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A considerable amount of studies have shown that the ageing process is usually accompanied by constant low-grade inflammation that researchers call “inflammaging”. Basically it refers to inflammation associated with cellular ageing.

Whilst acute inflammation often causes immediate problems such as rashes, heat in the body, loss of function, pain and swelling, chronic low-grade inflammation is considered far more dangerous because the symptoms are not immediately visible but this type of inflammation is thought to contribute significantly to mortality rates as we age.

Ageing is a major risk factor for many chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, cell mutation, narrowing of the arteries and arthritis. Although ageing in not preventable, the inflammation that is responsible for many of these diseases is targetable. Read More…

Does Hair Dye Increase Your Risk Of Cancer?

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If you’re looking at an invasion of grey hairs and/or dark roots, you might well be tempted to get out the hair dye. An estimated 53% of women in the UK – and an increasing number of men – use hair dye at home, according to Mintel. Of those, 70% choose permanent hair colour, which raises the most concern in terms of cancer risk.

Should you really be worried? It’s a confusing area so I want to decode it and give you the headlines. Read More…

How Yoga Can Help Anxiety

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However buoyant we are usually, the current climate is triggering a tsunami of anxiety and depression, which affects people to varying degrees of intensity. Many of us don’t want to take medication – probably don’t even go to our doctor – and are looking around for alternative ways of calming our fearful brains.

In August, a new study found that yoga was significantly more effective for diagnosed anxiety (medically called generalised anxiety disorder or GAD) than standard education on stress management. Cognitive behavioural therapy was more effective than both at dealing with negative thinking but waiting lists are long and experienced therapists often difficult to access. Practising yoga offers a safe, non-drug and widely available way of dealing with these distressing states of mind. Read More…

Aromatherapy For Autumn

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Here at Beauty Bible, we love aromatherapy and everything it does for us – mind, body and soul. Geraldine Howard, the late joint founder of Aromatherapy Associates, was a dear friend and a great influence on us, as well as on many aromatherapists then and now. One of these is Emily Muffett, who to our delight has reappeared in our lives after an absence of several years.

Once the high-powered Director of Marketing for UK and Europe at Jurlique, Emily decided to take up a very different line of work. ‘I needed to reset and think about what I really wanted to do. I decided to follow my heart and delve deeper into natural skincare and remedies. I realised almost immediately that aromatherapy was the right path for me.’ Geraldine Howard influenced Emily profoundly, she says. ‘She was an inspiration to me. She had an amazing ability to connect and be so generous with her time and advice.’ Read More…

Tips To Prevent Chin Acne

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If you are having to deal with chin acne, know that you are not alone. According to a 2018 review of studies in the Journal of Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigative Dermatology, there was, and still is, a significant increase in adults suffering from chin acne.

What causes acne or spots on the chin?

Acne on the chin is obviously like other types of acne which can occur anywhere on the face or body. A hormonal change is often the cause and this change can occur at any time of your life; from puberty to adulthood. Androgens like testosterone trigger excess oil production which is why acne flare-ups are common amongst teenagers with raging hormones. In women, acne is caused by the spike in testosterone levels just before a period and during pregnancy.

What is interesting is that women who have acne in their early 20s tend to see it mostly on their chin, jaw line and lower cheeks. This is often called the “U-Zone” as opposed to the “T-Zone” so often seen in teenagers. Read More…

Vitamins To Take In Your 60s And Beyond

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I am often asked if one should take vitamins once you have reached your 60s. Looking after your health at any age is important and yes, taking vitamins are important as they can supplement your diet since there are many factors that hinder a balanced diet and the absorption of nutrients from the food you eat.

Factors which limit vitamin intake:

As we age, we do not metabolise key vitamins and many people in their 60s tend to have a smaller appetite. The amount of digestive enzymes we produce are considerably less leading to poor availability of nutrients from food.  A multivitamin supplement will fill in any nutritional gaps not obtained from a normal diet. Read More…