Hair No More


Yikes. If you’ve just looked at your legs/bikini line lately only to discover they’re basically thatched, you’re not alone. This year’s rubbish weather (I can’t be the only person to have had an oil-filled radiator switched on in June) has meant that many of us have clung to our opaques for way longer than usual. Only now the bikini/shorts/summer hol season is truly upon us – and a woman’s thoughts turn to… Hair removal!

Most of us dream of having legs smooth as Yul Brynner’s pate, upper lips as down-free as a baby’s, and of underarms that don’t look like a hedgehog after twenty-four hours. (And most of us live in fear of a Julia Roberts moment, with underarm tufts emerging from a glamorous frock…) Which is why, according to research, women spend up to £30,000 in a lifetime banishing unwanted hair!

Trouble is, from that fatal moment we reach for the tweezers, the razor or strip wax, there’s no turning back. Once that ‘baby down’ has gone, we are faced with the daily equivalent of lawn-mowing. The Egyptians sugared it, of course. The Romans and Greeks plucked it. And classical painters simply pretended it didn’t exist. (You think that Veet was around in Goya’s day?) But the good news for all of us is that boffins and chemists who would probably qualify to work on the space shuttle have instead been applying their grey cells to fighting the fuzz. (This work may not win them the Nobel Prize – but it will earn the undying support of women seeking a lazier, more effective and more elegant route to smoothness.) Read More…