How To Do Blingy Festive Wear In A Non-Bling Way


Not so long ago, blingy layers of festive sparkle worn in the run up to Christmas was what ‘other’ people did. Certainly not how anyone with even a sliver of good taste might dress. And certainly not the behaviour of a discerning style maven whose look might best be described as polished but not too polished, stylish and yet not ‘victim’. Well not so in 2017 when shimmering sequins of silver, gold, green, pink, and cobalt blue- yes ,even altogether in the same outfit- are very much where it’s at this winter. And while no one wants to leave the house in a deluge of sparkly tat, this Christmas is fast shaping up to be the one where it’s perfectly acceptable – expected even – to go all out, Quality Street wrapper style, into the night.

For someone who might be described as Mrs Matt (I have never been drawn, magpie like to anything that sparkles) , I’ve already managed to acquire a twinkly silver top from Vanessa Bruno and a pair of sequin ankle boots, although admittedly these are black. But how do you pull any of this off when you’re allergic to high shine? This might sound like the biggest oxymoron but the secret to sequins this season is wearing them in a matt way. Read More…

New Season Shopping Rules


I’m just about ready to move on from this summer: hot sunshine, endless blue skies and lucky us, even a September heatwave to ease us back into the working world. It’s been bliss hasn’t it? The chance to loll around in a greying J. Crew hoodie (or the beachiest of summer dresses) and not wonder whether it’s too late to save up for a pair of Gucci Princetown furry, backless loafers (I’m still working that one out) or whether velvet will make you look like your Granny (no it won’t). Because let’s be honest: we’re not a nation that’s very good at hot weather. Charred, not to mention copious quantities of flesh are suddenly deemed acceptable – you don’t see New Yorkers or Italians un-dressing in similar fashion when the mercury hits 28c. Read More…