there are a lot of us having ‘woo moments’ on many different levels, which I will be writing about over the coming months.

I very rarely write about my ‘spiritual’ (for want of a better word) side, but it underpins everything that I am and everything that I do. Many years ago, and pre-VH, my claim to infamous fame was that I launched the Crystal Power Bracelets in the UK. It was a wild, wild time and we were all walking around with three or more bracelets on our wrists.

If you can believe it, I still have the first press cutting from that time when they appeared on an entire page in the Daily Mirror Sunday Magazine (as it was) and I have never forgotten Katy Bravery, the editor, who was so very kind and cemented my love for print media, which still exists.

At that time, the bestselling bracelet by a very long way was Rose Quartz. It didn’t surprise me, as Rose Quartz is symbolic of the energy of love and is associated with the heart chakra. It also has a very calming and soothing energy, which is most welcome in the frenetic world we live in.

The Healing Heart Facial, created by the extraordinary Denise Leicester of Ila, comprises of two beautiful Rose Quartz hearts, which can be used in varying ways. Regular massaging of the face with the healing vibrations of the hearts will help to drain puffiness, relax facial muscles and help dissolve stress lines. Included in the Healing Heart Facial is a small phial of Ila’s Face Oil for Glowing Radiance, which smells so divine, I think it’s almost from another time and another place.

A full facial massage ritual is included and it takes just five minutes, but it’s not only about the facial ritual. If you are feeling tired and want to stimulate your heart energy, lie down somewhere comfortable, place one heart on your own heart and one on your forehead. Close your eyes and concentrate on your breath for at least ten minutes. I enhance the moment by burning Ila’s Incense.

My love for Gua Sha is well-known, but this is a completely different concept and one that I love. I often sit holding the hearts and use them on the same principle as worry beads. Calm.
VH Editorial: Why We’re Going Crazy For CrystalsThe Healing Heart Facial by Ila-Spa £29.50; Incense For An Aroma of Purity & Peace by Ila-Spa £12 for 50 grams; Face Oil For Glowing Radiance by Ila-Spa £75 for 30 ml; The Beauty Restorer Face Tool (Gua Sha) by Hayo’u £38

Summer Living

I often refer back to Shabir’s article, The Most Common Holiday Problems Solved, because it is a brilliant guide if you are travelling. It covers most eventualities, except the one which affects nearly everybody I know (I’m talking us girls) and it’s called bathroom anxiety. I have got no idea why it happens, but it just does, perhaps it’s something in the female psyche, I really don’t know.

So over to Shabir who suggests that we tend to display bathroom anxiety if we are uncomfortable in using hotel bathrooms and public washrooms (that’s me). This often results in ‘withholding’, which results in the ‘drying out’ effect and hence constipation.

There is also a suggestion based on small studies that motility in the gut might follow a circadian rhythm like many other processes within our bodies and this is apparent in frequent flyers and shift workers. If you fall into this category, you may wish to consider the use of a quick relaxant, such as De-Stress by Blooming Blends. I’ll have mine on an IV drip please.
VH Editorial: The Most Common Holiday Problems SolvedDe-Stress by Blooming Blends £22 for 30 ml

The Charge of the Light Brigade

News reaches me (it always does) from a certain friend that Boost, the LED Mask, is being worn at various dinners and has become a major talking point. Truly, this couldn’t amuse me more with the exception that various ‘friends’ have been posting their LED look on Instagram accompanied by equally amusing text: knackered skin is a thing of the past, said one, and of course I agree.

In my hallucinatory little world I’m dreaming of making a cameo appearance in the third series of Killing Eve wearing the mask. Red mask, fuchsia pink outfit, I thought, aka Villanelle (Jodie Comer) in Series Two. Except then I read Lisa Armstrong’s article on Villanelle where she stated that it was the ‘ultimate LOOK-AT-ME outfit with earrings the size of a barge’ and then went on to ask if this was the ‘definition of a psychopath’. Perhaps not, I’m thinking, perhaps not. Lest I’m labelled.
Boost At-Home LED Treatment Mask by The Light Salon £395; Boost Cleanse & Recovery Spray £18 for 100 ml

Three Things You Need To Know About

Summer Facial Oil by de Mamiel: This new season blend has been formulated intentionally lighter for the warmer months and as with all of Annee’s oils, it absorbs easily into the skin. It combines age-defying, antioxidant-rich aromatic oils to help repair and protect the complexion, whilst helping to promote vitality and radiance.

The oils included are Prickly Pear, helping to restore elasticity; Powerful Echium Oil, to help calm redness and treat post-sun inflammation; Ylang Ylang to help keep dryness at bay; Rosehip Seed Oil for its regenerative qualities and Rose Geranium to help encourage cellular turnover.

The Summer Facial Oil can be used after cleansing by placing 4-5 drops into the palms of your hands and pressing together to warm. Cup your hands, cover your nose and mouth and breathe in deeply for a count of three before exhaling for a count of five. Massage into the skin gently, using upwards and outwards movements until absorbed.
Summer Facial Oil by de Mamiel £80 for 20 ml

Botanical Cream Deodorant: I still remember vividly the wait lists (plural) for Aurelia’s Botanical Cream Deodorant after India Knight wrote about it in The Sunday Times. I also remember that this stretched over three or four months and I was forever banging my head against the wall.

