Symptoms of Dry Eyes

closeup image of a note sheet a pen and opticians equipment, written on sheet says diagnosis dry eyes.

The symptoms of dry eyes are one of the most common complaints that GP’s and opticians get to hear about. The symptoms of dry eyes are varied but most people usually experience one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Dryness, redness, grittiness, blurred vision and stinging sensation
  • Light sensitivity and burning sensation Read More…

‘Gynae’ cancer: why we need to raise awareness


We’re all conscious of breast cancer but The Eve Appeal, which funds research into gynaecological cancers, says that more than 80 per cent of women know little about the five types – cervical, ovarian, womb (endometrial), vaginal and vulval – partly because talking about the parts involved is embarrassing. ‘And that is preventing earlier diagnosis and fewer deaths,’ says Robert Marsh, chief executive of The Eve Appeal.

Over 18,000 new cases of ‘gynae’ cancers are diagnosed every year in the UK. That’s 51 women each day, of which 21 will die, the majority from ovarian cancer (4,373). But worryingly, the incidence of womb cancer is increasing. It is now more common than ovarian cancer and deaths number 1,937, over twice the number for cervical cancer. (Vaginal and vulval cancers are very rare.) Read More…