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Gill meets Prudvi Kaka

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What is your background?

I came from beautiful India to beautiful Canada with an educational background in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. I started off my career in Canada back in 2013 with a dream to become a pharmacist initially, but fortunately landed in beauty. My initial beauty formulation experience started at another cosmeceutical lab briefly and this led to DECIEM. Read More…

Gill meets Mattius Hulting


What is your background?

I founded Ramblin’ Brands in 2011 together with my friend and former colleague Peder Wikström, with whom I had worked at Procter & Gamble. We had both spent most of our career working with beauty brands like Sassoon, Wella and SK-II.

Over the years, our careers had taken us to Asia. I spent many years working in Japan while Peder was in Shanghai working for a Swedish cosmetics company. The idea to set up our own company came from late night conversations when visiting each other. We have both always had a passion for innovation, but it was when the idea for Smile Makers came about that we decided to finally do something. Read More…

Gill meets Brandon Truaxe – Again!


With four products now launched, CAIS, MMHC, Photography Fluid and Lip Bio-Lip Concentrate, the NIOD journey enters its second phase. We have three new products launching this month, so let’s start with Hydration Vaccine (HV). Please explain the product, what it does and when we should be using it?

Water is like oxygen; very little desire for it exists until it’s absent and then it becomes the only priority in mind. I am very much against most products that mention the word “hydration” for the very reason that they suggest to “hydrate” the skin, which generally means increase the water content within skin cells. First, most hydrating products are mainly using oils to provide this “hydration” so I am not sure where water comes into play. Second, the water content of topical products usually evaporates on the surface – otherwise we would just hydrate our skin by sitting in the bathtub. Third, because the skin repels water (and actually attracts oils, counter intuitively) the skin will likely repel anything that claims to deliver skin hydration (meaning water) topically. And fourth, because the part of the skin that matters most is made up of live cells that generally are very happily filled with a lot of water and do not need “hydration”. These reasons are why DECIEM brands do not offer typical moisturizing products. Read More…

Gill meets Brandon Truaxe


DECIEM is an umbrella of beauty brands, including Fountain, Hand Chemistry, HIF (Hair is Fabric) and NIOD (Non-Invasive Options In Dermal Science). What was the inspiration behind DECIEM?

When we started, our hands were tied because I had exited Indeed Labs with a non-competition agreement preventing me to do anything in the area of facial anti-ageing, which was all I had done most of my life, what I knew well and what is by far the most interesting part of this industry. I had to decide what to do. In between airports, rivers, mountains and crowded cities, the advice everyone gave we was the same: you can’t do ten things at once. And so I formed DECIEM (from the latin word for ten in a row, “decima”) to do exactly that. It’s the wrong thing to do. But it definitely was right for us. By being involved in so many categories, our brands can afford to have a dedicated lab, design team, factory and a dedicated everything really, and we keep our team very excited all the time. In reality, by doing more brands, we are doing more for each brand. Read More…

Gill meets Bryan Johns

Bryan Johns

It has taken seven years to bring Youth Serum to market; why has it taken so long?

We pay very careful attention to market needs. People are becoming more and more intelligent in the realm of skincare and really appreciate products that actually produce changes in the skin. We not only work closely with clinical professionals, we align ourselves with a great many celebrity makeup artists. Makeup artists in particular have been instrumental in helping to bring to our attention the needs of the women in particular. The proper texture, absorption, and performance qualities of a product are extremely important when developing new products. In the case of Youth Serum, we literally started with a “wish list” of desired benefits to guide the creation of the formula.

The Youth Serum wish list included; rapid tightening and smoothing, allow for easy makeup application, long-term wrinkle reduction, application day or night, and the ability to apply on top of other products or makeup and still retain the tightening effect. Read More…

Gill meets Chris Hobson


What led you to create Patchology?

We have been creating innovative transdermal patches since 2007 and have developed a unique expertise around getting active ingredients into and through the skin barrier. Over the same period, we have monitored the evolution of the skin care industry and noted the rise of numerous “cosmeceutical” ingredients such as peptides, hyaluronic acid and plant extracts that have proven efficacy. These ingredients are great, but if they cannot get to the deeper layers of the skin, they just wash off and are ineffective; that is where patch delivery and the unique technologies behind Patchology come in.

What is your background?

As noted above, we have been developing transdermal patches for almost a decade. Our team includes scientists, skin care industry veterans, manufacturing experts and aestheticians.

Who developed the patches?

Our R&D team, led by Michael Jordan, VP of Operations, has developed our existing technologies and continues to innovate and search for advanced technologies to address a wide variety of skin concerns. Read More…