Perfectly Balanced


A few weeks ago, I was teaching a morning yoga class and we were practising tree pose (for non-yogis, this involves standing on one leg, bringing arms up above the head). We were all wobbling around and just could not stay still. We’d been having a lively session, experimenting with postures, chatting away, and it was proving hard to come back to calm. We were all trying too hard, so I asked everyone to go for the easiest option by putting one foot up against the other ankle, with hands on hips and to concentrate on breathing.

Once we allowed ourselves to just be, our minds began to settle. The chatter stopped and the room became silent. Suddenly we were all perfectly balanced on one foot, reaching up to the sky with our hands. Of course, we were not stiff like statues, but gently swaying, as if with a soft, warm Summer breeze. Everyone looked serene, peaceful and graceful. It was a great to watch. Tree pose is one of the best postures to ground yourself at the start of the day or whenever you feel unstable. It’s so simple yet has a profound effect which is why I love it.

And it goes to show there is no need to be tying ourselves in knots with complicated yoga postures. What’s important is the connection with our breath to become more centred and in the moment. This gives a delicious feeling of being able to step off the merry go round of day to day life for even just a few minutes. This ability to push the pause button when we need to becomes easier and eventually becomes an awareness of everything we do. Read More…