Is Aftersun Worth The Investment?


We’re all more than aware of the importance of wearing SPF and most of us are pretty good at slathering it on when we’re relaxing on a sun lounger on holiday. It’s the day-to-day application that some of us fall short with. Yet, with the UK experiencing one of the hottest summers in years and the record heatwave showing no sign of abating, wearing SPF every day has never been more essential.

If you’ve been caught out you’ll be well associated with that scorched, tight feeling too much sun can have on your skin. Enter your trusted bottle of aftersun. Brands often tout the cooling, soothing benefits of their aftersun, but is there any difference between them and your regular body lotion?

In a nutshell, yes. “Often traditional body lotions contain oil which create a barrier on the skin and trap the heat, causing prolonged burning,” says Dr Maryam Zamani, Oculoplastic Surgeon and Aesthetic Doctor.  “Aftersun on the other hand is a lighter cream or gel, which does not create a barrier and keeps the area underneath hydrated.”

Most aftersun formulas, including Coola Ecocert Radical Recovery After-Sun Lotion, £30, are also packed full of aloe vera, which is renowned for its cooling and soothing powers. While there isn’t a huge amount of scientific data to show that aloe vera is one of the best soothers for sun burn, almost every skin expert recommends using the ingredient for this purpose. Although, as Dr Zamani says, it’s better to opt for light lotions or gel formulas to allow the heat to escape as the aloe soothes your skin.

What if you’re allergic or sensitive to aloe vera? Fear not, social media has the answer and it’s an unusual one. This summer one Instagram user’s post went viral after she revealed her trick of using a menthol based shaving foam to help alleviate her husband’s sun burnt back. While it’s not a technique we’ve tried and tested, it’s worth exploring if you’re unable to use aloe vera as it’s likely the menthol will cool your skin and the foam will be incredibly lightweight.

Whichever approach you take, remember it’s a good sign when your skin starts to itch as it means it’s repairing itself. But, make sure you wear plenty of sun cream the next day and seek shade where possible.



In Summer, the young energy that arose in Spring expands to its maximum potential. Summer holds the power of maturity: the buds of spring mature into full flowers and now are able to share their pollen to make more flowers.

Ancient Chinese believed that we should live in harmony with the natural cycles of our environment and recognise the naturally occurring ebb and flow of energy reflected in our bodies. De Mamiel Summer Facial Oil is blended to work in synergy with these changes and put back what nature takes out at a time when it is needed.

In Summer, the energy of Fire allows us to give and receive warmth. By giving and sharing, we build our own Fire, open our own flower, and bring more of the summer sun to the world. It is time to enjoy the fruit from the seeds we have planted and the visions and plans we have made. Only in the fullness of maturity do we have the inner abundance and self-sufficiency to truly share with others.

Summer supports you in enriching your enjoyment of life. It is an invitation to savour life.

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Beauty Short-Cuts For Hair

July Beauty Bible

At this time of year, who has time for high-maintenance pampering? We’d certainly rather be outdoors, enjoying the beach/barbecue/our begonias, or just watching the sun go down. And at Beauty Bible we’ve a hunch what we all want – fixes that make us look fantastic – fast.

So this edition, we’re going to let you in on the secret of making your hair look fab, in a flash. So: here are our best beauty cheats and short-cuts – so you can spend less time on getting gorgeous, more time on making the most of summer, while the sun shines. (Trust us: there’ll be plenty of time for long, languid beauty rituals in a locked bathroom, when the clocks go back again…)

And watch this space on VH for how to perform speedy miracles on face and body, next month…


Slather on conditioner, in the sun. This does double-duty: it protects your hair from the ravages of salt water and chlorine, and if you rinse your hair thoroughly when you get back from the beach, you shouldn’t need to shampoo and condition it from scratch. Ideally, wet your hair first, then slather on a rich conditioner or a hair mask, and comb through. Read More…

How To Be Very, Very Cool


Personally, I am not a Hot Weather Person (I think I was genetically programmed never to venture further south than Stockholm). So over the years I have tried all sorts of techniques and products which can make me feel cool during hot weather, but which are also useful for anyone of ‘un certain age’ – and experiencing waves of non-weather-related heat (shall we say) from time to time.

I’m also going to share with you some home-made beauty recipes which plunder nature’s more cooling bounty, and which I fine-tuned while I was writing my book The Ultimate Natural Beauty Book, a few years back. Making your own cosmetics is actually far easier than the beauty industry lets on, and when busy-ness allows, I still find it huge fun – especially if I can lasso female teenagers, who seem to find whipping up beauty products at home nothing short of miraculous. Read More…