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Fighting frizz usually involves a heavy, gloopy serum, but this anti-humidity spray is light — and it works – By India Knight


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    It seems extraordinary to me that some people are untroubled by rain, hair-wise. It rains on their hair and they laugh gaily, hahaha, in that Four Weddings “Is it raining? I hadn’t noticed” way. And then their hair dries and it looks nice. Ha! (This is not a gay laugh. It is a furious, bitter laugh.) Sometimes it dries in a poetically wavy way, in the sort of waves that people spend hours trying to create with a hot wand, the sort of waves that ought to be rippling in the sun, in a meadow. Or sometimes it dries and it’s as though it hadn’t rained at all.

    These people are massively annoying. If my curly, coloured, processed hair gets rained on, it turns into a giant cloud of frizz. It looks like spindly, fluffy weeds. It reminds me of a character called the Gentleman with the Thistle-down Hair in Susanna Clarke’s book Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell — a perfect thing to read as the nights draw in, actually; the BBC’s adaptation was also excellent. Anyhow, my point is that nobody wants their hair to remind them of thistledown, or gentlemen, for that matter.

    Sure, there are solutions. Like, wear a tight little plastic rain hat. Only joking: a tight little plastic rain hat is a weak look and, more to the point, it makes your head sweat and your hair steam. There are various products that combat frizz, but they are usually silicone-heavy to give them slip, and can weigh down your hair. They are absolutely fine, but now I can never look at them in the same way again because I have met the absolute, ultimate remedy. This product, Color Wow Dream Coat, is magical. It makes all other humidity-protectors redundant. Get this: the humidity protection lasts through two to three shampoos (two, for me, but your mileage may different). Even more pleasingly, and to the point, it gives you really smooth and shiny hair, even if you are a person with coloured, processed hair who finds shine and smoothness elusive outside of a professional blow-dry.

    Critically, it is exceptionally light. All the effective serums I’ve used on my hair have felt to some degree thick and gloopy, and I’ve been aware of them on my hair. This feels barely there. The idea is that you spray it on and that the randomly distributed droplets mesh to form a sort of protective web over your hair. You can’t feel it at all. Your hair just feels like your bare hair, except a million times better behaved, sleeker and shinier.

    On the bottle, it says “supernatural sealant” beneath the Dream Coat bit. Beauty hyperbole really gets on my wick, but in this case it seems like a statement of fact. This is utterly brilliant stuff, and it might as well be made for the British weather. I predict it will sell out in about two minutes. Stock up.

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  • Alison Whiting

    India is not exaggerating – this stuff is the business. I have thick, fine, embrace-the-grey hair which usually goes bonkers at the slightest sign of moisture. The Dreamcoat spray is odd to apply as it is scentless and very thin in consistency (feels like spraying water on your hair) but one blowdry later and my hair is amazingly well behaved, soft and shiny. I’ve even tested it by deliberately going out in the rain, and my blowdry survived intact with no frizz at all. I can only assume they didn’t call this ‘Good Hair Day In A Bottle’ because the name was already taken, but that is the overall effect. :)

  • Victoria Health

    Thank you for sharing Alison.