Anyway, that was then and this is now, and I am here to tell you that the Botanical Cream Deodorant is now available in a new extra-large recyclable glass jar. This cream-to-powder consistency sits invisibly on the skin ready to absorb natural perspiration throughout the day. It retains dryness, inhibits bacteria and offers long-lasting freshness. The original smaller size is of course still available, but now you have a choice of size and a choice of fragrance because Aurelia have also just launched Citrus Botanical Cream Deodorant.  The glory of it all.
Botanical Cream Deodorant by Aurelia Probiotic Skincare £30 for 110 grams; Botanical Cream Deodorant by Aurelia Probiotic Skincare £18 for 50 grams; Citrus Botanical Cream Deodorant by Aurelia Probiotic Skincare £18 for 50 grams 

Sarah Chapman Skinesis: A treat for those of you who use Sarah Chapman’s products. When you purchase any product from Sarah Chapman we will automatically include a free 10 ml gift of Skin Insurance which is worth £17. This will not show up on your invoice, but will be sent with your order. We have a limited volume, there is only one gift per customer and I’m not putting a time frame across this; once they are gone, they are gone.
Sarah Chapman


So much amazing feedback on the entire Ful.Vic.Health range, so in no particular order I need to apologise yet again because Fulvic Acid Nail Cream went out of stock for the second month running after I wrote on the June newsletter that we were fully stocked. Well we were stocked and then we weren’t. I’m not saying anything about stock levels right now, but what I will say is that Shabir has nailed it (sorry!) with this formulation. Weak, brittle, unhealthy nails become a distant memory with regular use.
Fulvic Acid Nail Cream £12 for 30 ml

Let’s talk about Fulvic Acid Shampoo, Conditioner and Mist. My thanks to Alice BB for sending constant emails declaring her love for these products and then putting in print (Country & Town House) that she was merrily lathering her locks with Fulvic.

And then an email from somebody who spent over seven years in the hair care industry (this shall stay anonymous) saying that she had tried all ‘hair things’ (her words, not mine) in those seven years and that she wishes she could announce to everyone how amazing Fulvic Acid is. Consider it done and thank you so much Ms A!

I just want to add here that as I wrote at the beginning of this newsletter, I have taken and used Fulvic Acid products for eight years. My hair now is incomparable to how it was before Fulvic. I have always washed my hair every day, but I would never dream of leaving the house without something to pump up the volume; but that was then and this is now and I absolutely promise you I have not used a volumising product for several years (perhaps somewhere along the line I may have tested one). Healthy, shiny, swinging hair. I like it this way. The Fulvic Way. I bet Shabir wishes he could swing his hair, but he can’t!
Fulvic Acid Shampoo £25 for 240 ml; Fulvic Acid Conditioner £25 for 240 ml; Fulvic Acid Mist (The Hero) £25 for 120 ml

Lyme Disease and the Tick Remover Card

Lyme Disease, if not detected early, can result in many concerns including numbness, severe joint pain, memory loss, sleep disorders and even paralysis of the facial muscles. The symptoms can, and usually occur months after the original tick bite. With the season upon us, please take a moment to read this. Thanks.
VH Editorial: Lyme Disease and the Tick Remover CardTick Remover Card £4.49

When Is A Perfume Not A Perfume?

When it’s a room spray or an aura spray. There is much talk about the use of chemicals in perfumes, although I have to say it doesn’t really bother me, but I know it bothers many of you.

So the thing is that from choice I have taken to wearing Beat the Blues room spray as a fragrance and I do the same with Inner Smile and Inner Calm (separately, not together!), which are aura sprays. I think it is going to become a thing. A big thing. That’s all.
Beat The Blues Room Spray £29 for 50 ml; Inner Smile Mist £40 for 50 ml; Inner Calm Mist £32 for 50 ml

VH Editorial

This month:

What Do Vitamins Actually Do For Our Skin?

Do you know the difference between vitamin A and vitamin C, and which one you should be using to boost your skin? No, well here’s a cheat’s guide written by Elle Turner.
What Do Vitamins Actually Do For Our Skin by Elle Turner

How To Reduce A Bloated Tummy This Summer

If you regularly battle with a bloated tummy, there are some minor tweaks you can make to help ease it. It’s all about summer living and summer loving say the Beauty Bible girls, without swimsuit (or bikini) aggravation.
How To Reduce a Bloated Tummy This Summer by Beauty Bible

How To Save Yourself

Jo Fairley offers some wise, time-saving tips on how to reclaim your mornings and not spend upwards of an hour choosing your outfit and getting dressed. Thankfully she doesn’t watch over me in the mornings, seriously!
How To Save Yourself by Jo Fairley

A Guide To Summer Self-Care

When we think about self-care we usually associate it with colder weather, but Giselle La Pompe-Moore takes a look at summer self-care across the physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual aspects.
A Guide To Summer Self-Care by Giselle La Pompe-Moore

The Art Of Letter Writing

In  the digital age, it’s no surprise that most of us have lost the touch of writing a hand-written note or letter.  Carolyn Asome explores the lost art.
The Art of Letter Writing by Carolyn Asome

