August Newsletter

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Hello and welcome to the August newsletter where we talk about wardrobes; skincare wardrobes and supplement wardrobes, with a light touch on fashion wardrobes (full blame on a certain fashion director). With the heat still on (as I’m writing this), we throw the focus on holiday products, although quite honestly we need most of these without even jumping on a plane to seek the sun. It has sought us.

We take a further look at Garden of Wisdom (GoW), the resurrection of a product, which is no longer in product heaven and if you don’t mind, I am also going to talk about my hair for a moment or two. Shabir makes an appearance (one of many) with a skincare regimen that is helping so many of you and there are a few treats sprinkled throughout, so please read carefully, we don’t want you to miss out. Let’s do it: Read More…

How Sarah Chapman Creates New Products


The development of new products and innovations has always been a passion of mine. Through my work at the Skinesis Clinic, I am lucky enough to continue to get first-hand insight and everything I develop is a direct response to the needs of the clinic’s clientele. It is through this hands-on approach that I continue to be inspired. I am constantly mixing the latest and best advanced cosmeceutical creams and ingredients with aromatherapy essential oils, seeking optimum results with products that also feel and smell amazing on the skin. My latest launch, Morning Facial is the epitome of this process.

When undertaking the development of a new product, the most important consideration above all else is, the formulas have to work! Efficacy is key, not only for the integrity of the brand but because I use my products everyday, both at home and at work in the clinic. The Skinesis range is formulated to maintain all of the benefits of a facial in between treatments, but to also offer professional products to anyone who doesn’t come to my clinic for treatments. It is essential that the products provide real skin transforming results for long-term cell health. Read More…



How has cleansing evolved over the past few years?

Cleansing products have become so much more sophisticated, there are no longer just lotions or gels, there are a variety of different cleansers available now such as balms, oils, scrubs, and even water based cleansers. This selection has made consumers much more aware that this as an important step in their skincare routine. We live in a more polluted environment, lifestyles are more challenging for the skin and make-up is designed to be more long lasting so the need for more effective cleansers has risen. With the development of sophisticated textures, skincare companies have also placed more focus on active ingredients so your cleanser no longer just cleans but offers additional benefits for the skin such as anti-ageing, blemish busting and whitening. Cleansing is no longer seen as a quick chore but more of a luxurious ritual that leads to healthier skin. My Ultimate Cleanse is a great example of a modern sophisticated anti-ageing cleanser. I am an advocate of oil based cleansers as they clean without stripping your skin of its own essential natural oils ensuring they are ideal for all skin types. Cleansing oils have the ability to absorb through the skins natural sebum and oil pathways, melting into pores to lift out impurities for a deep but gentle cleanse, which is why my own Ultimate Cleanse is an oil based soufflé balm. Read More…

Treatments We Love


Without wanting to sound like spoiled princesses, it takes a lot for a spa treatment to wow us. We’ve lain on too many couches twitching while a less-than-gifted therapist tells us she’s about to ‘flip us over’, or ‘close the pores’ with an astringent. (Truly, they’re not elevator doors!) But a handful of treatments over the years have genuinely wafted us to paradise – so we thought we would share a run-down of our favourites. None is cheap. But as far as we’re concerned, life is too short to settle for second-best on the therapeutic front. And taking care of yourself, we believe, isn’t indulgence: it’s entirely necessary, in order to help stay well enough to look after others and sail smoothly through a life in which all of us has too-much-to-do-in-too-little-time. Here are our five fah-bu-lous favourites.


Temple Spa Drift Away Massage at Soholistic: The Soho Hotel’s ‘spa’ isn’t a full-service destination with wet rooms and the like: it’s just four (sound-proofed) treatment rooms off their basement gym. But as big fans of Temple Spa (who make Skin Truffle the highest-ever-scoring ‘miracle’ treatment in The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible), we were keen to try this massage. And it seriously didn’t disappoint. Therapist Emma is also an acupuncturist, so she knows her pressure points – and also how to un-macramé little knots of tension in the back, and legs. It’s genuinely a top-to-toe treatment: the face and scalp are also massaged (although we like the fact you can request for the otherwise blissful aromatherapeutic oil NOT to be used for this bit, if you’ve got a date/appointment afterwards and don’t want to look like an oil slick). The true test of a massage’s effectiveness is whether or not we want to book ourselves in for a repeat performance – and we already have. ‘Nuff said.
Soholistic, Soho Hotel, 4 Richmond Mews, London W1D 3DH/020-7559 3000 Read More…

Gill Meets Sarah Chapman


What is your background?

I have always been fascinated with beauty and was lucky enough to discover this as soon as I left school. One of my first jobs was working as agency staff in the Harrods beauty room whilst I was studying. My beauty education involved aromatherapy, make up artistry, beauty therapy, hairdressing and cosmetic science leading to my work in the skincare business for two very different brands: one was Parisian aromatherapy-based, and the other was a cutting-edge clinical range.

You are an award-winning aesthetician; what set you on this path?

My experience managing beauty clinics followed by working with different skincare brands taught me a huge amount, I was lucky to work alongside a plastic surgeon and his innovative clinical skincare range when the beauty world was still focusing on essential oils. This was my greatest progressive time and it was during this that I chose to go back to college and study cosmetic science. My skin care clinic evolved when I started looking after some of my friend’s clients when she emigrated abroad. I was already obsessed with skincare and working in television as a beauty expert but my client base grew so quickly and treatments took priority. My clinic evolved as I expanded by training other facialists to cope with the demand. I have always been passionate about the products I use in treatments and I continually attend advanced skincare courses and research machines, techniques and treatments so that my facials are the best and most advanced they can be. Working with brands and directly with skin, my ideas naturally developed and I couldn’t resist following the dream with my clients. My understanding of formulations developed and I believe this combination of science, hands on practice and sales experience has helped in the development of my skincare business. Read More…

Keeping Your Chin Up


Photographs are cruel. Those unposed moments when we’re captured with a canapé mid-way to the mouth – and more chins than Russell Grant. And alas, sags, bags and jowls around the chin can affect even slender women, although the more weight you carry, the ‘softer’ the jawline.

There’s one way not to be bothered by the Facebook ‘tagging’ or Snappy Snaps evidence of more than one chin, of course: follow the celebrities’ golden rule of never, ever being photographed either eating or drinking. Does Jerry Hall ever let herself be shot munching on a sesame prawn toast…? Does she heck. She’s got one photo face, which has worked for her since the age of 17, and sticks to it unswervingly.

To tighten the appearance of the jaw in photos, you can also follow the advice of Faye Dunaway, who insists that if you touch the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth while looking at the camera, double chins disappear – and it works. (Up to a point.) And you can always make like supermodel Linda Evangelista, who arrived at a photoshoot I was at with – yes! – a double chin, and then made it disappear completely by tightening the muscles in her lower face. Her secret: she practiced for hours to control every facial muscle individually. Read More…