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Chinese Medicine might have been around for thousands of years, but few of us truly understand or appreciate the many health and wellbeing benefits it can bring. Enter Katie Brindle, an expert in the field with over 16 years experience. After a car accident put a stop to her dream of becoming an opera singer, Katie embraced Yang Sheung (the Chinese approach to self-care) to help overcome the complications around fertility, weight, stress, depression and fatigue that followed. To help others embrace the healing powers of Yang Sheng, Katie developed Hayo’u, a game-changing brand that is focused around one-minute rituals and a clever jade beauty tool. As Hayo’u launches on VH, we asked Katie a few questions about her approach…

Why do you think Chinese medicine is so relevant to our lifestyle right now?

Over the course of the last century, much of the traditional wisdom and common sense has been eradicated and I think we are just starting to really see a return to it now. I’m very much into integrative medicine and while I would never knock Western medicine, I think the best approach is a combination of everything.

Over recent years, facial massagers have really come into their own. What makes the Beauty Tool different?

If you are a jade roller fan, you’re probably already clued up on all the incredible benefits of jade. Traditionally, the jade roller was actually used after facial Gua sha to calm the skin, after the real work had been done. Facial Gua sha has been used across Asia for thousands of years to boost circulation and the production of collagen and elastin. Research has revealed that it can increase microcirculation by 400 percent.

The Beauty Tool allows you to work the muscles and fascia for deeper tension release. The treatment removes any build-up of lactic acid and encourages lymphatic drainage. The curved points are also used to activate specific acupressure points on the face and ensure good Qi flow.  

Can you explain a little about the rituals, what the benefits are and how you can build on them?

The Hayo’u Method comprises simple but effective one-minute rituals that work to reduce stress and inflammation on a daily basis. These techniques are based on Chinese Medicine principles of breathing, bathing Gua sha and Qi Gong, a Chinese martial art.

What is the most common concern you see in your clients?

Conditions like stress, pain, low energy, headaches, anxiety, poor skin, low fertility, bad digestion and lack of sleep are all on the rise and I see them again and again. The common factor in most of my patients is inflammation, often caused by stress and modern lifestyle, which is why I created the method.

What is the one simple tweak you feel we could all make to dramatically improve our wellbeing?

That’s simple, I always recommend avoiding radical overhauls. The smallest changes that require minimum effort always make a bigger and longer-lasting difference. It’s far more effective to make small, intelligent changes, applied with wisdom and understanding of why they will work. When combined and practiced regularly, these small changes can have a huge impact.

With a family and full-time job, including your clients, how do you strike the work / life balance?

I practice what I spend my life preaching. To strike that balance I have to stay healthy otherwise everything collapses. The daily one-minute rituals support the demands I put on myself and I do my best to make time for walking the dogs, laughing with my kids, going to yoga, massage and making sensible food choices. Although, if I don’t have time to squeeze all of this in I don’t beat myself up about it as this just makes it worse.  

What would you say to someone who doubts the benefits of Chinese medicine?

Just give it a try. This is a healthcare system that has been relied upon for thousands of years. ‘New’ discoveries, such as our gut being our second brain, the field of PNI, our mental and physical health being intricately connected, are things the Chinese have known and been basing their treatments on for millennia.

What do you think the future has in store for the beauty and wellness industry?

There is an increasing integration between beauty and health. This resonates with what Chinese Wisdom has always advocated – that beauty is an external manifestation of your health. That and an increasing demand for ethical brands to truly deliver on their promises.


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  • Mel

    Can the De-stress face tool help with acne prone skin too? Thanks.

  • Victoria Hall

    Hi Mel,
    Yes, potentially as it increases circulation and reduces inflammation. However, I would recommend reading Shabir’s piece on Take Control Of Your Acne ( and looking into The Ordinary’s Salicylic Acid Solution and the azelaic acid cream.
    Hope this helps!