The End Bit

My trip to the sun is almost upon me; these are the things that are going with me onto the plane; two packets of Vice Reversa Plumping Patches (knowing I will probably have to share); my LED mask because I don’t care what anybody thinks; Altitude Oil by de Mamiel, I never travel without it (neither should you, it’s brilliant) and although I never wear make-up when I’m travelling I might just slick a bit of Rose Gold 101 Ointment over my lips for my check-in appearance.
Vice Reversa Plumping Patches £34.95 for Eight Patches; Boost LED Mask £395; Altitude Oil by de Mamiel £30 for 10 ml; Rose Gold 101 Ointment by Lanolips £13 for 9 grams

Another wait list. Another sigh. But not really surprised. iS Clinical’s Lip Duo flew out and then the couriers lost our order, so my apologies if we kept you on the wait list longer than necessary. This is a limited time offer, so just eight more weeks left to get the Lip Polish and Youth Lip Serum with £20 off.
Lip Duo – Lip Polish and Youth Lip Serum £64 (£20 saving)

Bee Calm and Bee Rested; two new supplements from Unbeelievable Health and Shabir really likes them; he thinks you will too. Maybe I’ll dole these out on the plane if anybody I know gets out of control.
Bee Calm £12.99 for 20 Capsules; Bee Rested £12.99 for 20 Capsules

Flying high this month, Aethic Sôvée Sunscreens; spinning the laundry dream, Terra Wash+Mg (the laundry revolution from Japan) and the adorable don’t-want-to-go-through-the-summer-without-this, Good Skin Day Shaker Summer Edit by LixirSkin.
VH Editorial: The Problem With Sunscreens; VH Living

All that remains is for me to thank each of you for your ongoing love and support. ‘Viva Neurophroline’ and together with Shabir, Victoria and the entire VH team, I wish you a wonderful July.

With love

Gill x

June Newsletter

The word WILD with white blackground on connifer trees.

One month after saying that my head was spinning before I had written one word of the May newsletter, I am still in head-spinning mode as I welcome you to the June newsletter. At some point I will do the news and feedback from May (there is a lot of it), but for now I invite you to join me as we launch a staggeringly effective new serum from Garden of Wisdom, an exclusive Limited Edition product from LixirSkin and a brilliant new addition, in the form of a targeted cleanser, product from The Light Salon.

Additionally, there is a new product launch from Color Wow, the latest in their award-winning ‘Dream Series’, a very rare new and exclusive launch from iS Clinical (I nearly fell over with excitement) and another Ful.Vic.Health treat because you can’t put down a sharing gene, and I love sharing. Hold my hand (with nails adorned with Fulvic Acid Nail Cream) and let’s do it:

Neurophroline Serum

So what if I told you that there is a serum that has been clinically shown to help take the stress out of your skin. And what if I then told you that the stress hormone (cortisol) is indicated as affecting our skin in a major way, both internally and externally. Cortisol causes inflammation (fact), often resulting in anything from breakouts and redness to dryness and fine lines. But what if you could reduce cortisol in your skin. Enter Neurophroline.

And then enter Shabir who believes that Neurophroline is the only (I should have written ‘only’ in capital letters, but I didn’t want to shout at you!) ingredient-based technology that currently gets to the major cause of ageing skin, which is increased levels in cortisol. Amongst other things Neurophroline improves skin tone within a very short period of time. We’re pioneering here, read on:

The manufacturers of Neurophroline (Givaudan) believe that your skin can change in just two weeks by using Neurophroline daily, but I’m not saying that because we are all different. It also helps target luminosity, dark circles and hyperpigmentation, all by the regulation and breakdown of the stress hormone, cortisol, within skin.

If I didn’t know differently, I would say that Neurophroline is the stuff dreams (skincare dreams) are made of, but I have been using it and can absolutely attest to you that I am not dreaming. And neither is Victoria, whose skin really did brighten and change within two weeks.

I am not going to do chapter and verse about the full impact of stress on our skin or the virtues of Neurophroline because Shabir has done that on his article, linked below. But I will tell you that derived from a native Indian plant, Neurophroline is an extract of wild indigo and has been used in Ayurvedic traditions for generations.

Because this is Shabir’s formulation, he added two types of hyaluronic acid to the hero Neurophroline, including super low molecular weight hyaluronic acid to deliver this active to the skin cells within the epidermis. And then apple polyphenols and all-trans resveratrol. Because he can, he did.

With my feet on the ground and being realistic, we all suffer from stress in some way, shape or form (wait list stress is high on my agenda), so having a serum which allows us to have overall stress skin control is like manna from heaven. Well I think it is and I use it every single morning and evening after cleansing and before moisturising. If you prefer, you can put a couple of drops into your moisturiser. Just dose it is what I say.

