Fats Are Fabulous


Ask any beauty editor: whether or not someone truly takes care of their wellbeing shines out via their skin. We can tell, almost at a glance, whether someone gets enough exercise. (Walking 20 minutes a day is all it takes.) Whether they drink plenty of water (eight glasses is still the thinking). But taking a two-way approach to beauty also means packing your diet with plenty of skin-friendly foods which will nourish your complexion from within.

A few years ago, Sarah (Stacey) and I spent several days giving back-to-back ‘anti-ageing’ consultations to real women, at an event to launch an edition of our book The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible. One woman in particular struck us: her skin wasn’t just papery, but so deeply lined the wrinkles were crevices. I’d pegged her as being 60+ – and was astonished to discover: this woman was only in her mid-40s. Read More…

Skin Clinic


Facialist Sarah Chapman (sarahchapman.net) and pharmacist Shabir Daya advise on calming facial redness:

  • Simplify skincare by using a targeted range with a small number of ingredients.
  • Avoid hot water on your skin, and apply products with a light touch. Keep a damp cloth soaked in rosewater in a sandwich bag in the fridge for a cold compress when skin is playing up.
  • Clinical treatments such as Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) can help – see Beauty Clinic at beautybible.com. Read More…