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So we’ve been at it again, with another book – and one that’s very close to both our hearts. It goes on sale towards the end of March, but we thought we’d bring you a sneak preview of some of the products that have done incredibly well with our testers, which you can also find showcased on VH. Three for faces, three for lips, one for hands – and including something we’re over the moon about, frankly!

Aurelia Cell Repair Night Oil 9.15/10

Next month, we’re going to share with you some rather special news about Aurelia – but for now, we want to introduce to you this incredibly high-scoring, award-winning oil, bursting with the fresh but intoxicating scent of orange blossom, alongside lavender, rose and mandarin. Some of the oils on the ingredients list sound pretty exotic: mongongo and Kalahari plant oils, baobab (a new buzz ingredient), and firming kigelia. Comes in a dropper bottle. And you want to know a secret? We’re both in love with this, ourselves…

Comments: ‘Skin looked fresh and plump after just the first application – on the odd night I didn’t use it, noticed my skin wasn’t as good’ • ‘LOVE this product: smells absolutely divine (floral, sensual), sinks into skin with little effort and a little goes a long way’ • ‘oh my word, how much do I love this…? I could smother myself in this – the smell is amazing’ • ‘enhanced radiance and made me look younger’ • ‘everyone has commented on how my skin looks and how my colour has evened out (after three children I had pigmentation) – I now don’t have a single blemish’ • skin looks good, glowier and softer; my mother and husband have both commented’ • ‘really rate this due to noticeable effect, gentleness, smell, lightness/non-greasiness, quick absorption – great product’.
Aurelia Cell Repair Night Oil £45 for 50-ml

Dr. Hauschka Rejuvenating Mask 8.53

There are several masks in Dr. H’s range, but this one’s designed to ‘bring life and vitality to pale, dry skin’ (but also deeper skintones, we think: it won’t only work on English roses…) Botanicals include apricot, borage, jojoba, peanut and wheatgerm oils, with glycerine and extracts of carrot and chamomile A lot of the Dr.Hauschka range has been repackaged in plastic, but this still comes in one of the squeezy metal toothpaste-style tubes.

Comments: ‘Skin felt smoother and softer without being dried out at all’ • ‘skin plumped immediately, and looked better for a couple of days after use’ • ‘enjoyed this particularly when I was feeling tired or poorly – a good “rescue” mask’ • ‘absolutely loved this: skin looks soft and plump’ • ‘as soon as I started applying this, my skin was going “hey, this is great – give me more”’ • ‘skin velvety-smooth and feels “caressed”’.
Dr.Hauschka Rejuvenating Mask £38 for 30-ml

This Works Skin Deep Youth Elixir 8.71

This is one of Jo’s favourite body treatments: a real de-ager which is a little different to most body ‘lotions’ as it’s more of a smooth, smoothing serum. As with all This Works products it features a fusion of therapeutic essential oils: rose, patchouli, bergamot and clary sage, in a soothing base that incorporates aloe vera and chamomile.

Comments: ‘Lovely light body moisturiser that absorbs quickly; skin looks cared-for and there are fewer little spots and bumps on my legs’ • ‘I LOVED this; very different to my normal product, but so highly effective there’s no need for a body lotion over the top; noticed a great improvement in skin texture’ • ‘my skin is allergic and sensitive but no cracking or stinging; definite improvement in silkiness right from the start’ • ‘smells absolutely lush, reminding me of herbs and flowers’ • ‘would I buy this again? Hell, yes!’ • ‘fine dry lines – parchment-paper effect – gone’ • ‘skin felt soft even if I missed a day’.
This Works Skin Deep Youth Elixir £38 for 120-ml

Lanolips 101 Ointment 8.44

We’re thrilled for our Lanolips founder friend Kristen Carriol that two of her lip products are chart-toppers here. This is the original Lano creation: nothing but 100% pure, clean, medical grade lanolin, which for centuries has been renowned as a skin-soother and emollient. 101 goes way beyond lip-soothing and (subtle) glossing, BTW: it’s great for wound-healing, too, and is ‘newborn-baby-friendly’.

Comments: ‘I’ve very dry lips and this was brilliant for improving softness, especially over very harsh cold weeks’ • ‘good over lipstick, too, for a gloss look’ • ‘will definitely buy again; felt I was on a losing battle with my lips using other products – Carex, Vaseline etc.; until I used this other lipsalves just weren’t good enough – but I’ll definitely buy this!’ • ‘absolutely no taste at all, which I liked – less temptation to lick lips’ • ‘transforms dry lips but also cuticles, soothes the irritation of cat scratches and has softened the horizontal line on the bridge of my nose!’
Lanolips 101 Ointment £7.99 for 9-grams

Lanolips Lip Ointment with Colour SPF15 ONE DAISY 8.4

With 60% medical-grade lanolin, plus grapeseed, castor seed and coconut oils, shea butter and vitamin E, this is a somewhat glossier, tinted version of the bestselling 101 Ointment available in a fab range of five colours. Our testers had Rhubarb – our own personal favourite: a fruity deep pink sheer enough to work on all skintones. It features an SPF15 but for that to be effective, you need to reapply regularly.

Comments: ‘Used this in cold weather and not once did I have chapped lips’ • ‘lovely colour just enhanced my own lip shade; long-lasting even after a cup of tea’ • ‘lips felt lush’ • ‘really, really liked this: rich and nourishing, comfortable and the condition of my lips has definitely improved’ • ‘even when it had seemingly worn off, my lips felt smooth and I didn’t feel the need to reapply as I do with other lip balms’ • ‘lovely tint with an SPF15; perfect for the pool’.
Lanolips Lip Ointment with Colour SPF15 £7.99 for 12.5-ml

Beauty Bible Lip Balm 8.22

This is not a fix. Some years ago, we launched a single product bearing the Beauty Bible name – in truth, to protect our trademark, but also because it was actually our favourite-ever lip product (something Gill herself actually introduced to us): a chunky all-natural balm which we ‘rebranded’ with our name. We thought we’d send it out to testers for this trial, and see what happened. Well, they loved it enough to nudge it onto the award-winners’ podium! We’d be lying if we didn’t say we’re chuffed to bits.

Comments: ‘Extremely comfortable: moisturising without being too greasy or oily’ • ‘my husband always suffers from dry lips so I gave it to him to try it out too, and he really liked it’ • ‘lips were in better condition after just a couple of days’ • ‘like the fact this is unfragranced’ • ‘I will keep this in my jacket pocket so I can use it on a regular basis’ • ‘love this and will make sure it’s within reach at all times’ • ‘lips look kissable – hell, I’d kiss me!’
Beauty Bible Lip Balm £6 for 8-grams

Circaroma Replenishing Hand Cream 8.61

We’ve history with this hand cream – it’s a winner in a previous Beauty Bible book, re-assigned for The Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible to a new team who fell yet again for its rose-drenched charms. Rose attar and rosewater both feature, blended with essential oils of rose geranium and patchouli, in a super-softening base of sunflower, almond, coconut and cocoa butter.

Comments: ‘I’ve always thought of hand creams as a boring necessity; skin looked smoother and results lasted all day even after much hand-washing – lovely product’ • ‘this has been a bit of a miracle as my hands look smoother and actually younger’ • ‘lovely, subtle scent of roses that really lasted, but not in an overpowering way’ • ‘amazing product: a little goes a long way and without a doubt the best hand cream I’ve ever used’.
Circaroma Replenishing Hand Cream £22.70 for 50-Grams

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