Ditch The Guilt

Household cleaning tools on a blue wooden floor

During the same weekend that I grit my teeth when the Duchess of Cambridge spoke about mother’s guilt  ( I tried to imagine Prince William ‘fessing up to the same thing – no me neither ), I read another article in the Observer by the goddess, Mariella Frostrup about tackling her insomnia. I don’t suffer from insomnia but have many friends who do and go to incredible lengths to try and ‘fix it’.

The big reveal was on its way:  what was Mariella going to attribute it to?  Hormones, the menopause, too much sugar, not enough sex… I can’t lie, I felt deflated when her answer did come.   For while anxiety and regular insomnia are synonymous with hormonal change in a woman’s 50s, it didn’t explain the nocturnal struggles experienced by younger women. On closer inspection she discovered, a picture starts to form that’s recognisable to any women who is knee deep in the mothering, marriage and career years. Read More…

Women in Work


For many women “ Work: The Toddler years” is not a chapter they are going to forget in a hurry. The frenetic juggling and the chaotic house amid a background of sleepless nights, near permanent exhaustion, being screwed on your maternity leave and a feeling that you might go demented at any moment as you flash a rictus grin and show the world that you are DOING JUST FINE.

This isn’t another article exhorting you to try meditation or take up yoga because honestly, I come in kindness. But it’s a call to women to take a good, long hard look at their lives and ask how unrealistic are they being with their expectations? Read More…