Has Your Get Up And Go Got Up And Gone…?


Almost everyone I know seems to be running on empty right now. It’s been a long year (despite feeling like it’s hurtled by, in many ways), but the ‘finishing line’ – the Christmas break – is in sight. The big question: how to keep going till then? Especially when there are office parties, visits to relatives, presents to buy/wrap/deliver, and meals to cook? It’s a tough time of year, energy-wise. And if you don’t keep your reserves topped up, there’s a risk of stopping on Christmas Eve – and coming down with the ‘flu or a cold, as your body’s way of saying ‘enough’s enough’. (I’d be lying if I didn’t say that’d happened to me, in years past.)

Happily, I’m mostly the Duracell bunny, energy-wise – but then I work on it. Pretty much on a daily basis, with the supplements I take: I can literally tell the difference in just days if I stop taking my Daily Energy, and if I know I’ve got a particularly challenging time coming up, I prepare with a ‘course’ of Sibergin, which I think of as booster fuel. I am eternally grateful to the wondrous Gill for introducing me to these, which I fully expect to take for the rest of my life. (That bouncy 93-year-old? That’ll be me.) Read More…