The Beauty Bible Spring Skincare Edit

Pink Tutti London

As some of you may know, for aeons now we have been sharing products that Beauty Bible loves every single weekday on, having sifted through the literally thousands of products which land on our desks each year to find the gems.

It probably will not come as a surprise to VH devotees that many of our finds happen to come from this very website. So – in case you missed them – here are some of our recent faves and our spring skincare edit…

Annee de Mamiel Sleep Series

We’re pretty obsessed with sleep. (Along with half the Western world.) So we were destined to be more than a little bit obsessed with this new Sleep Series collection from one of the most gifted therapists we’ve ever known, the inspirational Annee de Mamiel. These aren’t your typical sleep blends. This is all about customising your personal prescription for sleeping and waking, rather than spritzing a pillow – lovely as that is (and we’ll keep on with that, too). There are four rollerballs (and a balm). NB these are quite the most generous dispensers of essential oils we’ve ever tried; others can be a bit ‘mean’ with their cargo; we are finding them unbelievably effective, rolling the balls over palms several times, then breathing the oils through cupped hands. For the sleep-y oils, we also rollerball the chest area.

Here’s what they all do:

  • Settle works to still a restless mind – for those nights when your body’s tired, but  your mind’s still buzzing. Essential oils include lavender, sandalwood, frankincense, hinoki, vetiver, together with B vitamins, magnesium and zinc, which work to beckon quality sleep. (Jo would wear this as a perfume if she wasn’t genuinely worried it’d make her nod off during the day.) Do you ever wake anxiously in the night and find it hard to get back to sleep?
  • Soothe is for those moments, when you find your heart racing, your stomach churning and the world seems a dark and terrifying place. (Yup, that even happens to us sometimes.)
  • Anchor is the balm– one for light sleepers, calming the overactive nervous system with jasmine, chamomile, bergamot, patchouli, sandalwood, jasmine, lavender and way more. If you use this, or Soothe, we suggest positioning it right next to your water glass on the bedside table, so it’s within reach without having to switch on the lights to locate it.

And then there are the morning oils – again, mini-miracles. Rise is for when you haven’t managed to get that good night’s sleep – ‘when the tank is empty’, as Annee puts it. And Shine? Last but not least, this is a veritable ray of sunshine on even the darkest morning, a cheery blend of tangerine, pink grapefruit, green mandarin, ylang ylang, mint, etc.) which truly delivers get-up-and-go for the day ahead. Truly, truly.

Tutti London Italian Lemon Candle

Jo first encountered Tutti London when she gave a speech to entrepreneurs last autumn, and met the founders of this new candle brand who were in the audience. Several selfies later, they gave her THE most gorgeous candle – scented with the most heavenly, uplifting, almost ‘fizzy’ lemon scent. Now this candle – together with the rest of the collection – has landed at VH. (Turns out the founders are VH Addicts!) If zingy lemons don’t float your Riva speedboat (we are talking Italy, here!), you might go for the aromatic Wild Mint & Rosemary. Or the wonderfully woodsy Sandalwood and Oakmoss. Or deep, earthy-with-a-hint-of-hippie Patchouli & Vetiver. Most definitely tutti fabuloso, the lot of them!

Color Wow Dreamcoat

This has lived up to the ‘wow’ of its name since it was first launched. Absolutely flown off the shelves: a frizz-busting, humidity-beating product in V-E-R-Y sexy packaging. Here’s the gen: from Color Wow (whose chemist is the same man as brought us the original Frizz-Ease – say-no-more), this proofs hair against humidity by coating it with a ‘textile’: a heat-activated polymer that seals the individual strands. (Also making them super-shiny and silky.) But unlike silicones, it doesn’t build up on the hair shaft. (Ultimately, those shine-boosting silicones can have the opposite effect.) HOWEVER – what we can add is that we’ve also found that Dreamcoat is brilliant for ‘hat hair’. You know – those hideous, literally vertical, static-induced flyaways that you get when you take a winter hat off (and we’ve worn a lot of those this chilly winter).

Dermasuri Rice Milk Exfoliator

We’re going to stick our necks out here and say: this is one of the most extraordinary (and extraordinarily effective) facial scrubs that we have ever tried. Dermasuri Rice Milk Exfoliator is a serum-format exfoliator which you rub into skin – and watch those dead surface cells roll off. The more you rub, the bigger the ‘dead skin rolls’ become – although there’s no need to use high pressure, because this rice milk-based formula does the scruffing work for you. At the end, you rinse – and we like to touch our faces before applying moisturiser, just to check there are no surface stray particles that should be swished away. The result is clearer, more radiant, vibrant skin – in about two minutes flat.


WOW. WOW. WOW!!!! Lixir is the ‘baby’ of an incredibly gifted cosmetic scientist called Colette Haydon, who we’ve known for forever. Quietly, cleverly, behind the scenes she has created ranges for all sorts of brands – many of which have gone on to become global bestsellers, including REN, Aromatherapy Associates, HealGel and more.

About flipping time, then, that Colette came out of her lab and took some well-deserved glory – and she’s done it with Lixirskin. In gorgeous, simple packaging – with the ‘vintage knicker pink’ colour somehow making it feel super-feminine and desirable – there are six products. And we’re in love with at least three of them.

  • Electrogel Cleanser. This is an absolute grime magnet, trust us – thanks to the fact that there are negatively-charged particles in the creamy, rich formula (which attract dirt in sort of the same way as an e-cloth).
  • Vitamin C Paste. Famously skin-brightening, this quick-fix ingredient comes in the form of L-Ascorbic Acid (more effective than any other type of vitamin C, Colette maintains). Apply to skin for one minute, massage in and rinse – et (as she’d say), voilà! Brighter skin.
  • Last but absolutely by no means least, Universal Emulsion, which does triple duty as a day cream night cream and serum, in one. (No need for layering of lots of products.) She suggests it can be used not just on face and décolletage but also lips, arms and hands. (Actually, we’ve been using it all over…)

Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Frankincense Pure Essential Oil

Famously, frankincense was one of the gifts bestowed on Baby Jesus by the Three Kings. Slightly less famously, it’s an absolutely fantastic oil which acts as a respiratory tonic, uplifts the spirits and is highly ‘protective’ – a few drops will chase away negativity (indeed beyond that, it was once believed to guard against evil spirits).  And our go-to frankincense oil – from Aromatherapy Associates – is, cheeringly, now 100 percent ethically-sourced. Aromatherapy Associates is working with a charity by the name of Boswellness, which has direct links to farmers and ensures that money is invested back into the communities who gather the frankincense. Meaning one of our go-to feel-good oils – truly, a handbag essential – now has an even bigger feel-good factor.

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