The Neck’s Best Thing


Fact: as with hands, your neck can give your age away faster than a glance at your passport. Even smooth-skinned British beauties tend to ignore what happens below the chin-line – in fact, for many women, a cursory swipe with a flannel constitutes neck care. The result? Sagginess. Wrinkles. Tell-tale crêpiness. In short, a neck that looks older than the rest of you.

Yet on the Continent, it’s a different story. There, the neck is an erogenous zone, on which TLC is regularly lavished. The result? Necks that stay firmer, smoother and more swan-like for longer. As Paris-based facialist Jickie Leray explains, ‘French women regard their neck and décolletage as an extension of their faces. So everything they do for their face – cleansing, protecting, ritually moisturising – is extended right down to the bust-line.’ And if your new beauty resolution is to take more care of your neck, that’s a pretty good blueprint. (Starting with tonight…) Read More…

Anti-Ageing: The Inside View


Q: I’ve read about taking anti-ageing supplements for the skin but can anything really stop sags, bags and wrinkles?

A: In brief, yes! But this depends on the state of your skin, and also your lifestyle (diet, sleep, exercise, water consumption), as well as your genes. Moisturisers are vital but they only penetrate the top skin layer (dermis), so feeding the skin from inside with a targeted ‘nutricosmetic’ or ‘nutriceutical’ may help overcome some of the effects of ageing. Read More…