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I’ve made it to the second month and before anything I would just like to say a huge ‘thank you’ to everyone who took the time to read my first article about the VH Community. When it went live I was actually on holiday and my internet connection was down, which wasn’t the best start, but I eventually got through and I was touched and excited by those of you who took the time to leave a comment on my article and on the VH Facebook page.

I was slightly nervous that there would be ‘radio silence’, but seeing so many of you join in was an enormous relief. I have always thought there was a ‘strand’ that held us all together and I’ve quickly discovered that aside from our shared love for all things VH, we seem to share a slightly crazy sense of humour, which has had me laughing out loud too many times to mention. Who knew that we would be introduced to the world of ‘giddy kippers’ and Innovative Skincare boxes being used as pet substitutes. Just too funny.

As well as the laughter, I really want to make a call out to those people who are struggling with illness or just going through a bit of a tough time. I know that this subject is very close to Gill’s heart and giving help and support is an integral piece of the VH jigsaw. Whilst some of us are very happy to share on Facebook, there are obviously times where this would not be appropriate and if this is the case then do please mail me on community@victoriahealth.com.

Let’s talk about Tuesdays. As most of you know, Tuesday is 60 Seconds day, with the exception of the week that the newsletter goes out. Although 60 Seconds is now over a year old, over the past few weeks the activity surrounding it has increased dramatically and the party over on Facebook is something else and in all the years of me working in the digital world, I don’t think I have ever seen anything like it.

When speaking to Gill about it, she has told me that the one thing that really moves her are the customers who generously allow others a chance to receive a gift if they already have the product. I know that going forward there will be more fun things happening on other days, but despite that Tuesdays will probably be my most favourite day of the week forever.

Whilst on the subject of Facebook, I posted a comment asking if we could have a mega size of Phylia de M’s Connect; little did I know that Connect Rephyl was already on the shelves at VH HQ and would be released on the September newsletter! This does of course thrill me completely because I cannot possibly be without Phylia de M hair treatments. I know I wrote about Phylia on my previous feature, but whilst I was away Clean and Condition ensured that my time in the sun and water had no detrimental effect on my hair whatsoever. It remained soft, glossy and in tip-top shape.

Connect was as amazing as ever, but my adoration for the product increased as I realised it could play several different roles. I got stung by a horse-fly and several mosquitos (they love me!); remembering that Gill had posted on Facebook about spray Connect on a burn, I thought it was worth a try on my bites. Incredible is an understatement! Stinging and itching disappeared immediately and no lumps or bumps emerged. If you add in the fact that I’m resistant to anti-histamine and over-the-counter creams make no difference, this was nothing short of miraculous.

Each month I am going to highlight a product that I truly love and this month it is Sarah Chapman’s Facialift. Although this is a rather odd looking piece of kit, it is the most relaxing, easy way of reducing tension in your jawline, providing a lift at the same time; puffiness is reduced, features tighten (hello cheekbones!) and the beauty is that you only need to roll for a few minutes every day.

Alongside my favourite products of the month, I will be featuring several products recommended from the VH Community; so if you feel passionate about a product, please email me and let me know what it is you love about the product and I’ll try and include it in future editorials. I fully expect that when Gill reads them, she will pop a little treat into your next order by way of a thank you from both of us.

My final word on the subject of products is that my son charmingly informed me that my feet were ‘dry and wrinkly’ so if you haven’t tried the Alida Foot file yet, then you really should. In my opinion it’s the best foot file ever; follow it up with a generous coating of Miracle Lotion (ignoring the dreadful label of course!).

As ever, if you have any thoughts about growing the VH Community, do let me know and in the meantime I highly recommend you join us every Tuesday (and of course every day) on Facebook; the comments are hilarious, although I fear someone will eventually faint with the sheer excitement of it all.

Have a great month and I look forward to communicating with you over the next few weeks.

With love

Claire x

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