I don’t really want to tell you that I’ve had thoughts of dosing by pouring an entire bottle of Neurophroline into my Nannette lilac cream (more on that below) and I might yet do it. And then I started to use Neurophroline on my décolletage as well as my face and ran around my bathroom screaming take my stress Neurophroline, take it, take it, take it. And it did. I’m on my third bottle.
VH Editorial: Stress Ages Our SkinNeurophroline Serum by Garden of Wisdom for VH £18 for 30 ml

Good Skin Day Shaker Summer Edit by LixirSkin

I’ve written about the Good Skin Day Shaker from LixirSkin across the last two newsletters and within the shortest space of time it has already established itself, alongside Vitamin C Paste, as being the bestselling product from the range, actually it’s slightly ahead of the paste. That takes some doing, but anybody who has used this product will completely understand why it has been hailed as ‘a little wonder pot’ across the media.

And now another wondrous moment for this biphasic formulation that will help de-puff the skin while simultaneously plumping the areas of the face that need it the most. Please allow me to introduce you to the Good Skin Day Shaker Summer Edit, which is an exclusive Limited Edition and will only last as long as it lasts, which probably won’t be long.

What is it? Well the Summer Edit is a tinted version of the original Good Skin Day Shaker. Not just any tint you understand, but a subtle, universally adaptable tint to help blur imperfections leaving skin with a natural ‘no make-up’ sun kissed glow. It is beautiful, actually beyond beautiful, but then Colette (my Colette) is beauty personified and she has bottled it.

The Summer Edit is the result of a moment some time ago when Colette and I decided we wanted to have a bit of fun. Fun it is, but I think most people I know will be walking around with this on their faces (legs Colette, legs, can we have a bigger size please!) all through the summer months; with all due respect why use foundation when you can use this. Bring on that glow. Bring it on. Merci Colette, merci.
Good Skin Day Shaker Summer Edit £36 for 15 ml; Good Skin Day Shaker (the original) £36 for 15 ml; Vitamin C Paste £32 for 50 ml

Boost – Cleanse & Recovery Spray by The Light Salon

I need (really need) to continue writing about Boost, the Advanced LED Light Therapy Face Mask, which we launched on the May newsletter, but before that, and fast on the track of that launch, The Light Salon have released a Cleanse & Recovery Spray, which is amazing.

Partnering with the team behind Clinispet+, Hannah and Laura (The Light Salon founders) release their first, of several, skincare products which is stand-alone, but can of course be used with the LED Mask. If you were to have a treatment at The Light Salon, this is the spray they use (and swear by) in their treatments and it stands up to everything they say it will do, and more.

The Boost Cleanse & Recovery Spray deeply cleanses whilst gently balancing your skin’s pH, helping calm redness and irritation.  It helps support the acid mantle on the skins surface, providing further protection from bacteria and pollution, yet maintains moisture in the skin.  It has all the attributes needed to help control oil flow, reduce infection and provide ideal conditions for rapid skin recovery, contributing to a healthy cellular turnover.

And this is what it does when used in conjunction with the Boost Mask.  Blue LED helps treat acne and blemishes by destroying the bacteria that causes blemishes.  So spritz Cleanse & Recovery as your anti-microbial step and you have a double whammy; the healing benefits of the spray coupled with Red and Near-Infrared LED. Stand-alone, or used in conjunction with the LED Mask, I’m impressed.
Boost – Cleanse & Recovery Spray by The Light Salon £18 for 100 ml

Right, that’s the first three launches done, so I will just say this: oh my, what a time to be alive in my own bathroom where best-in-class, meets best-in-class, meets best-in-class. I invite you to join me, not in my bathroom obviously (can you imagine!), but in your own:

Boost – Advanced LED Light Therapy Face Mask by The Light Salon

Actually this section mostly centres around the LED Mask because every time I think my skin can’t look any clearer or brighter, it does.  There are several reasons for this, which I’m about to write about, but notwithstanding my experimentation, Boost is probably one of my best investments (and yes, I bought my own) I have ever made.  Being completely honest, I get bored very quickly, but I don’t think I will ever get bored with Boost or its phenomenal results. And the very best bit, I don’t have to do anything; I just put it on and take to my bed, in the best-ever scenario, or I walk around with it on. And then I went further.

I was sitting in a meeting with Adele from Nannette de Gaspé and we were talking about dry masking under LED.  There is no scientific evidence that this works; I was slightly concerned that the lights wouldn’t penetrate properly through the mask, but I was prepared to test it every which way, so that’s what I did.  For complete transparency I used Vitality Revealed – Face, which I live and die for; I often go under the radar and slip one into my bag and then drive home – fast. Poor Shabir. Anyway regardless, it is a five-time-use mask, used preferably for five days in a row as a treatment.

Boy, what a treatment it proved to be, but under the lights would it hold up for five uses?  Yes it did. Magnificently, and I really put it through the wringer. I double-dosed under Boost (twenty minutes) for the first two sessions and for the remaining three sessions I did it for ten minutes per session.  My biggest concern was that the dry mask would dry out and not deliver the actives. It didn’t dry out and it truly delivered. I was in skincare heaven (it’s almost becoming a permanent fixture) and I just happened to see Trinny, who sat staring at my skin in amazement and I was only halfway through testing.

