Ear Candles - Sinusitis (Eucalyptus/Lavender & Peppermint)

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Ear candling is a centuries old method of bringing an enhanced state of health to the ear, nose, throat and sinus area. Ear Candling has a very consistent track record of succes helping people with the following problems: sinus congestion, colds, the flu, sore throats, earaches, ear infections, sinus infections, lymphatic congestion, swollen glands, balance and equilibrium, allergy symptoms, pain or pressure when flying, scuba diving, or other elevation change discomfort.

Ear Candles are not medical devices, therefore, they can not remove objects, including wax, yeast/candida, bacteria and/or fungus from the ear. Ear Candles do NOT create a vacuum. They create a vortex which is a big difference. The vortex pattern occurring inside of the ear candle in conjunction with the warm compressed air initiates the flow of energy, that serves as a catalyst that shifts the body into a relaxed state. This encourages the lymphatic system, sinuses, and Eustachian tubes to begin healing itself. This shift in the human body’s autonomic nervous system from a sympathetic to a parasympathetic state is well known in the fields of reflexology and acupuncture.

Ear Candling is safe, natural and helps the body to heal itself holistically.

Instructions: Please use ear candles Only with the supervision and/or assistance of another person. Full Instruction leaflet provided.

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