The Health Benefits Of Rosemary


Rosemary herb is used frequently for culinary purposes and yet most of us do not realise its multiple health benefits. Rosemary’s origins lie in the Mediterranean and it is a very hardy plant with silvery leaves which exude a pine type fragrance due to their essential oil content. Rosemary leaves are best picked in early summer before the plant flowers and can be used fresh or dried. Rosemary leaves are often used with meat dishes or sprinkled onto vegetables such as potatoes and tomatoes for a pleasant flavour.

Rosemary has a long history of traditional use as a medicinal herb and was recommended for a myriad of health concerns from boosting the immune system to the growth of hair. Ancient Greek scholars wore rosemary garlands on their heads to improve memory; Shakespeare mentioned rosemary in several of his plays, and in the 13th Century, Queen Elizabeth of Hungary was responsible for a tonic called ‘Hungary Water’ which contained rosemary in alcohol and was credited with curing a wide range of ailments. During the bubonic plague in Europe, rosemary was burned to purify the air and prevent infection. Read More…