And a few other things here.  I put Defy & Drench from the Miss de Gaspé range through the wringer too, but it didn’t hold up under testing; taking absolutely nothing away from Defy & Drench, it remains fabulous, but don’t try it under LED.  And finally, on subject, and as I’ve written before, Trinny and I were having separate love pangs with the Nannette de Gaspé products, but it was some time before we realised we were both doing the same thing. I remain spellbound by the brilliance of Baume Noir Face and I think (actually, I know) she does too.  Something about that lilac cream.
Boost – Advanced LED Light Therapy Face Mask by The Light Salon £395; Vitality Revealed – Face £95 (one mask, five treatments); Baume Noir Face £275 for 50 ml

Vice Reversa

The day I stop being so passionate about certain brands and products, is the day I will walk away from all of this.  And then you meet somebody like Arthur Mitroulas (Founder of Vice Reversa) and I dance the dance of all dances because in an industry sorely lacking in integrity (sorry, it’s the truth), there are pockets of shining light and Vice Reversa are shining through, in every sense of the word.  And now, they can shine every brighter.

It’s not like I am not over-the-moon thrilled with the best-in-class results of these pioneering micro-needling patches as a stand-alone, because I am.  Furthermore I could have positioned them as being ‘Botox/filler alternatives’, but I didn’t do that mostly because they are two very different modalities and cannot be compared, but I will say this: I don’t do needles, I never have, but if we are doing ‘needles’ then these are the only needles I want penetrating my skin.

If you were to hold a Plumping Patch in the palms of your hands, the crystallised serum needles would melt fairly quickly and you would have the liquid serum in your palms.  I am not suggesting you do this, you don’t want to waste a patch, but of course I then had another thought, and into my bathroom I went to test the patches under LED. I couldn’t help myself.

I didn’t tell Arthur what I was doing, because after three years of researching and bringing Vice Reversa to market, I didn’t want him to fall over in sheer horror.  No, I thought, let me try this first. The thing is that we live in a fast world and I thought if I could accelerate the efficacy of the patches, then that’s a good thing. A very good thing for the moments when we need them fast.  30 minutes fast. In full transparency again, I don’t sleep with the patches on, but prefer to keep them in place for two hours whilst I am compos mentis.  The results thrill me. So:

I took six of the Plumping Patches, placed them strategically on my face and then blasted them under the lights for twenty minutes.  I took the LED mask off, pressed the patches into my skin (I’m addicted to the pressing mode) and then left them on for a further ten minutes; once again, the results were staggeringly good.  And then I told Arthur. I told him that I had baked my face. Poor Arthur. But Gill, he said, it is not scientifically proven. Yes Arthur, I know, but as above, I don’t really care, it works, so by all means go into testing, but I know what I know.  And what I know is that this can obviously only work if you own an LED mask, but more than that, if you are using them solo, they remain beyond excellent.

If you haven’t already done this, try using a couple of patches on your neck.  My next trick is to use all eight patches on my neck because I can and because I know what will happen, without lights. The neck saviours perhaps? I think so.
Micro-Needling Plumping Patches by Vice Reversa £34.95 for Eight Patches

Let’s do some health stuff, Ful.Vic.Health first:

Fulvic Acid Nail Cream

Whoosh. My heart said yes, my head said no, but I did it anyway and I’m such an idiot because it came back to haunt me, as these things do. I’m talking Fulvic Acid Nail Cream. And I’m talking that within hours of the May newsletter being released we were out of stock. Fulvic Acid Nail Cream was a gift for those who participated in the treat, which was on the newsletter, but outside of that and as a stand-alone product, it literally flew and yet another famine was upon us because I went against my ‘head intuition’. Thankfully we are back in stock, but it took a little longer than I thought, for that I apologise.

But, as is often said, you can’t keep a good product down and Fulvic Acid Nail Cream is the nail cream everybody is talking about. Little wonder because it is brilliant, but more than that, I wrote on the last newsletter that there is a Ful.Vic.Health product which I want Shabir to formulate. As if it was an invitation (actually perhaps it was), we started to receive emails of Fulvic products that you wanted Shabir to formulate. I promise I have the list. Shabir doesn’t even know about this (except he does now!). I’ve said several times over the years that it’s little wonder he hasn’t business-divorced me. But hey, I’m still here and so is the Fulvic Acid Nail Cream!
Fulvic Acid Nail Cream £12 for 30 ml

Another Ful.Vic.Health Treat

Hopefully my heart and head are aligned, because hard and fast on the back of the above, I am doing another treat. Basically because I can (it’s our own brand), but more than that, such is our belief in Fulvic Acid Elixir, we would like the world (well those who can) to take it because of its profound health attributes. I am sure most of you have read Shabir’s article on Fulvic Acid Elixir, but I am linking it again below just in case you haven’t.

I realise that many of you take Ionicell, which as I wrote on the last newsletter remains our bestselling supplement, however some of you prefer the Elixir and some of you do both (like me). And here it is: when you buy Fulvic Acid Elixir we will include in your order travel sizes of the Fulvic Acid Shampoo, the Fulvic Acid Conditioner and the Fulvic Acid Mist (so that’s three products!). Each product is 60 ml, so you can stash them away for your holiday (the mist is great for taking down sunburn and the shampoo takes the chlorine out of your hair), but for those of you who haven’t used any of these products, it is an opportunity to try them.

