Dear Santa


’Tis the season to bestow gifts on friends and family – and personally (perhaps it’s because of our jobs), we like to give gorgeously: bath and beauty goodies which don’t need a) dusting or polishing, b) walking or c) won’t have them wondering how long is a decent interval before they can drop them at the nearest Scope shop. You might not automatically think of Victoria Health as a ‘gift’ destination – but we certainly do. Some of our biggest pressie successes have been things we’ve bagged at VH – and so this month, we thought we’d share some of the ‘finds’ we’ll be wrapping for loved ones any minute now.

Cailyn Cosmetics O Wow! Brush, £20. We have raved about this before. We will rave about it again. And we’ll probably go on raving about this literally life-changing foundation brush until the seas freeze over. We’ve gifted this to several friends in 2015 and their rave reviews mirror our own (which you can read about here). You squeeze/squirt your base onto the back of your hand, pick up the colour with the brush’s microfibre bristles, and then literally ‘smoosh’ into skin (um, it’s a technical term!) for the most flawless finish ever. Truly astonishing and absolutely our Beauty Find of the Year. Read More…

How to boost your brain power


Q: I’m 50-something, and want to keep my brain sharp, stop my memory fading, and prevent Alzheimer’s if possible. Can anything help?

A: Although there are no guarantees, there is increasing evidence that simple lifestyle shifts can help cut the risk of a fading memory, brain slowdown and even dementia, say nutritionist and mental health expert Patrick Holford and co-author Jerome Burne in their latest book The 10 Secrets of Healthy Ageing (Piatkus, £14.99*). It is‘a brilliant guide to making the right choices about ageing well’, according to Dr Michael Dixon, chair of the NHS Alliance.

Take a vitamin B supplement. Research at Oxford University showed that reducing high levels of homocysteine, a protein in the brain linked to cognitive decline, dementia and heart disease, with high-dose B vitamins helped prevent mild age-related memory loss. Try Viridian High Twelve B Complex, £14.70.
Also take vitamin D. Low levels of the ‘sunshine vitamin’ are linked to cognitive decline in the elderly; deficiency is common. Try D Lux 1000 Spray by Better You, £7.15. Read More…