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So how will you look in 2018? From wellness trends to hi-tech procedures, Annabel Rivkin introduces the innovations and happenings you need to know.



    How many serums? How many masks, acids and oils can one person cope with? If product fatigue is setting in, turn your attention towards skincare with a capsule wardrobe mentality. Simplicity is set to be the mot de 2018. Say hello to London-born brand Lixirskin with its ‘must-do’ trio of Vitamin C Paste, Universal Emulsion and Electrogel Cleanser. These three wonders, partnered with three highly active night-time ‘molecule’ serums, are it. Expect more cleverly edited propositions to land imminently.

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Meet the New Insta Brand – LIXIRSKIN

Meet the New Insta Brand Giving Glossier a Run for Its Money – Shannon Peter



    Of course, I’m still counting down the days until Glossier finally lands on UK soil (9 October, FYI) and I can stock up on my beloved Priming Moisturiser Rich without requiring a flight to NYC. But a few weeks ago, I spotted a new kid on the skincare block filling up my Insta feed: LIXIRSKIN. I don’t know whether it was the peachy-pink packaging or the straight-talking product names, but I knew I had to see if this new brand was worth the hype.

    I did some research. The brand was founded by Colette Haydon, a doctor in dermo-pharmacy who, until now, has lived a life behind the heavy curtain of the beauty industry, quietly formulating incredible beauty products for heavyweight brands such as REN, HealGel and Jo Malone. You may not have heard her name, but I’m pretty sure you’ll find a fair few products in your bathroom cabinet that Haydon is responsible for.

    Her new baby, LIXIRSKIN, is a capsule collection of six easy-to-use and (fundamentally) easy-to-understand skincare products that will fit seamlessly amongst the products you’ve already come to know and love, or can form a pretty efficacious skincare regimen themselves. And since I started testing them a couple of weeks ago, I’ve found myself doing the latter—that’s how good they really are.

    So what’s all the fuss about? Keep scrolling to hear my product-by-product verdict. Read More…