I have no idea how long this treat will last, so I’m not putting any dates across it, but once they are gone, they are gone. There is only one gift per customer and this will not show up on your invoice but will automatically be included in your order. Go to it Fulvic. ** This promotion has now ended **
VH Editorial: Fulvic Acid – The Elixir of LifeFulvic Acid Elixir £30 for 480 ml

Liposomal Cocktails

I take my inspiration from where I find it and Liposomal Cocktails are inspired by Trinny, which I’ll explain soon. Shabir has a thing about liposomals and he has had a thing about them for a very long time. I’m going back a few years, but they have become more fashionable, if you can call a supplement fashionable, over the recent past.

Essentially, Liposomal Encapsulation Technology has been used for many years to deliver certain drugs to specific tissues within the body, without affecting other parts of the body. At the heart of this technology are liposomes. Liposomes are microscopic bubble-type particles which form a membrane made up of special molecules called phospholipids. Phospholipids are very similar to the membrane that surrounds each and every cell within our body and either allows or hinders the absorption of a nutrient or a compound.

Many years ago, researchers discovered that these liposomals could be filled with therapeutic agents and nutrients. The membrane of the liposomal would hold in the nutrient and would not release until it reached the bloodstream.

This incredible technology works because of the natural behaviour of phospholipids when they are within a water solution under the right conditions. So if you were to make a solution of vitamin C or vitamin D and mix it with phospholipids, the result would be that the resulting liposome would contain either vitamin C or vitamin D suspended inside the liposome. Total brilliance.

The very latest liposomal product that Shabir is having a moment about is Glutathione. Glutathione is one of the most powerful antioxidants available with over 100,000 peer-reviewed scientific articles; furthermore experts believe that a vast majority of us may be deficient in this important nutrient.

Every single cell within our body manufactures glutathione, which is why scientists often consider it the most important antioxidant. Glutathione is required to manufacture glutathione peroxidase, which protects the whole body against oxidative damage that can age our glands and skin. Glutathione is also required for the manufacture of a number of important enzymes, helps to detoxify the liver and reduces the by-products of metabolism, which are damaging to the body.

And one last thing about Glutathione. It has been the subject of numerous studies on its ability to help tackle hyperpigmentation concerns. Both glutathione and its reduced form, GSH, were found to be beneficial for age spots, dark spots and pigment problems.

Back to the beginning. Liposomal Cocktails. I was with Trinny just before she was about to fly to NYC (those who follow Trinny will know that she has just conquered NYC, as only she can, with her Trinny London products). Anyway, she takes all (yes all) the Aurora Nutrascience’s liposomals and rather than take all of them with her, she asked Shabir if she could mix them together to save packing space. He said yes and so Liposomal Cocktails were born. On the rocks. Why not. If you’re going to do it, do it in style. With a straw.
VH Editorial: What Are Liposomal VitaminsMicro-Liposomal Glutathione £32 for 160 ml; Aurora Nutrascience

Dream Filter by Color Wow

Full name of product: Dream Filter Pre-Shampoo Mineral Remover, but excuse me Color Wow, I’ve just shortened the name to Dream Filter, which is exactly what I did with the Dream Brush because that had too many words in its name too. But never mind the semantics, the ‘Dream’ series, created by Gail Federici and John Frieda, continually leads the way with ground-breaking products and Dream Filter is no exception.

So what does it do, well quite a few things actually, but basically this pre-shampoo treatment extracts minerals and metals from your hair. Acting like a magnet, it removes other gunk too and the net result is brighter, lighter, fresher hair (and hair colour) in under three minutes.

All you need to do is apply Dream Filter to dry hair before shampooing, spraying evenly to saturate your hair. Wait one to three minutes and then shampoo. It can be used daily if required (I require, I wash my hair every day) and just in case you were wondering, it will not strip, dehydrate or damage coloured hair. Oh, and one more thing here, Dream Coat for Curly Hair is now available in supersize. And swing that hair!
Dream Filter £24 for 200 ml; Dream Coat for Curly Hair Supersize £51 for 500 ml

The Laundry Revolution From Japan

It’s called Terra Wash+Mg and it’s an eco-friendly laundry detergent which is reusable and capable of 365 washes and that’s only one of its many attributes.

Terra Wash+Mg is the subject of a Japanese patent-protected innovative technology, which is filled with highly purified magnesium. When this special magnesium comes into contact with water it generates bubbles of hydrogen and forms ionized alkaline water, which makes it easier for water to remove dirt from fabric and that includes germs, bacteria, sebum, mould and odour.

In testing it has been shown to be ten times more effective in removing odour than conventional detergents; it is hypo-allergenic, fragrance free and 100% free of toxic and synthetic chemicals. The hypo-allergenic bit is so important (I know about these things) as it makes it ideal for those with sensitive skin, or for those who are prone to compromised skin conditions, such as eczema.

And Shabir loves it, but really loves it. I think he talks about it every day. Who knew that a man (only a man) could get so ecstatic over an alternative to harsh, chemical laden detergents. I also think he has been muttering that it costs just under 8p per wash, which is good with me and just in case you need to know, it works with cold and hot water and its ultra-hygienic formulation keeps our washing machines clean too.

