Beauty Bible Loves: The (Early) Spring Edit


VH has long been a go-to site for us – and for countless readers – for beauty ‘happenings’. It’s all Gill’s fault: she’s constantly out there sleuthing new and improved products to revolutionise our beauty regimes, and which do what they say on the tin/jar/whatever.

We frequently share our ‘finds’ with Beauty Bible readers – maybe you’re among them? – but thought it was time for a seasonal round-up of some of the new VH faves to which we’ve had the pleasure of introducing our fans and followers. (Every one of which is then entitled to use the rather lovely logo that we had designed a few years back, and which we’re always gratified to spot on beauty packaging!) Temple Spa Trufflesque. Remember that scene in Goldfinger where Shirley Eaton was entirely painted in gold?

Basically, this is the face version of that, but with really very impressive beauty benefits. (That’s unsurprising, being Temple Spa.) It is also SO fun to use! The formula is really and truly golden, and you smooth it generously onto the face with the accompanying brush. The list of ingredients couldn’t be more luxurious: gold pearlescent pigment, gold and silk ‘actives’ (to protect against oxidative stress), diamond illuminating powder (a soft-focus powder which also helps ‘lift’ dull skin), lemon tree honey, black truffles (a bit of a signature Temple Spa ingredient), strawberry extract, a Champagne extract (also chosen for its antioxidant properties), along with skin-plumping hyaluronic acid.

You leave it on the skin for 15-20 minutes or so, and then really massage it into skin, which further activates some of the ingredients, we’re told. Before you whisk it away – with a muslin cloth or a flannel – DO have a look at yourself in the mirror, before, during and after! It’s quite a golden moment.

This Works Calm to Go Kit –­­­ File this little portable rollerball of This Works brilliant Deep Sleep Stress Less aromatherapy treatment under ‘life-saver’. Technically, the bottle’s designed to glide onto pulse-points via the metal ball – but we like to apply to palms, rub together, cup hands over the nose and breathe, breathe, breathe.

Ignore the fact it says ‘Deep Sleep’; this eucalyptus, frankincense and lavender blend is brilliant for banishing stress at any time of day (or night). What’s so utterly brilliant here, though, is that it comes with a chic little white keyring attachment – so it’s always to hand for stress SOS-es. Meltdowns duly averted.

Color Wow Bionic Tonic Cocktails –­­­ These ‘booster’ products are an extra step in your haircare regime, for sure – but we think you’ll find they’re worth it. Little more than a 5p piece sized dollop’s needed, in each case – so the sleek silver bottles are going to go a long, long way. So: welcome to the age of the ‘hair cocktail’– which we predict are poised to shake up the hair category, once again.

Color Wow Coconut Cocktail – Smells like a Bounty (a bit, only more sophisticated), and works by mimicking a natural lubricating layer of hair that gets stripped off by colouring. Jo’s new addiction: leaves hair incredibly soft, smooth and shiny.

Color Wow Carb Tonic – If colour processing has left your hair thinning and porous, here’s your answer: powered by corn starch, cellulose and oat brand, it actually expands hair mass. And the effects are amplified when you style.

Color Wow Kale Tonic –­­­ This has been ‘clinically proven to reduce breakage by over 50% after just one use: a bold claim, but we have great faith in Color Wow’s Dr. Joe Cincotta (who is, after all, the man who created the pioneering Frizz-Ease range for John Frieda). The key ingredients are protein-building amino acids plus B vitamins – and this also has a UV protective effect. The Kale Cocktail can be used in combo with either Coconut or Carb.

NEOM Organics Energy Boosting Home Mist –­­­ Still feeling sluggish as the year gets under way? Especially on those winter days when (as a friend of ours likes to put it), ‘the lid’s on…?’ (You know the kind of day we mean, when the cloud’s so thick it barely gets light). We defy anyone not to feel energised after a few spritzes of this in the home (and we like it in the office, especially).

The air will be filled with the scent of lunch Sicilian lemons, which are known aromatherapeutically to stimulate tired grey matter and encourage clarity of thought. Lemon sits alongside basil, chosen for its ability to tackle mental fatigue and improve concentration. Got a deadline? Need to finish sorting that pile of VAT receipts? Looking to get off your backside and clean out a cupboard? This won’t drop you down again like a cup of coffee does – and it smells, if anything, even better. So: zoosh, zoosh, zoosh! Zing, zing, zing!

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