The Total Tone-Up, Tailor-Made


This article has been reproduced by kind permission of The Mail on Sunday YOU Magazine.

This spring, Susannah, 45 a fulltime PA, felt basically OK healthwise but never 100 per cent – my energy was low, I often felt tired and I had no ‘glow’. I ate well and had lost some weight but wasn’t happy with the shape of my lower body – it lacked definition, and I had no knees! Plus I never felt really on the ball.’

Susannah agreed to do a month’s trial at Lomax Bespoke Fitness, Nutrition and Wellbeing in London, where the expert staff creates tailor-made but affordable programmes for clients. (There’s no membership fee, you pay as you go so it’s great for anyone who cant commit to every week, and visitors too.) Susannah loved the small ‘boutique’ set-up: ‘not like a gym, more a “health hub”.’ The state-of-the-art fitness space offers different training options in eight fully-equipped pods. Susannah opted for the Body Sculpt programme, which involves diet, exercise, massage and a special extra session with leading motivational coach Ali Campbell to help ‘overcome my negative inner voice’. (She recommends his book ‘Just Get On With It: A Caring Compassionate Kick Up The Ass’.)

After discussing her goals, medical history and work schedule, Susannah started her four week ‘overhaul’. To fit in with her job, she did one-on-one early morning training sessions in her pod twice weekly, alternating with one to two hour hikes (walking and occasional jogging) twice a week, sometimes to work in the mornings. Yoga and pilates sessions kept her supple and flexible. ‘Training sessions were varied and lots of fun and the staff were so encouraging I wanted to work harder.’ On Saturdays her big treat was a massage at home (though there’s also a therapy room on site).

From Susannah’s seven-day food diary, nutritionist Zoe Copsey suggested she add more colour to her ‘mostly green’ vegetables and fruit, eat omega-3-rich oily fish twice a week, plus a daily 50g pot of mixed unsalted raw nuts and seeds. Zoe also advised she cleanse her body by avoiding salt, sugar, wheat and alcohol for the month.

An hour before training, Zoe advised eating a small banana and handful of almonds (for extra energy), then afterwards to eat within 30 minutes, including some protein. All Lomax clients are offered an individualised meal box with delicious organic food (eg garlic roast chicken, baby tomatoes, sweet potato wedges and broccoli, dressed with hemp oil and balsamic vinegar).

After four weeks, Susannah was glowing: ‘my body was leaner, more toned and fitter – although I’d gained a few pounds due to heavier muscles.’ Eating smaller portions in the evening helped her get a much better night’s sleep and wake up earlier – ‘less bloated and not tired. Psychologically, I felt great. I realised how much better it is to be active. I’m more confident, self-assured – and I get compliments on my skin. And my mother says she can see my knees – so, for the first time in years, I’m really looking forward to putting on my bikini and strutting my stuff on the beach! ’

Lomax Bespoke Health Ltd, 59 Buckingham Gate, London SW1E 6AJ, tel: 08715 120 770,

As we can’t all afford the time or the budget to go to Lomax the team gave us these tips that everyone can practise.

  • Keep active: exercise every day, alternating training sessions with gentler activities (walking, yoga, swimming etc) so your muscles rest.
  • Choose classes, activities you enjoy. Walk more, invest in shape-up shoes (eg FitFlops Supertones), dumbbells, wrist and/or ankle weights. Go dancing!
  • Look out for (and avoid!) hidden salts, sugars, additives and preservatives in food/drink. Choose organic where possible.
  • Eat protein with breakfast to sustain energy levels, eg boiled egg with toasted rye bread, probiotic yogurt with spelt muesli, oatcakes with cottage cheese.
  • Sip at least 1.5-2 litres still pure water daily; avoid fizzy drinks.
  • Find (or make) a picture of how you’d like to look, and stick it on the fridge door with any uplifting slogans that inspire you.

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