Long live our washing machines, white Zara T-shirts (love) and all our clothes. With over 1m sold in Japan, you are invited to join the revolution.
Terra Wash+Mg Organic Washing Detergent Replacement £35 (365 washes)

Lip Polish and Youth Lip Elixir by iS Clinical

I really don’t need to tell you about my love and adoration for all things iS Clinical, which includes Bryan Johns and Alec Call, the founders, aka my LA boyfriends. We have been together since the beginning of time (that’s VH and iS Clinical time) and the boys appointed me as a custodian of their brand a very long time ago, which unfortunately for me doesn’t include shares (it would be unethical anyway).

And proud I am because despite my genuine and total love for the lilac cream and some other skincare products along the way, I still believe that not that many skincare brands can hold a candle to iS Clinical. I always have it in my bathroom, always. I refuse to travel without Reparative Moisture Emulsion and a friend absolutely swears by dosing Reparative with Hydra-Cool Serum every morning and evening. I know, I know, another high-end skincare wardrobe, but so worth it if you can.
Reparative Moisture Emulsion £72 for 50 ml; Hydra-Cool Serum £48 for 15 ml; Hydra-Cool Serum £76 for 30 ml

Back to it and an iS Clinical new product launch is a rare thing. Extraordinarily rare. So when I was with the boys earlier this year and they told me about two new lip products, I nearly fell over with excitement. Lips from iS Clinical. There is a God. A Lip God.

Lip Polish: I think ‘Polish’ is such an evocative word and the thought of polishing my lips kind of sent me and in reality, it sent me even further. Loaded with vitamins C and E and blended with intensely rich botanical butters, exfoliation is encouraged and helps to smooth and hydrate the lips leaving them glowing, well if lips glow that is. And when my lips began to throb (in a good way) my excitement peaked. I knew it would be fabulous because the boys would never release anything that wasn’t, but it exceeded all expectation. But then it’s iS Clinical. Worship.
Lip Polish by iS Clinical £32 for 15 grams

For any of you who have tried any of iS Clinical’s ‘Youth’ products, you will know the efficacy of that range. If you haven’t then this could be a first as I am here to tell you about Youth Lip Elixir which does any number of things, including nourishing the lips, plumping and smoothing the lips and helping to redefine the lip contour (the Vermillion Border as it’s called).

When Bryan and Alec presented Youth Lip Elixir to the media in the US, the most interest centred on the science and the ingredients used in this formulation, which kind of speaks volumes because iS Clinical is a scientifically led brand and are in the top five of global cosmeceutical brands. Little known fact.

Freeze-dried hyaluronic acid, although not a brand-new innovation, is included together with an extremely low molecular weight hyaluronic acid. It also includes Extremozymes, which is an iS Clinical proprietary combination providing unprecedented multi-level protection against environmental aggressors.

I suppose I could write reams about the science, but I’m not going to do that because I don’t have the space, but what I do have is a total belief and respect for each iS Clinical product and Youth Lip Elixir is no exception.
Youth Lip Elixir by iS Clinical £52 for 3.5 grams

Lip Duo – The iS Clinical Treat

To celebrate the launch of Lip Polish and Youth Lip Elixir, the Lip Duo has been created. This gives you an opportunity to try both products for £64, with a saving of £20. This is a three-month celebration and all I need to do is diarise it otherwise the Lip Duo treat will run forever. Of course each of the products can be bought as a stand-alone (as above), but I think I know what will happen here. Glory be.
The Lip Duo by iS Clinical £64 (Lip Polish + Youth Lip Elixir) 

Neubria – The Nootropic Treat

At this point I’m beginning to wonder whether this newsletter takes the prize for having the most treats on one newsletter; I haven’t actually counted, but here comes another one, this time from Neubria, the Nootropic brand.

To recap what I’ve written before: Nootropics, often called smart drugs, are natural or synthetic substances that can be taken to help improve mental performance in healthy individuals. Clearly we are not doing smart drugs here, we are going natural, but Nootropics are fast gaining popularity (Shabir just gave an interview to Grazia about them – thank you Susannah Taylor) as they help boost, memory, focus, creativity, intelligence and motivation.

There are six Neubria products in the range and I wrote about most of them on the March newsletter if you want to reference them. For the duration of this newsletter, order any three Neubria products and we will give you the cheapest product free of charge. So in effect you are buying two and getting one free. This will not show up on your invoice (impatiently waiting for our new website when these things will happen automatically I hope) so please don’t have a panic attack. We will manually adjust your invoice after you have placed your order.

News and Feedback

Let’s do this:

Pore Cleaning Powder

Joining Fulvic Acid Nail Cream, we had a Pore Cleaning Powder famine too. I know I wrote that using Pore Cleaning Powder reminded me of being a movie star in the 1940’s, well it does, but this fabulous pink powder has, in the shortest time, developed a kind of iconic status.

And back in stock it is, for how long I don’t know, but another consignment is arriving soon and because I love experimenting (and having double-whammy product uses), I have been coating my feet with it and hanging them over the edge of the bath for ten minutes. I’m about to test it on my hands, but you may get there before me. Meanwhile my face is pore-refined to the extent that I have lost all magnifying mirror fear. Its only taken an entire lifetime.
Pore Cleaning Powder by GoW for VH £12 for 50 grams

Aethic Sôvée Sunscreen

We launched this world-first eco-compatible, reef-safe SPF, scientifically proven sunscreen on the last newsletter and wow, what a response we had.

