Keeping Your Chin Up


Photographs are cruel. Those unposed moments when we’re captured with a canapé mid-way to the mouth – and more chins than Russell Grant. And alas, sags, bags and jowls around the chin can affect even slender women, although the more weight you carry, the ‘softer’ the jawline.

There’s one way not to be bothered by the Facebook ‘tagging’ or Snappy Snaps evidence of more than one chin, of course: follow the celebrities’ golden rule of never, ever being photographed either eating or drinking. Does Jerry Hall ever let herself be shot munching on a sesame prawn toast…? Does she heck. She’s got one photo face, which has worked for her since the age of 17, and sticks to it unswervingly.

To tighten the appearance of the jaw in photos, you can also follow the advice of Faye Dunaway, who insists that if you touch the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth while looking at the camera, double chins disappear – and it works. (Up to a point.) And you can always make like supermodel Linda Evangelista, who arrived at a photoshoot I was at with – yes! – a double chin, and then made it disappear completely by tightening the muscles in her lower face. Her secret: she practiced for hours to control every facial muscle individually. Read More…

Save Your Neck


To paraphrase Nora Ephron, don’t feel bad about your neck.

We love Nora Ephron (screenwriter for Heartburn, Julie & Julia etc.), and author of the hilarious (and wise) collection of essays, I Feel Bad About My Neck, in which she writes: ‘One of my biggest regrets – bigger even than not buying the apartment on East Seventh-fifth Street, bigger even than my worst romantic catastrophe – is that I didn’t spend my youth staring lovingly at my neck. It never crossed my mind to be grateful for it…. Of course now I am older, I’m wise and sage and mellow. And it’s also true that I honestly do understand just what matters in life. But guess what? It’s my neck.’

We agree with Nora that necks can be angst-inducing. But we say: any neck – even ‘turkey neck’ (a horrible term for a sagging neck) – can be improved, with targeted and diligent TLC. So here’s some wisdom from The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible (NB Victoria Health is the only place where you can buy copies that have been signed by us…) Read More…