December Newsletter


Hello and welcome to the December newsletter. Historically this last newsletter of the year has always been rather different to the rest. Often referred to as the ‘bonkers newsletter’, each year we do something different and this year I have decided that we are going to do the first-ever-full-on VH Awards. Nobody has voted and in fact nobody knows anything about them except me and Shabir, who did another eyeroll to heaven when I told him that I had self-appointed myself to be judge and jury on proceedings.

Even before I start writing I know that it may well get out of control, but its been a bit of an ‘out of control’ year, so we may as well continue right to the end. As ever with the December newsletter, there are treats right the way through and you will need to read very carefully because I wouldn’t want you to miss out as we only have a limited amount, so you will need to be fast for some of them.

That said, what would a newsletter be if we didn’t launch some new products. I am going to begin with two new launches and then I’m going to change into an incredible Dolce & Gabbana creation (in my dreams), plonk a tiara on my head and present the awards. Let’s go: Read More…

Combination Skin

combination skin brush

Considering the gazillions that are poured into skincare R&D, it absolutely blows our minds that so little is done to tackle the challenges of combination skin. If the applicants to become testers for our Beauty Bible books (enlisted via are anything to go by, around 45% of the population is experiencing some level of combination skin – quite as many as ‘dry’ types. (There are precious few ‘normals’ among our readers, we can tell you.) What’s more, some of those women categorise themselves as ‘combination/sensitive’ – adding another skin challenge to the list.

Admittedly, combination skin is a tough nut to crack: you’re dealing often with two ends of the spectrum – dry cheeks, and an oily, shine-prone T-zone. Many sufferers also have occasional breakouts in that oily zone, along with open pores. Now, few of us want either the expense or the faff of having two skincare regimes on the go – but to be honest, that’s almost what it boils down to, to deal with this dual problem. If you just stick to products designed for breakouts/oiliness, they’ll almost certainly lead to dry, flaky skin, tightness – and plenty of frustration. And if you gaily slather a facial oil or rich cream over the oily bits, you end up having to deal with lots of shine, and make-up that simply won’t stay put in the affected areas – it almost ‘slides’ off the face…

Here, though, is what we’ve come to believe is most effective as a combination skin strategy… Read More…