And then Claire Coleman wrote a hugely interesting article in Metro (thank you Claire) saying that many products claim to be eco-friendly or biodegradable, but she could only find two brands that are actually independently tested and endorsed by people whose priority is the sea, not selling sunscreen. Aethic Sôvée was one of them and it was developed in conjunction with scientists responsible for the first-ever research into the impact of sunscreens on coral.

We launched with two products, Aethic Sôvée SPF25 and Aethic Sovee SPF40 and now there is a third product in the range, Aethic Sovee SPF50 Mother and Baby Fragrance-Free Sunscreen.
VH Editorial: The Problem with SunscreensAethic Sôvée SPF25 £44 for 150 ml; Aethic Sôvée SPF40 £53 for 150 ml; Aethic Sôvée SPF50 Mother and Baby Fragrance-Free Sunscreen £58 for 150 ml

Boost – Advanced LED Light Therapy Face Mask by The Light Salon

And back to the LED mask we go, mostly because I wanted to separate this from everything above. The first thing I want to share is Lisa Armstrong’s article in The Telegraph, which I’ve linked below. I don’t want to get over-emotional, but I will just tell you that Hannah and Laura (The Light Salon girls) said that it meant the world to them and because these things really do mean so much, we all started to cry. Lisa, I and we thank you.

Secondly, I absolutely promise you that when we released the newsletter, none of us knew what to expect. We held our breath as the first consignment sold out in 72 hours. The second consignment came and went and the third consignment will be with us within the next two or three days, all things being equal. We do have a wait list, but this is our biggest delivery yet, so we should have enough for those who want to join in, including some of my friends who are still waiting. Stand in line, I told them. And that’s what they’ve done. Respect.
Let There Be Lights. Your Skin Will Thank You by Lisa Armstrong

VH Editorial

This month:

Move over shower gel and cleansers, the bar of soap is making a comeback and for good reason. From reducing plastic to time-saving, Lisa Niven-Phillips says that despite having been around for centuries, traditional bar soap has had a rough ride in recent years, continually slipping down the popularity scale in the cleansing world, but things are changing and Lisa explores why.
The Bar of Soap Is Back, And Here’s Why by Lisa Niven-Phillips

‘When was the last time you listened to anything that intently’ asks Carolyn Asome. She continues, ‘I wrote recently that it takes a mind quiet enough to appreciate the beauty of imperfection, but it also takes a mind quiet enough to have any sort of clarity, especially clarity about oneself’. In a deeply thoughtful article, Carolyn explores the idea of strengthening your sense of self and how it can make you happier, which includes the profound mantra of not allowing anyone to make you cruel, no matter what. We live by this.
A Sense of Self by Carolyn Asome

This month Jo Fairley takes inspiration from the late Barbara Bush and puts together a plan of action for a better world. Without a political bone in her body, Jo leaves ‘Rant Central’ (social media) far behind and declares her views.
Actions For A Better World by Jo Fairley

‘This is just the worst time of year for eye woes’, write the Beauty Bible girls. ‘Dark circles, puffiness, tired and dry and itchy eyes. Even if you don’t suffer from hay fever, the pollen in the air can be irritating and inflammatory’. Read this to discover what they know.
The Complete Guide To Easing Eye Problems by Beauty Bible

‘My naturally rosy complexion is so normal to me’, says Rose Gallagher, ‘that I’d never considered it a problem. Waking up to an angry, bumpy breakout or stepping out of a hot shower with a bright red face is just normal. It’s what I do every day, I’d never given it a second thought until I started sharing my rosacea online’.
My Life With Rosacea by Rose Gallagher

The End Bit

Two new products from Temple Spa, Easy On The Eye, which is a gentle eye make-up remover and soothing eye solution and Life Defence SPF30 Protecting Moisturiser. Each year they seem to run away with a multitude of Beauty Bible awards, so this will please the many Temple Spa fans and I think Easy On The Eye might just get a mention in the next awards, it’s that good.
Easy On The Eye £16 for 150 ml; Life Defence SPF30 Protecting Moisturiser £38 for 50ml

After the launch of the fabulous, powerful Blooming Blend tinctures on the last newsletter, the top three bestselling products are Sleep Easy, Fatigue Fix and Be Sexy. Speaking volumes perhaps. We love our beds. Ahem.
Blooming Blends from £22 each for 30 ml

And with the warmer weather arriving, perhaps it’s time for Thyme Out, which we think is the ultimate summer must-have, even if it is fabulous to use all year round. This is the miraculous gem that helps almost every single inflammatory skin condition, including prickly heat, cuts, grazes and more. Who remembers India Knight’s (hello India) article from last year? I do, everything went bonkers. Let’s do it again.
A Spritz For Irritated Skin by India Knight; Thyme Out £18 for 200 ml

And so we come to the end of another newsletter, another long one I know, but there was so much I wanted to share with you, so thank you for reading.

And, together with Shabir, Victoria and the entire VH team, as ever your support and loyalty means so very much. Thank you for creating famines, however hard wait lists are, we get there in the end – together.

Wishing you a happy and healthy June.

With love

Gill x