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Swallow Some New Vitality

  • Magnolia Rhodiola Complex

    Find your stress profile and check uber pharmacist Shabir Daya’s pick…

    All-Day Strain
    When every hour nudges your stress-o-meter upwards, cosset your adrenals with B and C vitamins – those glands need lots! Try AD206 by BioCare, with its host of Bs! £10.75 for capsules.

    Energy Draining Anxiety
    Give yourself a boost with good old ginseng, paired with B vits to ease stress and give you a lift! Try Daily Energy, which also has herbs to help regulate sugar levels, and kill the afternoon slump. £25 for 60 capsules.

    Brain Racing Pressure
    Handling manic days but not the floor-walking nights? Go for magnolia rhodiola, which helps relax nerves and reduce the stress hormone cortisol. Try Magnolia Rhodiola Complex

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Phylia de M – 3 Step Kit


Happy, Shiny

  • Phylia de M – 3 Step Kit

    Tracing the trajectory of organic hair-care line Phylia de M. is akin to drawing a loop diagram of Rapunzel-like beauty and style insiders. Tracey Cunningham (Gwyneth’s colorist), who stocks the regenerative range at her Beverly Hills salon, Meche, was introduced to it by the actress Kidada Jones, who helped launch the brand with funder Kazu Namise last year. Jet-settings lady Kinvara Balfour – style consultant and niece of the Duke of Norfolk – discovered the products during a recent stint in Los Angeles and share her find with pall Poppy Delevingne. Back in London, colorist Josh Wood was so impressed with Balfour’s noticeably thicker head of hair, he insisted everyone at his Atelier have a look. Now Kylie Minogue is a devotee, too.

    The 3 Step regimen – Clean, Condition, Connect, the hero leave-in treatment – has been hailed as nothing short of transformative. “I have new hair literally sprouting out of my head”, says Balfour, who’s since signed on as brand ambassador. The secret lies in the blend of nourishing aloe, reparative tannic acid, and detoxifying fulvic acid developed by Namise’s godfather, Japanese oncologist Dick Miyayama, M.D., and formulate on his organic farm in Monterrey in Mexico. “Age, stress and environmental factors affect the capillaries along the scalp.” says Namise.” Phylia works to restore healthy nerve-to-follicle connections, encourage cell renewal, and allow keratin to be carried out into the hair again.” New additions debuting this summer include Fulphyl, a drinkable supplement containing pure fulvic acid, and superserum called Re-connect.

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