What To Look For In A Good Face Cream


Face cream is one of those beauty products that you can find in almost every bathroom cabinet. In fact, three quarters of British women and at least half of the male population use a moisturiser every day. With endless products on the market, each with its own enticing promise of better-looking skin, finding the right face cream for you is no mean feat. 

Why should you use a face cream?

There are more than a handful of buzz ingredients that brands highlight on their labels that promise to transform your skin. While smoothing out lines and brightening your complexion are attractive claims, what you really want your cream to do is strengthen your skin’s barrier. Read More…

August Newsletter


Welcome to the August newsletter where we will be continuing the NIOD (Non-Invasive Options in Dermal Science) journey, and what a journey it is; I have breaking news about iS Clinical and Innovative Skincare, we launch a long-awaited product from Sarah Chapman and we have a limited edition Phylia offer (run, don’t walk!). As ever we will also be taking a look at some pretty common health concerns and there are some treats throughout, so please read carefully. We’ll start with NIOD:

NIOD – Non-Invasive Options in Dermal Science

I have just declared this past week ‘National NIOD Week’ because as I’m writing this, we have just come through the most extraordinary few days I have ever seen at VH and not a lot could make me happier. To globally launch a brand is a big responsibility as well as an incredible privilege; the feedback we have received has of course been sensational and having launched four products from NIOD over the past twelve weeks, we are having a new product launch sabbatical this month and we are doing ‘catch up’ instead. Read More…