The Great Wedding Guest Conundrum


Few social occasions are more likely to throw you into a sartorial tailspin than dressing for a wedding. Is knee-length your safest bet? Or should you throw caution to the wind in a midi-calf dress? Will the photographer mistake you for the bride if you turn up in white or cream? And why are MOTBs (mothers-of-the-bride) nearly always swayed by scarlet, or worse still saccharine pastels?

What role you have as a guest will be a major deciding factor in what you wear. Deciphering the invitation is also crucial to making an informed style choice — if the bride is saying her vows barefoot in a field, then clearly no one is going to bat an eyelid when you turn up hatless in a maxi dress. If the nuptials are at St. Paul’s, then hippy dippy is not the way to go. Read More…

Bridal Beauty Countdown


The wedding season is almost upon us. But I am writing this not just for any VH-lover who’s getting married this spring/summer, but – of course – for my co-author Sarah Stacey, who is rather marvellously tying the knot for the very first time in May at what Gill Sinclair and I are gigglingly and affectionately referring to as ‘My Big Fat Horsey Wedding’ (since our friend has been horse-crazy from way back…) Aside from supplying 200 vintage cups and saucers for the event, my role includes organising the hairdresser (no mean feat in this case, since Andreas Wild had already had all his allocated hols from John Frieda) – but not something I was about to fail on, since Sarah’s other idea was that I should do her hair on the day. Which was Not. An. Option.

However, as the former Beauty Editor of Wedding Day, I’m pretty well-positioned to offer advice on the countdown to A Beautiful Big Day. So: the white dress, the glow of pearls, the aura of love in the air, the sheer adrenaline that rushes through her body as she walks down the aisle – all this, of course, helps to make each bride beautiful. All this – and rather more: the hairdresser, the make–up artist, the precise shade of wedding–day lipstick, the pre–wedding facial and massage, the manicure (the better to show off the ring), the pedicure (ditto those extravagant honeymoon Jimmy Choo sandals).

Unless the wedding is taking place on the spur of the moment then the wise bride starts planning her look–good schedule almost as soon as the engagement is announced. So here’s a top–to–toe bridal beauty countdown… Read More…